March 27, 2008

Quirks About Me

A little while ago I ran a poll suggesting a few topics that I could write for blog posts. I almost forgot all about that until just a few days ago.

I was a little surprised to see that the topic "Quirks About Me" won the poll... and I'm even more surprised I included it as an option. Well, I had it in that .txt file I keep and store ideas for my blog in - and I do remember reading a blog (don't remember which) where this person talked about quirks, and I thought it would be fun to write about my own quirks...

...only right now I can't seem to think of too many. Well, the one's that I do have might scare you away... so thank you blog - it was nice while it lasted... my reader's will be gone forever now. It's been nice knowing you all!

Anyway - just for your information, here are the poll results:

Quirks about me... 11 (42%)
Being Half'n'Half (American/Swedish) 8 (30%)
Supernatural Experiences 7 (26%)
The Car Wreck 5 (19%)
Where have all the years gone? 2 (7%)
The Unfinished Short Horror Film 1 (3%)
Fitness/Fatness Report 1 (3%)

It is quite likely that all of the above will be blogged about at some point, and since I ran the poll I've decided that you guys polled for the pecking order. So next time I'm short on ideas - I will write about being Half'n'Half...

I'll present three types of quirks. In no particular order.

A Touch of OCD: That picture up there... that's me checking that the door is locked. Every single night - the last thing that I do is check on the door. I believe a lot of people do this, and it's not really quirky at all... but don't think for a second that I settle there. As I said... it is the LAST thing that I do - has to be! If I routinely check the locks and then as I walk past the living room headed for the bedroom and notice the monitor still on or something, after which I proceed to turn off said monitor... then I have to walk back to the door and redo the lock checking procedure. It's not that I have forgotten that it is indeed locked - it's just that I'm not comfortable going to bed unless it is the last thing I've done (save undressing and setting the alarm or whatever else goes on in the bedroom...)

The locks seem to have a thing with me. The other thing about them is that I constantly forget (or rather doubt myself) if I did lock it. I live on the third floor in my apartment building - no elevator - and it does happen quite often that I walk the five flights of stairs back up to the apartment to make sure I locked the front door. I've even made it all the way to the car, when that uncertainty hits... it doesn't matter if I'm late for work or whatever - I have to return to my door. How could I possibly be away for 10 hours or so with a nagging feeling that my door is left unlocked. I need to make a very strong mental note when it's locked, so I can refer back to that and be certain...

Of course... I've never ever found that I, in fact, did forget. It's just one of those natural things to do when you leave, right?

I did wake up one morning, searching high and low for my keys before going to work. I finally found them... still in the lock on the outside of my front door. Not good - certainly not since I have a next door neighbor whom I'm pretty sure is selling drugs - with all the traffic going on there at night...

Doesn't do much good to lock the door from the inside, if you leave the keys in on the outside, does it?

Nervous Ticks: Whenever I meet new people, or find myself in new situations I get nervous ticks. Do not mistake this for me actually being nervous however. Inside I can feel very comfortable about the situation, but if our eyes meet the muscles in my neck and entire face will freeze up and begin to twitch.

This is something which pisses me off. It's not easy to walk up to a girl I don't know, asking her out on a date when you look like you're having a seizure. And, it doesn't matter one bit how much I tell myself that I've got nothing to worry about. The ticks will be there, even when I feel all calm and relaxed - even when I don't give a crap about the outcome of the situation. This is of course present in job interviews and the like too... and even if I go to a party and meet new people.

From what I've heard - this is not noticable to others though, so I might be imagining the whole thing. I can get that feeling something bad, and afterwards tell a friend who was with me at the time that, "Damn, I was so nervous... I fucked that up completely, didn't I?"

And they'll go something like: "What? I thought you handled that really well. I was thinking I could never do that, because I'd be too nervous"

This is the truth... and I cannot believe why they say things like that. I feel like my knees are going to buckle, that my face turns red and that my voice fails me... still others claim I looked calm and collected.

I've met people when I'm flat out drunk too, who won't believe me when I tell them I'm plastered. Maybe that is a similar situation?

Solo Conversations: A lot of people talk to themselves, I'm sure - even if few people would admit it. When you are alone and no one can hear, don't you sometimes say stuff out loud? Nothing quirky about that...

Me? I take it a step further. I do whole conversation pieces with myself. I don't settle for an outspoken sentence like "Meeh... I better do the dishes", before I make myself go out in the kitchen and take care of them. I'll go all schizo on myself instead - like:

"Dude. You better go on out there and do them dishes now, boy", with a deep southern accent.

