February 29, 2008

PFC Archive

The Picture Fiction Challenge is a monthly "game" in which I present a number of pictures representing Character, Objective, Setting, Item and Random. All of which will be incorporated into a short fictional story. Any one is welcome to play.

This will be the place where I will store all of the participating stories for each month, so you can go back and read up on them any time you feel like it.


PFC #1 Stories:
"Untitled" by Dana
"Untitled" by Dianne
"Pieces of Autumn" by Emmeline
"A Tragedy" by Farmer's Wife
"Untitled" by Jo
"One Little Leaf" by Kell
"Untitled" by Leighann
"Boy Meets Girl" by Maggie
"Untitled" by Newt
"The Cold Room" by R.E.H.

PFC #2 Stories:
"Game Over" by Dana
"Family Day" by Dianne
"One By One" by Emmeline
"Bedtime Stories: Tell Me A Dream" by Farmer's Wife
"The Road Back" by Jay
"Untitled" by Jill
"One More" by Jo
"Tigers In The Beach" by Joel
"Dark Ocean" by Knight
"Photographer To The Stars" by Newt
"A Life In Pictures" by Raven
"The Money Shot" by R.E.H.

PFC #3 Stories:
"A Life To Love" by Farmer*s Wife
"The Dissidents" by Jay
"All I Need" by Jeff B
"Untitled" by Jo
"Taking Her Home" by Newt
"A Muse By Any Other Name" by Raven
"The Spirit Of Loa" by R.E.H.
"My Dream & A Lifetime Memory" by Single In The City