May 9, 2008

Getting To Know Me

It seems the trend in blogging again has come around to meme's. I've been tagged a total of three times in less than two weeks, and being the nice guy that I am, I like to be a good sport and do the meme's I've been tagged to do.

However, please - no more meme's for a while... ok? ;)

This one comes to me courtesy of Richard over at Mister Richard's Bloggerhood. He wants to get to know me better, and that's a reasonable request, don't you think?

Ok. Let's get down to it - this is pretty similar to the "Four Things Meme" I did a few days ago, so I'll try to come up with new interesting tidbits that I didn't write about in that other one.

The Rules:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 or more people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?
Wow. 10 years ago... I'm one of those people who hear that, and think "that must've been a long time ago". Then I think... "10 Years... minus 2008 is 1998... what??? 1998 wasn't long ago. That was yesterday!" I swear. The whole concept of time scares the crap out of me sometimes.

Anyway. 10 Years ago I was working on a documentary which I shot for the local welfare institute. Apart from handing out food coupons to the poor, these guys are responsible for helping the less fortunate in our society - the homeless, the drug-addicts, alcoholics - you name it. One man in the town I live in has had more "business" with these guys than anyone else. His name is John (I will exclude his last name - but John is his actual first name). He started drinking when he was eight years old... according to himself. He has been homeless and an alcoholic his whole life. After interviewing some doctors he's been treated by, they all state that it is medically impossible for this man to still be alive at 65 the way he has abused his body. I found the whole project very interesting, and it is definitely the most inspiring job I have ever had. One of the highlights included re-uniting him with his long lost daughter... it was a little sad though, as his drinking over the years have done a number on his brain. The second time we went over there with his daughter, he wanted us to leave... because he was expecting an important visit from his daughter and some guys that were going to film him.

I remember sitting there, cautiously trying to tell him we were those guys... I mean, we had seen eachother every day for over a month by this time. Scary stuff.

2) 5 things on my to-do list for today?
The day is nearing an end - so my to-do list is pretty much taken care of.

Laundry - check.

Make Gulasch (and eat it) - check.

Check with my car dealer to see if the antenna I ordered has arrived - check (and not in yet - if I'm lucky it'll be there tomorrow)

Work out at the gym - check (shoulders and abs today)

Write Richard's meme - in progress.

3) Snacks I enjoy?
Snacks... I enjoy a lot of different kinds of snacks. Currently have an obsession with Geisha. Apart from that - I have a weakness for potato chips and cheeze balls. I also love me some fruit for snacks - mainly bananas, apples and pears.

4) Things I would do if I was a Billionaire
Please, Lord, let this some day become true! (As if everyone doesn't secretly wish for this kind of money).

First off - I would travel all over the world. I would get a car, and just go. Sleeping in hotels and camping sites or wherever... driving the car until it would go no further, by which time I would purchase a new one and continue my travels. This would probably last for a few years, until I have been to every corner of our planet - or until I got tired of it all, and no longer had a desire to see everything.

I would blog about my travels every day - almost like a diary. Including lots of fun vlogs and stuff too. It would be the bomb!

After that, I would settle down (most likely in Florida) where I would have my own film studio. I would make the movies that I want to make, and distribute them myself... not being worried about how it would be received by the audience, because making money would not be the issue.

Of course, I would make sure that family and friends are well taken care of financially, and yes - I would also give money to charity. I would carefully choose which charities to make sure that the money goes where it is needed the most.

5) 3 of my many bad habits
Hey! Why do you assume I have many bad habits? Well, you're right...

One - I stay up late. I've heard a lot of people say "so do I", and it turns out that they go to bed at 11:30 or close to midnight... no, no, no guys - I stay up LATE! I often don't get to bed until after 2AM... 3AM and sometimes even after 4AM. Even if I have to get up in the morning... I am a night owl if ever you saw one.

Two - Procrastination. I have a terrible habit of putting everything off until the very last minute. Quite often so badly that I start to panic, and wonder how the hell am I going to get this done in time now??? WWC, PFC are prime examples of this in my blogging (I pretty much had my PFC idea instantly this time... I am still to write a single word on the story)

Three - As I mentioned... the Geisha. This stupid candy bar... I cannot leave a store without buying one of those babies. And here I am trying to get rid of that pot belly of mine - especially now that summer is coming on strong, and it's about time to head down to the beach... one wants women to turn their head when one goes there - but you don't want them to turn their heads away.

6) 5 places I have lived
I'm skipping this one - this was covered in the last meme I did. Check it out here.

7) Jobs I have had
This one too. So refer to that other meme for answers to this question.

8) People I want to know more about
Hey... I want to know more about all'y'all! That's why I keep reading all'y'all's bloggs ;) Seriously - if you wanna do this thing - do it, and let me know. But, I'm not in the business of tagging anyone.

Just a reminder!

We're getting close to the deadline for this month's PFC! I hope you all are getting ready to finish up (or start writing) your stories.

May 14th is the starting deadline, with the "deadline" deadline on the 16th. As always I'm looking forward to reading all the stories. This thing has become quite a fun monthly feature.


Richard said...