"I don't want to. Dishes no fun", sounding like a doofus.

And it goes on... while I walk on out to the kitchen. I always mentally create a couple of characters that speak very differently from one another... sometimes they're even female, and I will distort my voice to make it all feminine - and yes, my body language changes to the characters as I speak with their voices. For example - if I do a gay character, you better believe I become very animated, gesturing with my arms and hands, with my pinky fingers pointing in a completely different direction than the rest of my fingers. And, usually, I adopt a french accent in honor of the "Serge" character from Beverly Hills Cop.

I think this all started back in the day when I wanted to be an actor. I would play out scenes with myself, as a sort of practice. I've found that it's quite enjoyable - and I do it to this day still to ...ahem... entertain myself ;) Quite often, these conversation pieces end up really funny... at least, I think I'm being funny.

I would never, ever do this if someone's watching though... this is for my eyes and ears only!

Are you ready to phone the syringe wielding men in white coats on me yet?


Dana said...

I really enjoyed this post, and I'm not sure I even voted for the topic! You have *fun* quirks, and honestly I think you'll be surprised at how many of us ... errr ... ummmm ... OTHER people share them!

Knight said...

I have lock OCD and I talk to myself. You can add that I talk to my plant as well. His name is Al.
The nervous tick thing is interesting. It sounds like it only happens in your head.

Anndi said...

I check the door every night (both doors...)

and um.. I have conversations with myself all the time too. In French and English no less!

You're adorable!

Anonymous said...

AHAHAH! This is awesome! I don't think you are ready for a fashionable white coat with 8 foot long sleeves, but it was awesome to read none the less.

Farmer*swife said...

ROFL!! I almost fell out of my seat and I might have even pee'd myself...just a little!

I too, have the door lock thing. But, I have to check all the doors three times. In the same "checking" routine.

My DH knows this. So, I'll be roaming through the house (obviously, trailing from door to door) and he'll ask me, "Hey? What are you doing?" [Just to make me a little insecure and to laugh inside at me, I guess.]

And, I'll say, "Nuthin'."

If I wake during the night (which I almost always do -- except for last night. I slept like a baby. V-8 Splash...and all) I always check the locks again. Three times for each door. Lock and handle.

I'm a freak! We can be freaks together!!!

And, I think I was the quirky Gal you read previously...pretty sure. LOL!!

Jay said...

As long as that nervous tick isn't unconsciously scratching your balls, you're probably okay with that one. LOL

I do the check the locks thing too. I also have to take a peek out the windows and make sure everything is quiet. If I get up in the middle of the night, I will check the locks again and take another peek out the windows.

Ginormous Boobs said...

Is it worse to have a conversation with yourself or one with your dog?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Epic Response! Drag the sofa in front of the computer. Get several beverages and a snack. Cancel your appointments. Here we go!

First me being a smart ass:

I've got a solution to the OCD problem. Remove the lock. Then you will always know your door is unlocked. Or you can jam the lock from the inside and come and go through your window.

On a more serious/tough love note:

You've got to fix those nervous ticks/anxiety reactions. Even if other people don't notice them - they are having a negative effect on how you socialize with other people.

Get a friend with a video camera and have them tape your face as you greet strangers. You'll be able to review the tape and see what other people are seeing.

Do a few dozen greetings and concentrate on greeting women. Make sure when you greet them that you look them in the eye.

Do this at a mall or university campus. Have your pal explain that "it's part of a study on facial ticks." The strangers will be happy to help as long as you dress nicely and hold a clipboard. You should be able to greet at least three dozen women in about an hour.

You'd be surprised at the things that people say they "don't notice." Usually people are just being polite. Review the tape with your friend and see if you notice anything - on the screen or emotionally.

You write:

"Do not mistake this for me actually being nervous however. Inside I can feel very comfortable about the situation, but if our eyes meet the muscles in my neck and entire face will freeze up and begin to twitch."

I write:

Do some thinking about what being "nervous" really means. Here's a definition from the dictionary.


"full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; greatly worried; solicitous: Her parents were anxious about her poor health."

All those random thoughts and sensations that go off in your head sure sound like anxiety to me. You might be feeling "detached" rather than calm. Here's the definition for detached.


