April 21, 2008

PFC #4

As we move on the the fourth edition of the Picture Fiction Challenge I can tell you that this thing has become a much bigger success than I could have ever imagined. And, there have been some excellent stories written, so it has been a whole lot of fun blog-hoppin' and reading up on your stories. I would like to take this opportunity give my thanks for participating to those who do, and also a big Thank You to those who do not participate, but still show up to read and comment on the stories.

Any newcomers who would like to try their hand at this writing exercise are of course welcome - last month saw yet another couple of newbies who offered some really good stories. You will be able to access last months stories from the sidebar links all month.

And, don't forget to check out the ARCHIVES for previous PFC entries!

The deadline for PFC#4 will be set at May 14th - May 16th, which should give you ample time to write a story.

If you're new to the game, you might want to read through the rules below. If not - scroll on down and get a peek at the pictures for next months story!

Each picture below represents a certain aspect of the story. Analyze each picture and try to interpret what you see into the specific category the picture represents.

Character(s): The main character(s) of your story. This is the person(s) whose perspective the story is told through. You can have any number of additional characters, but the one(s) on this picture are who we will relate to.

Objective: This is the overall objective of the story. That which our main character is trying to achieve - what the MC is trying to reach. This is the objective of the story.

Setting: The place where the story unfolds.

Item: An item of significant* importance to the story.

Random: This could be a picture of anything at all, and what you see on that picture must have a significant* importance in the story you write.

*significant. That means that these things do not simply appear in a fleeting moment in the story. They hold an importance to the events that unfold, and are as such necessary to the outcome and progression of the story.


All of the picture representations must be present in the final story.

The story you write can be as long or short as you wish.

You can write the story in either first or third person perspective.

The story must be a fictional story.


The deadline to post the story on your blog will be between 14th - 16th of May. Not sooner - not later! (Ideally, everyone posts on the 14th, but I'm giving you a couple extra days because there are many reasons one may not be able to post on a specific day)

Let me know in a comment when you have posted your contribution, so I can add a link to your blog (and story) in a list of all participants on my sidebar.

Read the other people's stories (only after you've posted your own) and comment on their writing.

Those are the rules and here are the pictures that we get to work with for Picture Fiction Challenge #4:



Remember! You can click the pictures here and go to the Flickr page they came from, so you can see higher resolution versions of them.

Lots of colorful pictures this time around, and I'm hoping to see lots of colorful stories to go with it in mid May.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the WWC!


~Angela~ said...

Dude, that first pic is pretty awesome.

Jo said...

Whoa, color-overload! That first pic is so kooky, I love it.

Your PFC invention is brilliant, I'm so glad it's caught on.

Dana said...

I was delinquent last month and never got to the PFC - I will get to this one though - I actually missed not doing it.

Now, I've got to get to everyone that did do it and read up!

Karen said...

Now those are some vibrant and interesting pictures. No beach shots this time. LOL. I think these are very inspirational.

Jeff B said...

These should provide for some interesting stories. Thank you again for putting this together. It's been fun to participate and to get aquainted with some talented writters.

Knight said...

oh crap. this is going to be a hard one. I think it was that last photo that really threw me over the edge.

R.E.H. said...

~Angela~: I always get the Character pic first, and as soon as that one popped up I started laughing... I immediately knew this was going to be an interesting PFC ;)

Jo: It was amazing how all the pictures seemed so vibrant this time around... I'm not even sure how I will get my dark side in this time!

Dana: I was wondering where you were with this one. That's ok though - you don't have to participate every time. ;)

Karen: Yeah, I thought we got some great pictures this time. Not so sure about the Objective one, but I'll figure it out. Didn't even realize the lack of beach pics - great, I was getting tired of those!

Jeff B: It's sure been a wonderful experience reading and writing these. And, I think next month will certainly provide a lot of fun stories with these pictures!

R.E.H. said...

Knight: Yeah? That last picture for me pretty much made my initial idea come together... I'm sure you'll find a good story in there eventually!

Dianne said...

these are great shots. as jo said - "color overload" but I love that

I really missed doing this past month, I'm going to literally schedule some time for this this month.

there were some awesome stories this month and new participants. It's cool.

Jay said...

Holy moley! This is going to be interesting. Like you said, gonna be hard to make this one into a dark and depressing story.

tt said...

OOOoooooooo..ladybugs! I heart me some ladybugs! My tattoo has a ladybug on it! Bring it on people! but don't make them scarey ;)

Leighann said...

Eeesh! I think you have a knack for putting together the oddest assortment of photos!!

Oh yeah, came across a video I thought you'd get a kick out of....


Sparkling Red said...

I'm looking forward to the stories that come from these photos. They're guaranteed to be lively!

Farmer*swife said...

Drast the first picture hit me uncomfortably at first -- the huge, long tongue and all. But, then I saw something else in it that captured my fancy! :)

The Lady Bugs gave me a great idea and it's all starting to "meld" around in my mind...now, I'm excited!!!

Love the colors!

Later Gator, Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

thanks for giving props to the people who read PFC's even if they didn't write one. I love those people! (I am not one of them, at least not yet. I haven't had time to get to this month's round.)

But the good news is . . . I have a DATE tonight!! I'm soooooo excited. And also nervous.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, are you trying to make my creative juices explode? LOL I am gonna have to really start on this early... I am saying to myself I think I can I think I can! LOL!!

Have a great day Boo!!!!


R.E.H. said...

Dianne: I'll be looking forward to having you back in the game! And, I think I'll try to schedule some time for it too - I'd hate to be late to my own party again!

Jay: Yeah, I think I might surprise you all and go in a whole different direction with this one... or not - who knows? ;)

TT: You almost make me want to make the ladybugs scary with that comment... maybe I should name it "Attack of the Mutant Lady Bugs"... sweet :)

Leighann: I don't choose the pictures... they are completely random - honest!

Did watch about half the video... was only text, but some good advice ;)

Sparkling Red: I'm looking forward to this one too. At first I was a little disappointed in them, but now after some thought - they're awesome!

R.E.H. said...

Farmer*s Wife: I'm still trying to figure out what to make of that character pic... but it does offer many interesting options.

Ladybugs... can't wait to see what you are putting together for this one!

Emmeline: Getting feedback on the stories is probably the most fun part of this whole experience - as well as reading and commenting on others. The writing is almost a chore (in comparison).

Good luck on the date! You'll let us know how it turns out, right?

Single In The City: Yes, you can - I know you can!

Your creative juices are going to explode - like a firecracker on New Year's Eve, spewing beautiful color in the skies!

Aunt Jackie said...

I want to join in so bad, but I just don't have enough confidence yet!!! :O

R.E.H. said...

Aunt Jackie: Confidence is like doing the high dive in school. Once you take the plunge, you can't wait to get back up there.

Morale behind that statement? Just write it, post it and bask in the praise!

Raven said...

Wow. These are wonderful and colorful and as usual they have scared the hell out of me. Agggghhh. Hopefully inspiration will arrive in the nick of time. Thanks for all that beautiful color.

R.E.H. said...

Raven: I'm sure you'll find the inspiration in time. I found them quite interesting this time around.

Jill said...

I think I'm gonna have an hard time with this one!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: I'm sure you can pull it off!

Jill said...

But can I pull it off on time?

R.E.H. said...

Jill: If you get started right away, you'll have plenty of time ;)