Thanks for playing along madman. I appreciate it. I learn something about you every time I read your blog.

I got to a point where 2-3 AM was my standard bedtime. During that period I wrote poetry and fiction like a man possesed.


Dianne said...

we both want to travel and we both want to travel by car. that's cool! I love the idea of just rambling, of finding tiny towns and amazing people.

Do you stay up late because you can't sleep or because you don't want to? If you're OK with the amount of sleep you get then that's great. I used to be that way but then again I'm older than you so now it's an issue.

and the idea of your own film studio is wonderful - I wish it for you. If I become a billionaire first it's yours.

Dana said...

REH, you are such a good sport! I just say "NON" to drugs ... ummm ... errr ... memes *wink* I'm really glad we don't have Geisha bars at the checkout counters in our markets!

Knight said...

I share two of your three bad habits listed. If I had my way I would never be asleep before 4am. I better get started on that PFC. Who am I kidding? I'll start on the due date like always.
That month you spent with John must have been incredible and frightening. I have never understood how some people are born extra tough. It's like they are designed to withstand anything. If I drank like that man I would be dead already.

Karen said...

Blogger hates me today. It is eating all my comments!

Anyway, REH, I had been saying that we don't have the Geisha bars here, but you should feel free to send them to us for a taste test.

Jay said...

Blogger is putting up a helluva fight today. It gets this way sometimes.

So when you get moved to Florida you ARE going to hold a HUGE beach party for all your blog homies right?

Anonymous said...

Chocolate! My weakness.. I am a procrastinator also! can you believe it? LOL!!! YOu were a great sport!

I kinda like Meme! when I have noting else to blog about!!

Have a great weekend!!


Fortune Cookies said...

I never put things off until the last minute, for example, right now I should be writing a 5 page essay that was assigned two weeks ago, but eh, I still have until tomorrow to turn it in, so what's the point? I'll wake up early and get started ;)

Raven said...

Except that I've never heard of Geisha candy, we are much alike in the bad habit department. I like your billionaire plans and wish for you that you get your studio and your travel adventures. I'd love to read them.

I hate tagging and being tagged. So far I have been mostly spared and except for this one (which I tagged Richard for and am hence indirectly responsible for your "having" to do it), tend to tag relatives who I know will love me anyway.

R.E.H. said...

Richard: You're welcome - I aim to please ;)

And, why is it that nighttime seems to be the time when creative minds work the best. I mean, I keep hearing things like that... I too stay up late, because I feel I get most of my creative work done after midnight.

Dianne: I really love to travel, and clearly my number one dream is to travel all over the world. There is just so many interesting places out there I would love to see.

The late staying is a bit of a combo. I don't sleep enough hours, because I keep thinking I need to get up at least before noon. Then that night it ends up getting late again. But, it comes and goes - sometimes I try to recover and go to bed around midnight for a few nights and I feel good and rested again ;)

And, hey - WOW! Thanks - that is so kind of you... but, do keep most of the money for yourself. I would not feel right taking it all ;) BTW - You could come along for the world-trip!

Dana: I figured it had been a while since I did any meme's so I could be a sport and do these.

I wish there were no Geisha's (the chocolate kind) at our stores either, but if there wasn't I would probably just find another candy bar to obsess about ;)

Knight: I was so determined I was going to write the PFC really early... now the days are nearing - and again, I'm likely to write it through the night on the day before posting ;) I MUST NOT be late again.

The documentary was a very fun and interesting experience. This John person is indeed a character. And, I don't think too many would be alive having lived his life. I guess he's just one tough cookie ;)

Karen: Yeah, I gave up on blogger last night. It took me almost 10 minutes to reply at one blog, and I just didn't have the time and patience to go 'round to some 50 blogs at that rate ;)

I doubt I could send any Geisha's... they don't survive for long in my possession ;)

R.E.H. said...

Jay: Absolutely - it would be the most rockin' beach party the State of Florida has ever seen. With all the fun one would expect from Spring Break... and then some! ;)

Cinder-Single: I go through "chocolate periods" in life it seems. Sometimes (like now) I crave it constantly... then I lose interest and don't eat it for months. I only started eating chocolate at all a few years ago - before that I had gone through a spell of about 4-5 years when I barely ever ate any chocolate.

Fortune Cookies: Exactly. That's how I think. I should do it today so I have it done by tomorrow when it's due... then - nah, I don't really have to have it ready until tomorrow, so I can do this other thing now instead ;)

Raven: Aha! So you are the one to blame for this one! ;)

I heard of this guy... was part of one of all those reality shows of sorts who was going to travel around the world by help of readers of his blog. He was going without any money to his name. I wonder if a stunt like that would work for a nobody like myself?

Jill said...

You did really like doing that documentary?!! And missing those day?
And for the Geisha, try to not eat too much, but treat yourself once in a while!
And i could be your personnal trainer if that would help!;)

fiwa said...

Hey! Just popping by to say hi.
I know memes are kinda a pain, but I love to read them. I'm with you on #4, I'd love to travel all over the world, just hang out and see how people live, what they do from day to day, try the local food. I'm with Jay though, are you gonna have a beach party for your buddies??