1. showing lack of emotional involvement;
2. being or feeling set or kept apart from others; "she felt detached from the group thought of herself as alone and separated from the others"; "had a set-apart feeling"

It is possible for people who have been through trauma to be able to "detach" themselves from situations that make them uncomfortable.

Being "disconnected" from your social interactions - while it helps you cope with stress - is unhealthy and will only lead to a continuation of your current social and work situation - bad jobs and no pussy.

As for the solo talking...

It's interesting that you first started doing this when you wanted to be an actor. Acting is a form of "detachment." You place your normal self aside and "act" like another person. Once you assume another personality you can ignore all your current problems and stresses.

You may find this "character assumption" entertaining but I'm willing to bet you also find it relaxing as you slide out of your normal personality/situation and into something more comfortable.

The fact that you would not want to do it in front of anyone else shows that you know there is something wrong with this behavior.

This kind of thing can lead to the development of "multiple personality disorder." People develop "alternate" personalities that handle situations that they feel stressed by. As time goes on they give the personalities names and keep adding detail until they become more comfortable than the original personality. One is gay... One is female.. You get it...

The easiest quick fix for this is to just get out of the house and talk to other people. Allowing this trait to continue to develop is not healthy.

If you want to try an experiment go and buy a "costume." Nothing crazy - just a theme outfit that fits into normal society. You could dress like a doctor, business man, construction worker etc. Come up with a name and character for the costume just like if you were doing a play.

Then go out and do the video camera experiment again while "acting" in your costume as this new "character." I bet you have zero anxiety when you do this. If you don't feel anxious while "acting" it proves you're having success with "detaching" yourself from people.

Once you identify a problem you can fix it. No wonder you have not been on any dates. Looking a woman in the eye scares you to death. Women are sensitive to feelings. They can spot this kind of stuff a mile away. If you want to meet well adjusted women you'll have to work on your anxiety.

As your doctor I'm prescribing you seven doses of "Get The Fuck Out Of The House And Talk To People."

Call me in a week and let me know if you feel better.

I might be harsh but at least I'm trying to help. If you start working on your anxiety now you can get on with your life. Do you still want to be talking to yourself on your 40th birthday?

With "TOUGH" Love
Your Tormentor


Anonymous said...

You are fine Boo! I think the lock checking thing is everyones OCD that has their own place. My mom is like that at home, and now it is me I make sure the house is locked up tight all the time. Several times at night!

Every day before I get in the shower, I turn the CD Player on grab the nearest bottle and have a concert, it never fails.. All of us gals did it on spring break.. It is one of my daily quirks!

Nevermind the white coats I am coming to carry out your acting with you! We can take it on the road to Hollywood!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Dana said...

Do you still want to be talking to yourself on your 40th birthday?

Ummm ... R.E.H.? I can vouch for the fact that the majority of people I know who have seen their 40th birthday (yes, me included), are still talking to themselves AND not a single one suffers from "multiple personality disorder."

Why does the song, Too Much Time on my Hands keep running through my head?

Sparkling Red said...

OCD: My mom has set out to go shopping, then turned around 2 blocks from home to go back and check the stove. Sheesh! Of course you know all about my OCD already.

Tics: That's a drag. When I get really stressed, my left eye twitches. I hate that!

Talking to oneself: You have a healthy imagination! I don't often speak aloud to myself, but I do tell myself jokes inside my head, and crack up laughing in public. Let them think I'm crazy! I don't care!

Anonymous said...

I thought conversations with myself was fact I do it anywhere and everywhere. Now who needs the men in white coats?

Very interesting!

Tookie Tail said...

R.E.H....hehe you sound like my DH. I tease him all the time for checking the doors over and over again. I finally say..."Geeze. Just go to bed! The damn things are locked!" LOL And when I hear him talking to himself, I'll say, "Huh? you talking to me?" He'll say, "No. Just talking to myself." And I start singing, "They're coming to take you awayyyy" hehehe
Me? I lock the doors and that's it! As far as talking to myself? I think I'd probably bore myself! :)

Anonymous said...

Is stalking someone's blog alday considered and OCD? If that is the case I have one with you!!!

Okay back to that paper!


Melissa said...

I love that you use different voices and body language when you talk to/with yourself!

Knight said...

Unsigned - As an actor I can let you know that I have yet to develop multiple personality disorders and taking on character roles when you are wandering about the house is something I and all my actor friends do on a regular basis. It is actually normal behavior.
You have a tendency to just make shit up and diagnose. I hope this is in no way a desired profession of yours.

