May 1, 2008

Four Things Meme

Well, it's been a while since I had the [dis]pleasure of being tagged to do any meme's. Now, all of a sudden it happened twice in one week.

Being the nice guy that I am, I will do it - only because I like the people who tagged me so much. Spiky Zora Jones got her book meme taken care of on Tuesday, and today I will oblige to the request from Sparkling Red.

The "Four Things" meme (which is one that I haven't actually seen around until now) is what the lovely Sparkling Red over at No More Casual Nonchalance wanted me to do... and it will make for a decent post for today.

I didn't see too many rules written out at her blog (maybe I could backtrack the meme to find them), but who cares about rules, huh? So we'll just get down to it.

Four jobs I've had:

1.) McDonald's.
Yup, I've been flipping burgers like a pro for almost four years back in the days when I was young(er). I actually look back on those days favorably. The pro's of working at such a place are that there are always a lot of hot young girls working with you... those were the days!

2.) NCC (National Chemical Company).
This was/is a company which sells industrial strenght cleaning products. By far the worst job I ever had in my entire life. All based on commission, and every morning we would be betting big money on todays sales. After just over a month, I had managed to lose about $1.000 dollars, rather than make any money. If you are going to sell a product to a business, I don't think the door-to-door sales are going to work out very well. You need to book an appointment, not just come a-knockin'. The only good things about the short stint I had at this job was that I got to stay at a hotel for free, and then there was this cute Danish chick... (I wonder what she's up to these days)

3.) Documentary Filmmaker.
By far the most pleasing job opportunity I've had. Was hired by the city's welfare institute to make a documentary about a man who's been an alcoholic since he was 10 years old, and lived for many, many years on the streets. The documentary turned out decent enough, and the welfare guys sent it to ONE television station who turned it down. After that the damn thing was shelved, and since it was a contract job - I don't own the rights to the thing. It is still available to schools around here as an educational video... from what I understand it isn't being used too much.

4.) Furniture Salesman.
Leaving the company name out, because it's the place I just recently left. The longest time I've ever worked at one place. Spent four years there, and the only thing that I will look back on with positive thoughts are the majority of co-workers I had. I still hope to remain friends with a bunch of them.

Four places I've lived:

1.) Connecticut.
I'm not listing the cities because of my attempt to stay [somewhat] anonymous. This is where I grew up, until I was 6 years old.

2.) Sweden.
Where my mother and I moved when I was six. She has stayed in the same town since we came here in ´76. I have moved around a few times, but I am now back where we first moved.

3.) Florida.
Where I returned to the States to be re-united with my Father. I will return there some day - Florida is by far the most wonderful place I've ever set foot in. I just love it in the Sunshine State.

4.) Well - that would really cover it, since I won't list the different cities. Lived in a couple of places in Connecticut, about 5 different cities in Sweden - and just the one place on the central Florida east coast.

Four people I want to bitch-slap right into the middle of next week:

1.) Josef Fritzl - See yesterday's post.

2.) Usama Bin Laden - Doesn't require any explanation.

3.) The bitch I spoke to over at the UO a couple of days ago.

4.) The schmuck who cut in front of me when I was out driving yesterday.

Four people who e-mail me regularly:

1.) ...

2.) ...

3.) ...

4.) ... Well, I just don't use e-mail very much. It's just SO yesterday! ;) I keep in touch with friends and family by use of telephone and personal visits.

Four TV shows I watch: (I must be sounding ancient, because I only watch the ONE TV show right now... I'll have to go back in time a little and list what I used to watch)

1.) C.S.I. - The only show I watch regularly on TV right now.

2.) Friends - The best comedy show ever made for TV.

3.) Seinfeld - The funniest comedy show ever made for TV.

4.) Twin Peaks - The best damn thing ever produced for TV - period!

Four places I've visited:

1.) London, England.
One of the most memorable trips I've ever been on in my entire life. I had so much fun, and some really crazy things happened when I was there. It will remain one of my fondest memories in life for as long as my memories operate properly. (Reminds me - I should blog about this one some day)

2.) Paris, France.
For all the talk of how wonderful this place is - it kind of disappointed me. And, I must be one of the few tourists to visit that place who couldn't find the darn Eiffel Tower... It took me and my friend half a day to locate the thing - we'd ended up on the wrong side of town ;)

3.) Basel, Switzerland.
Guys! This is the one place you need to visit (girls too, if you're into girls). This place has got to have the prettiest women on the face of the earth. I had a hard time keeping my chin dry from all the drool. They were everywhere!