Take care of you -

Kristen Bjorg said...

Cinder-single,where exactly are those kisses landing on R.E.H.?

Be careful now,I think he might have the hots for you,you don't want him to get over-heated.LOL.

*Kristen thinking to herself R.E.H. sure doesn't come across as a "dead fish",there is some life left in the 30 something,after all.I think Cinder-single gets heated up herself,when he makes some remarks about her hotness.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere he allows them! :0!!!Yeah just reading his blogs.. May set me on fire! HAHA!!! Damn I am a bad girl!! Him thinking I am hot is a BIG PLUS!! I guess he will get some more Massages after for thinking I am hot!!

P.S. He is HOTTTTTT! also!

Sparkling Red said...

I love when people manage to defy medical "knowledge", like the guy who technically wasn't supposed to be alive anymore. He may have been messed up, but it's inspiring that he was still hanging in there.

My husband's father was told he was going to die for sure. His kidneys and liver shut down. He had cancer too. He lived at death's doorstep for 2 years. Then, miraculously, his organs regenerated. The doctors call it a miracle. Now he's fully healed. If you ask him how he's doing, he always says "FANTASTIC!" like he really means it. Every day is a gift.

Aunt Jackie said...

I love that movie Memoirs of a Geisha... I thought the girls in that were breathtaking... WOuld be so cool to be one just for a moment ;)

Still haven't had time to do any other 'challenges' besides the WWC, but maybe one of these days.

Just popping by to catch up :)

Casdok said...

Just popped by to say hi!
An interesting meme! :)

Jo said...

Well even if you don't catch a leprechaun, I hope you get your film studio--you just might!

It's so startling that man had been drinking since he was 8...sounds like a very tough guy, but what a painful journey. You're pretty tough too, I don't know that I could've gotten through the filming.

Is it b/c you're tired that you think being a night owl is a bad habit? I shouldn't even call myself a night owl anymore, my usual bedtime is 6 am even if I have to get up at 8...I try to switch to mornings this time of year though b/c I don't want to miss the gorgeous weather.

Jill said...

Are you still alive? A full 24hours without any news!
Or you just trying to have your PFC done? That is what I should be doing!

Doc said...

If I was a billionaire I would have tons more time to blog !!!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hey ba...I like this post. It said so much about you. Lots of nfo on you babes. The meme is cool.

Hey candy bar!!!! you are so lucky. I can't eat candy at all...unless my sugar drops and when that happens (like hardly ever) then I'll grab anything available. I'm diabetic like mother and most of my brothers and sisters.

As for staying up late...tsk tssk..."Get your rest mister." That was my stern voice. hehehe. Pssst, actually I like to stay up late too but I I like to be asleep by midnight...that's when the coach turns back into a pumpkin. hehehehe.

Ciao babes...have a fab day.

odd facts said...

If I was a billionaire, I would build a huge library. But honestly, I wouldn't want to be a billionaire. That is just too much money for one person to have.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Just checkin up on you!! hope everything is well!!!


Jill said...

I'm about to send Search and Rescue!

Dianne said...

just checking in kiddo.

hope whatever is occupying your time is good ;)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

where didja go?

Jen said...

this wasn't a bad meme at all. I mean, I know people hate 'em, but it does give out information you'd most likely never give out. It's cool you did it even though you didn't want to.

I'm back. I've caught up. I'm always reading even if I don't comment. . . I know, bad Jen.

Jay Cam said...

i noticed you didn't mention good ol' jay cam! how you could you not spare me a couple hundred million?

Anonymous said...

I think I like forgot, You said that you had been having computer problems.. You must be fixing them, either way I just want you to know You are being missed!!


Jill said...

Do I need to take a flight to sweden and go check on you?
I hope everything is fine!

Jay said...

Doooooooooooood! Where ya at??

Farmer*swife said...

Anybody seen Madman?? Hope it's just a computer thingie and not a life thingie...getting worried here?

Drop us an "O.K." Okay??

Dianne said...

REH - the mother lion in me is roaring her ass off. I went from imagining you having oodles of great sex whilst throwing your laptop across the room to - hoping you're not clinically depressed or locked up for beating the shit out of a UO dude.

you don't have to post, the PFC can be late.

Just let us know you're OK

and yes - the mother in me gets a bit dramatic.

Knight said...

I've been trying to avoid sounding crazy but damnit I'm worried now. Sneak in and let us know you are okay. We miss you madman.

Farmer*swife said...

[Impending doom....] I'm really kinda' freaked out y'all. Even if it was a down computer? I think r.e.h. would find another computer to post an "out of order."

He never goes thiiisss long without leaving us something....

ANGELS? Let's use our E.S.P. No seriously? If we all think it then he'll get it....

I'll check back later....

Knight said...

damn, i think it worked farmer*swife!

Farmer*swife said...

knight I told you!!! I was hoping you were doing the same and then I thought...hmmm, bet I should check his bloggie.

Yea!!! Phew...

Hope he doesn't have to be TOO MUCH of a stranger but apparently life has him occupied...[How will we make it that long???]

Anonymous said...

We got it going on ANGEL'S LOL!!!!

WE got him back!!!!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......