Anonymous said...

KNIGHT: I knew I liked you for a reason!!! I think we are long lost sisters.

I have to look into that Diagnosis! I am going to school for psychology maybe I can shed some light!

R.E.H. said...

Dana: Glad you enjoy my quirkiness ;) I was worried y'all would abandon me after this...

Knight: I'm so relieved to hear I'm not the only one? You even named your plant? That's cool - I've heard that talking to plants is actually supposed to help them grow... I'd imagine it's got something to do with the carbon dioxide...

Anndi: You too! ;) Yeah, my conversations are generally in english... it's the only time I can speak the language and everyone who hears me can fully understand ;)

Pookie Sixx: Thanks for not having me committed just yet ;)

Farmer's Wife: Wow! You're even crazier than I am! hehe... At least, I can get up in the middle of the night and return to bed without checking... it's only necessary at the time I originally go to bed.

But, I do have a specific routine!

We should all go to a desert island and live crazily ever after!

R.E.H. said...

Jay: Nah, my balls are left alone... I think ;)

Yes! You check out the windows too! I have read that before... you've blogged about it right? Might be it was your post that originally inspired this idea!

Ginormous Boobs: Since I don't have a dog... I guess it would be pretty much the same. Or worse... because then one of my two characters would have to assume that of a canine.

Unsigned: HA! I figured you would have a field day with this one... excuse me while I read the whole thing, before I continue my repsonse...


Nervous ticks... yes, I've been trying to find a "cure" for that for ages. I am yet unsuccessful. And, it really has nothing to do with nervosity, in a way. I can be very nervous before going on stage as an actor... but there are no nervous ticks. If you put a camera on me and I greet random people, as you suggested - nervous ticks would be nowhere to be found... because there's a camera at me, which is a "familiar" situation - even among strangers. It isn't so much the person in front of me, as it is the situation I'm faced with which causes the reaction.

Solo convo... Ok, about that - here's the deal. It's something I've been doing since I was a little kid. It certainly has got nothing to do with any budding personality disorder. The reason I wouldn't do it in front of people is not because I feel that it's wrong - but because it is not scripted and sometimes when you improvise, the humor is beyond ridiculous.

It is not an escape from reality in any way... it is very much me being those characters, playing them out and discovering new things about me. You need to explore things in order to understand them. I am still very much in the market for an acting job should the opportunity arise - and if what you're suggesting is true - then every actor on the planet suffers from mental problems.

As for your suggestion to get the fuck out and talk to people - I do that on a regular basis as is - and have always done it. I go through the nervous ticks - I'm used to them. Talking to other's will not stop me from talking to myself... quite the opposite - once I got my mouth running... when I get home, I can't stop!

Single In The City: I think the lock thing is very common indeed... I know I got it from my mother - she's much worse than I am ;)

That whole pre-shower procedure requires a VLOG! This I got to see ;)

Then, we'll take that video and head on out to Hollywood!

Oh, about the ass... thanks! My ass has got nothing on yours though ;)

Dana: And my answer to that question is Hell yeah, I want to still be talking to myself at 40!

For two reasons... A) That means I'm still alive when 40 ;)

B) It shows that I have not lost my desire to be creative and come up with fun "stories".

"Isn't that right, R.E.H.?"

"Sir! Yes, it is, Sir!"

tt said...

Absolutely no men in white coats !!!!!!!!!. I'd much rather be in the company of someone who thinks they have a few oddities than someone who's predictable and boring!! I think it's the imperfections in people that makes them interesting. Seriously don't you?? And....I'm not at all surprised that you talk to yourself ...using different voices and actually makes perfect sense to me...b/c you're a creative person. Your creative juices ( if you will) need many outlets...and may take many forms. Talking,singing,drawing,crazy dancing,photography and last but not least....Writing!! are all ways to express yourself. So, my thoughts on this are keep it up, celebrate it.....don't try to hide your quirks...we all have them...some are just more talented in that department than others.
mmmwwaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! :)

R.E.H. said...

Sparkling Red: Two blocks? That's a long way... but I fully understand. Thankfully I've never made it that far, and having to return.

Speaking of telling jokes - that reminds me. I'm the same way when I write sometimes. When I'm in "the zone", it's like I'm reading it, rather than writing it, and I've been known to burst out laughing to myself ;)

Once I did the thinking "thing" on the city bus, and couldn't stop laughing... I can assure you at that time fellow passengers were fairly certain there was a real "madman" riding along ;)

Butterfly Girl: Thanks. I knew it - it is completely normal to be talking to one self... guess that means I can do it louder from now on... who cares if the neighbors will hear me, right?