4.) Almu├▒├ęcar, Spain.
I really liked this place. Not one of the fancy places to visit along the Costa del Sol, but it's small enough to have a personality, and a true aura of the Spanish culture. I've never been one to go to the typical tourist places - I like to sample a bit of the true feeling of being abroad.

Four favourite foods:

1.) Sirloin steak and baked potatoes. Make sure the meat is nice and juicy and red.

2.) Fried calamari with sweet'n'sour sauce and rice. Chinese food!

3.) Pizza. Can't help it - but pizza is always a welcomed meal!

4.) Pasta with Tuna - new recipe I've found... new favorite food. LOVE IT!

Four places I'd like to be right now:

1.) In Kate Hudson's pants.

2.) Fiji. After browsing Google Earth a while back - Fiji has become my #1 destination to go some day.

3.) Asia - in The One's arms. Yeah, I'm still not completely over her.

4.) On the moon. Wouldn't it be just awesome to be able to see the Earth from way out in space?

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:

1.) Summer. I always look forward to summer time!

2.) European Soccer Championships. My interest for the sport of soccer has diminished of late, but I'm still looking forward to this event.

3.) Travelling. I will go out travelling someplace this year. It's been so long since I enjoyed something like that.

4.) Alright, alright - finding a new job. Yeah, I am looking forward to that (if it is one that I will enjoy).

Four people I'm (not) tagging:

1.) Emmeline @ Why The Sky Is Blue...

2.) Jill @ Live Your Life And Smile

3.) Not claimed.

4.) Not claimed.

I'm trying this one out again. I did this another time with a meme - you tag yourself! That way I won't be tagging someone who's gonna come after me with a blowtorch and a box of matches. Let me know in the comments if you want to do it, and I give you some linky love up there.

I won't be around tomorrow, but I'll be back with a new post on Saturday!


Leighann said...

Kate Hudson *drool*

I'm sorry, what else did you say?

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry I missed my name!!! LOL

Kate Hudson is HOT!I really Prefer Hallie Berry!!Okay enough of my female lovers, LOL!


Dana said...

Wow! You are dedicated! That is one L-O-N-G meme, but quite interesting. I have a new favorite pizza - garlic supreme - nothing but cheese, fresh tomatoes and garlic - YUMMM!

Jay said...

Kate Hudson's pants. hahaha .. that was a good one.

I think moving to Florida would be great too. As long as I was close to the beach.

R.E.H. said...

Leighann: Nothing else of importance ;)

Cinder-Single: Oh, I meant to put your name in there - but I figured that was just too obvious ;)

Halle Berry is hot too - but no moviestar compares to Kate!

Dana: I was a little surprised I made it that long ;)

You gotta have MEAT on the pizza though!

Jay: I don't know why, but Kate's pants was the first thing that came to mind when I read that question ;)

And, of course it's got to be close to the beach - I was 10 minutes away when I lived there.

Jo said...

I keep hearing that Paris is overrated. The only thing my hub remembers from his trip is a particularly good ham & cheese sandwich.

I could eat steak & baked potatoes every day.

It's so cool you made a documentary...wasn't it hard to deal with the emotions?

Farmer*swife said...

Cool Beans!

Friends....gosh, I miss that show. Although, "How I Met Your Mother" is the next best gotta' check it out.

Seinfeld...I still catch the late night re-runs all the time.

Liked your "meme." You always make everything so interesting.

Oh, but you left out Texas. You know, not coming here once or twice is almost unAmerican...we being the biggest state and all!

If nothin' else you could check out the Shiner Brewery. It's easy to find as it's in Shiner, Texas.

Oh, and don't forget, everything is bigger in Texas!

Anonymous said...

You can tag me. I'll do it.

Interesting meme, by the way.

I have heard all the same things about Paris, but I have to say, I was NOT disappointed with it. I was surprised by the dirt and grime, but I still liked it a lot.

Oh and I am so there with you on the TV shows . . . except Twin Peaks, I've never watched that (or heard of it until now).


Sparkling Red said...

Your favourites foods are making me hungry. :-)

It's interesting to learn more details about your life. That sales job was crazy - I can't believe that it's possible to lose money at a job if you're not the owner of the business! It just ain't right.

Karen said...

My dad's company is based out of Basel and he has lived there for a few months a time. I have been there a few times. Cool place.

R.E.H. said...