Ah... that's probably too late anyway... I'm sure they've heard it every now and then.

Tookie Tail: Yeah, it does sound like me and your hubby are much alike in that respect. Go easy on him... or he'll start doing it more - just to get back at you ;)

Single In The City: I think that depends on why you stalk. If it is because you believe the world will stop spinning if you don't... then it's OCD. If it is because you need that fix to feel good... then it's addiction.

I love you either way ;)

Melissa: Thanks. Yeah, that is what makes the whole talking to myself thing a "quirk" I guess ;)

R.E.H. said...

Knight: Thank You. Exactly - it's a normal thing for "us actors" I think.

Unsigned's whole "personality disorder" theory even surprised me... a personality disorder is a very serious illness indeed, and usually comes from severe trauma and/or serious mental illness. You don't just "develop" it from goofing around in any way...

Single In The City: Yeah, that sounds good. If you can find anything that supports the theory you can develop it by talking to yourself be sure to let me know. I'll zip it around the house when I'm alone if that is the case ;)

TT: Thank You! You actually warmed me up inside with that comment. Yes, I believe it is a form of creative outlet for me - I mean sometimes I wish I could redo the things and record them, because they went down really well... sometimes I stop myself and ask "what the hell was that?".

Funny you mentioned crazy dancing... I do that too. I know for a fact that I can't dance, but I often go completely crazy dancing to myself. I've even decided to entertain others doing this from time to time... it is yet to fail ;)

Elle said...

LOL at you, my friend! Sounds more or less what passes for normal around here. One of the big advantages of having a kid is that now I have a captive audience for the multi-part self-convo's. Now that he is eight, he can add characters as well. Because he is my kid, he doesn't count in the "other people" category. Now he plays Star Wars and does both the Anakin and Obi-Wan parts. With an occasional space monster thrown in.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you do not hear voices and you are not answering them.. you are saying that you pretty much just talk to yourself.. My professor said it sounds like a creative itch you have..

When I mentioned you wanted to be an actor he said.. There you have it.. Nothing is wrong with him.. but if you started hearing voices in your head that is not yours run to the nearest mental Hospital!!! LOL!!!

Keep on being creative and talking to yourself!


Leighann said...

Wow if you consider those quirks then I think I'm screwed! ;)

Farmer*swife said...

I couldn't even keep reading all the comments. Unsigned STILLLLLL doesn't get the whole idea of bloggie world. My "tick" is kicking in and it's going to that "offed" place.

Sometimes we are serious and all. But, most the time? We're just having fun and making fun of ourselves.

Let's start critiquing unsigned. S/he is obviously "addicted to you" too. Or s/he think you are his/her alter personality and thus talking to him/herself also.

Or, s/he is obsessed with his/herself and the idea of trying to put it out there like s/he is smarter or has better incite than the rest of bloggie world. [Take it back to the text book].

SHEEEEZE! unsigned. Seriously, you spoil all the fun sometimes.

Oh, and the OCD thing? Sometimes perpetually repeating a particular tick, number, chore, routine, etc. keeps some of us on track and "almost" perfect.

My friends know my falicies and Obsessive Compulsions -- yet, they find me almost perfect. They LOVE me this way. That's what makes a good friend.

r.e.h. you are fine and thanks for the funny and the laugh.

Farmer*swife said...

[Still PO'd] Total laughing buzz kill. I think I need some V-8 splash (LOL)!

I'm gonna' go bake the chicken. I'll be back though. (You know I will) ;)

Raven said...

very nice post. Always nice to know I'm not the only quirk-fest on the block. Oddly, I am your polar opposite about locks. I don't much worry about them. You'd think being as neurotic and nervous as I am about almost everything else, I'd be a locked door junkie. I have a friend with serious OCD and it used to drive her crazy. I don't know what happens when I meet other people. I'm so shy and insecure that I simple leave the planet. I'm told that I'm quite personable, but I couldn't tell you. One of the reasons I never leave my house any more.

Now the last one... I have conversations with myself all the time. Maybe it's a writer thing... we need to fill in the dialogue. Of course I can pretend I'm talking to my cats.... and nobody can prove different. ("Sure they can"... says one of the other voices. "Delusional much?" asks another. "Careful... your disfunction is showing" chortles a third...) I could go on, but you get the idea..

R.E.H. said...

Elle: I'm amazed that so many seem to do the multiple character thing - and here I was, thinking I was special ;)

Gotta love a little Star Wars or other characters. I will often do those as well ;)

Single In The City: I love that you actually went to talk to your professor about my little... problem ;)

Thank God I am considered sane after all. It's just a creative itch - I like it.

Yeah, I'm coming!

You see... hold on.

Alright! Alright, already - I'm coming!

Sorry, gotta go - there's a voice in my head beckoning me to go outside...

*sniff* *sniff*

I smell chicken!

Leighann: I could make sure of that... ;)

Farmer's Wife (x2): I swear to God! When I wrote that "I smell chicken" line for Single, I had not yet read that you were baking said poultry... how is that for weird?

About Unsigned... yeah, I'm beginning to wonder if she has any sense of humor. Is everything dead serious to her? I have seen attempts at humor though, but they seem rather... off?

Here's my analysis of Unsigned (I know you read this too, I hope):

She's mentioned once that she used to be dis-organized - that her life was out of control, but she's pulled herself together. According to her she sees me as one who can do the same (I'll admit I have some pulling together to do).

My guess is, though, that she is so scared of falling back into whatever routine she was in, that any form of deviance from normalcy is considered dangerous grounds to tread.

You got to live a little, love a little, and lose it a little some times - we can all still be pretty successful and happy in our lives.

Now, I don't mind Unsigned's analysis and/or "tough love", but surely she could ease up a little every now and then - and not (as it seems) desperately look for fault in everything... laugh about that which is obviously laughable.

R.E.H. said...

Raven: Again - I'm amazed that so many people talk to themselves - you know with different voices and stuff. I really thought I was the only one - and I'm not sure I've ever confessed to it even to my friends...

Good. I can throw that shrink's business card away now ;)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

awe, your quirks about you are cute.

ok, a few about me:
1. i'm lefthanded
2. i like to bite when i kiss(not hard, but i do indeed like to bite.
3. i blow dry my hair upside down.

Farmer*swife said...

It'll be a "sixer" this time. Comments, and possibly beer. No, no Shiner tonight...although, I'm still frustrated enough about some unsigned person totally ruining my laugh-out-loud buzz that I might send a "shiner" somewhere else.

[Harp, harp, harp]

I talk to myself too, but typically all the dialogue happens in my head until I laugh out loud [often in public] and every one looks at me. And so, I look at them like they are crazy and imagined it.

I do dance and do the cheerleader bounce and say "You SO totally ROCK!!!' to myself quite often...usually, when I know I rock...or am drinkin V-8 splash (all about the health you know).

[Still flippantly frustrated...DH can fix the frustrated tonight...not sure what to do about the flippant part.]

Man, "talkie lottie" tonight, huh?

Wonder, can you stay up as late as I can? LOL! [geographical time and all]

Naughty Lakota said...

on the door checking and talking to self, with each i thought at first: that sounds just like me... until i read further. Then I laughed. I do those but not quite to those extremes. That's quite cute though REH.

Dianne said...

Oh you're so cute! and nice butt!!

I talk to myself all the time, not only in different voices but in different moods as well. I'll talk to myself angry and then make-up with myself (the make-up sex is only so-so) and then ask myself what the hell I/we were talking about.

Feel normal now!?

I'm the opposite about locks though - which is probably totally insane - but I never check, often realize door was open all night. It comes from moving to the burbs after 40+ years in the city. It just feels so safe.

And finally - I often think my voice is shaking (when talking to real other people) but I'm always told it's not.

Anonymous said...

I am almost done and um I did a lot of changing around.. and I hope it is like marrying well! I will be sending another email!

I am probably wearing you out with emails.. but I think I am almost done and not go to do 3000 I am thinking more on the lines of like ummm 800-1000?

It is stressing a girl out and I am already stressed enough. I cannot even blog my head is full(yes my head is full.. Tho I am blonde) NO airhead here! LOL!!

Okay I guess I will try one more time.. Then whatever is done by tomorrow evening is what he gets! LOL!!

I need some big kisses and Lots of attention. From my pillow that is.. I think or your pillow!


Mik said...

I'd pay to see you flailing around like a gay guy! HILARIOUS.

random moments said...

hi! Stopping in by way of Tookie's blog. (I'm her daughter btw.)