Jo: Yeah, I really believe Paris is overrated... or maybe it's just because I wasn't there with a girl - maybe then I would've seen the romance...

The documentary wasn't very emotional. The guy we filmed was kind of funny do deal with... once I had learned to understand a word he was saying - his drinking years has done a number on his ability to speak.

Farmer*s Wife: I really miss Friends too. They still show re-runs of that one over here so I can watch it every now and then. I am staying away from any new series on TV though - I just don't have the time to watch'em.

And, I am definitely going to Texas one day. Got to go to Texas!

Emmeline: Consider yourself tagged!

The filthy streets of Paris is one thing I didn't like. The vast number of armed militia was another - but, maybe I was there during a worrysome time?

You HAVE to catch up on Twin Peaks - buy the DVDs! Best thing ever... of course - it was the creation of David Lynch!

Sparkling Red: I know - they even "forced" us to make those bets in the morning meetings. Some of those sales people did make money though - just not me ;)

Karen: Yeah, I gotta get back to Basel some day - you're dad's not hiring is he? ;)

Did you notice all the hot chicks?

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS.. She is so not as good looking as a lot of females.. UGHHHH!! I am going to be a actress now!!! To let you see that Kate is ... Oh nevermind,, I think I just got jealous of Kate!! HAHA!!


tt said...

Hummm, interesting. My exchange student from Brazil loved tuna pasta. it was ok for me but I perfer my pasta tunaless :)

I like it when you do meme's...we find out lotsa interesting stuff about you ;)

R.E.H. said...

Cinder-Single: Don't be jealous of Kate... you can join in on the fun if you want? ;)

(You did notice I said she was the hottest movie star right? She's got nothing on you!

TT: Have you had a lot of exchange students? Brazil and Sweden...

You gotta try that Tuna recipe I posted a while back... you'll never want pasta without it after that!

WomensDaily said...

I looove CSI. Such a great show!

R.E.H. said...

WomensDaily: Welcome!

And C.S.I. is! It's got to be the original though! Never mind New York and Miami! What starts in Vegas, should stay in Vegas ;)

Knight said...

I wouldn't mind being in Kate Hudson's pants or Fiji either.I might switch the order.I like the bitch slap list. I wouldn't even know where to start mine. It would never end!
The Documentary you made sounds really interesting. I would love to watch something you made.

Dianne said...

twin peaks is one of the best, most creative, disturbing, interesting, brilliant pieces of work ever! I have watched episodes many many times and still I notice something new

I agree that kate's pants are worthy of getting into.

Anonymous said...

Hey Google party story is up !! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Toodles and Smooches!!

Newt said...

I just bought wine because it's from the same town that they filmed twin peaks. And yes, I went to the diner and had cherry pie. How could you not. Hmmmm. This might be a good blog topic.

R.E.H. said...

Knight: Just imagine being in Kate Hudson's pants IN Fiji! ;)

I would be glad to show you something I've made, but it does pose a bit of a problem as I wouldn't want to put anything up on YouTube so I could link it here. I have, however, thought of doing a little "video" for this blog at some point...

Dianne: I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Twin Peaks. That is what makes it so brilliant. Not to mention that constant eeriness and dark sense of humor. Every second you watch the show, it's got a grip of your very soul!

Cinder-Single: Oooh! I'll be over as soon as I can make it!

Newt: You had cherry pie at that diner? And, you didn't call me first?

Seriously... I honestly didn't know that was an actual diner - figured it was a studio set only. If it is... I have a new "must do" on my list!

Jill said...

Are you sure you will fit in Kate Hudson pants? She is kind of tiny!

Jill said...

Ops! I forgot to say, i was tagged with that one a month ago, and didn't post my answer yet, so I would tag myself(even if the questions are a little bit different). And I cheated, and would tag you!

R.E.H. said...

Jill (x2): Are you sure you will fit in Kate Hudson pants?

LOL! You know what I mean... ;)

Consider yourself tagged!

Jill said...

You kind of ask for it, REH! And i had to jump on that one!
And we would the one laughing and having fun in the situation i have propose!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: Yeah, I guess I kinda did.

Jill said...

I have post it the meme!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: Alright! I'm gonna have to check it out tomorrow - time to hit the hay!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm finally catching up with you after my computer died last month. I have to say I would really hate to be the person who cut in front of you or the person at the UO, if I'm in the same bitch slapping category as Usama Bin Laden and Josef Fritzl.

Anonymous said...

I've moved five times my entire life and I dread ever moving again.

How ever do you do it? Eek!!