Yeah... she's up there making fun of my father's door locking issues - I get that honest from him too. And I so get that you need to do that last. Its unsettling when something happens right after and even though you KNOW its locked you still have to do it to feel settled again.

Karen said...

In am glad you cleared up that picture.....I thought it was you peeing the corner. Seriously, I did.

I really enjoyed this post and I talk to myself in full conversations all the time. So you are not alone.

Jeff B said...

"They've come to take me away, he he, hu hu, ha ha.."

What a great read and don't worry, I don't think we bloggers scare off that easy.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a brave post. I'm not sure I'd be that brave on my blog. I've carefully constructed the character of Emmeline for my readers, and I wouldn't want to shatter perceptions with a post like this. I feel like things like this are easier to say to people who know me in person.

I did a post like this a couple of months ago on my "real-life" blog, and I felt much safer revealing those things to people who actually know me and have spent time with me in real life, than I would feel doing it as Emmeline.

I don't know why I feel that way. I just do.

Anyway, this was interesting for sure. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I thought the same thing about the picture as Karen.

I was like "uh-oh . . . if quirk #1 is peeing inside in corners . . . I don't think I want to know the rest!"



fiwa said...

Ok, I am STILL giggling over that post. :)

Specially the last one, that is hilarious. You say you only do it when no one else is around... is it enough of a habit that if you were living with someone it would creep back in? I can just see the expression on the other person's face.

I hope you do this again - it was fun to read.


Anonymous said...

Smooches.. This is my G'night kiss to you!! I am finished my paper for tonight,, I will start back on it this weekend!!!
Hope ya sleeping Good!


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I think I did a quirk post at some point. I like yours. I have some weird nervous habits that remind me of your tics. I think I need to stop being at stay-at-home mom -- less time around people means I feel I'm visibly weirder when I am.

Jo said...

I'm still laughing over Dianne's make-up sex line LOL!

Quirks are so fun, I loved this post! I think your weirdnesses are completely normal, it's a part of being alive & giving yourself room to just be instead over-analyzing everything to death to fit some textbook concept of "normal" that's usually written by a deranged asshat.

Maybe you should tape some Daily Affirmations above your lock so when you're there, you'll have something to read. Things like, You're too sexy for your shoes, Dude. and Check those buns, ROWR! You'll just have to remember to take them down before you bring a date home.

Anonymous said...

I check my locks, but usually only once and in no particular order. Talking to myself? Don't get me started! I do entire soliloquies in British or French accents, (French when I'm talking foolish) and explain things to myself as I'm figuring them out. I mostly only do it when I'm alone, such as I am now at work, but my neighbor has heard me doing it at home in the garage. The wife says I do it when I'm working on things around the house sometimes too. So far, I don't think the kids have inherited this trait. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Take Care

R.E.H. said...

Tequila Mockingbird: Aw, thank you ;)

1. Left-handedness isn't quirky. I've heard left handed people are more creative... I'm envious!

2. As long as you don't jaw bite - yeah, had a girlfriend once who would sink her teeth into my jawline and bite real hard - no trace of her lips against my skin either... sometimes I had to pull back and look at her, just to make sure lips were still a feature in her face.

3. So did I back in the 80's, LOL!

Farmer's Wife: I love that you do the cheerleader bounce and yell "You so ROCK!" for yourself - there's a brand of self motivation that I haven't heard of before ;)

About staying up late - well, I'm almost on US Eastern time by now... I'm a night owl, and when I don't need to be up in the morning...

Naughty Lakota: I tend to do most everything to the extreme for some reason. Glad I haven't scared you away with this one ;)

Dianne: Haha! I have never thought of having make-up sex with myself... and even though you claim it is only so-so - I'm curious to try it out ;) Well, first I have to get in a fight with myself... and I'm usually very understanding and supportive, so we'll see how that goes ;)

Like my butt, huh? Thanks!

Single In The City: Don't worry about wearing me out with e-mails... I haven't got any yet ;)

And, my pillow is nice and fluffed up awaiting your arrival ;)

R.E.H. said...

Mik (or is it BP?): I'll take admissions at the door - hey, maybe I have a new business idea?

Random Moments: Welcome!

It's lovely to hear someone who understands. And I know, even if it was only 5 seconds ago that I checked the lock - if something happens... it must be re-checked again, or I won't be able to get to bed comfortably.

Even though I do it myself... it doesn't stop me from making fun of my mother's OCD ;)

Karen: Yeah, I noticed that about the picture too - I guess that is why I decided to clear it up. It's not easy taking pictures of yourself and posing good ;)

Jeff B: Glad to hear it - I was worried there for a while ;)

Guess us bloggers are a brave bunch of peeps, right?

Emmeline (x2): Really? I would think it is easier to fess up to quirks like these as an anonymous, rather than IRL. Glad you enjoyed the read though.

And, yeah - I shouldn't have used that picture ;)

R.E.H. said...

Fiwa: Yeah, I only do the solo conversations when I'm alone, and it's not like it's something I have a "need" to do. So, when and if I'm living with someone, I'd rather talk to the other person than myself... I'm not that crazy ;)

Single In The City: Nighty, nighty. I'll be looking forward to reading it.

*g'night kisses*

Mary P. Jones: Yeah, those nervous tics really are a pain in the butt. Doesn't matter how much time I spend around people either - for me it isn't people per se which causes it, but rather unfamiliar situations...

Jo: I'm relieved to hear you still think I'm normal... so you'll still break out the red carpet when I arrive?

I love your Dailly Affirmations idea. A digitalized one that randomly chooses something nice to say about me... but, I wonder if that wouldn't make my lock checking habits worse...

Fu Manchu Dad: Haha... I love how you choose a french accent when being foolish ;)

And, I often do the whole explaining to myself scene as well - sometimes in a Teacher/Student convo. The student could either be unwilling to learn, or just too damn stupid to learn ;) Sometimes... maybe even eager to learn.

Don't worry about your kids - if the pick up the habit, it probably only means they've picked up your creative genes.

Farmer*swife said...

OK. In better spirits. No longer cranky and in fight mode, LOL!

Me so quick to come to your defense -- well, all of our defense. Not that anyone needed it.

So, the PFC is up but I have to take the youngin's to school so I speed scrolled trying hard not to look at the pics until I have time to savor them a little.

I think I saw a bird though. Birds sing...that's romantic, right?

See ya' for the 6th later!

Farmer*swife said...

Never mind. Five minutes until departure and all I have to do is accessorize my daughter's hair, and load up back packs, lunches, and children into vehicle.

So, if single gets a really good grade? I think she should share her writing assignment...if she is comfortable enough about it.

You are a great guy to help her out! But, then, you are just a great Guy, right?!

Later Gator. Be Back for the PFC!

(And, with that I'll stop at numero 6)

Tink said...

You stole it from me. It's cool though, I still love you...

Even if you are a freak who has whole dialogs with himself. ;)

R.E.H. said...

Farmer's Wife (x2): Haha! Speed scrolling - yeah, I do that too when I need to see something, but don't want to spoil what's at the top of the page.

I've no control over what Single decided to do with ... that thing ... it's all up to her ;)

Tink: Really? I think it was Jay I stole it from... anyway - as long as you love me everything is fine.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

no, just light biting. neck, bottem lip, and a couple other places. not hard enough to hurt though.

g-man said...

HI my name is Scott, and I'm a lock checker.

Hi Scott

:) Yeah I do the same things with regard to the locks, and I will occasionally have conversations with myself doing voices and everything. (usually when really bored or drunk).

Fun post.

R.E.H. said...

Tequila Mockingbird: Good. I'd hate it if I'd have to push you away in the middle of a make out session.

G-Man: Hi, Scott. Have you checked any locks today? ;)

I'm really surprised that so many of you seem to share these quirks with me. I'm beginning to believe I'm quite normal after all ;)

tt said...

WOW!! can you believe the comments this post created??!!
You rock dude...I don't care what that negative-Nellie-'unsigned'-quasi-person says!
Don't ever change!!!!

Leighann said...

Leighann: I could make sure of that... ;)


Anonymous said...

Okay I will end this post and make it 60 by saying WE ALL LOVE YOU R!!!!

I want you to be my baby DADDY!!!

Okay back to my work!


Tequila Mockingbird said...

LOLOLOLOL. i doubt that would happen. hasnt yet. i kiss like magicUnicorntasticness.

R.E.H. said...

TT: Yeah, let people know you're a little insane, and the comments start flying ;) It's been fun!

And, I have no plans of changing that part of me ;)

Leighann: I'm a man of my words...

Single In The City: Did you just say that you want me to be your babies daddy? Or did you just want me to be your daddy, baby ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: I'm sure you'd be fine - just don't sink any lipless teeth into my jawline ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, The last one sounds so much betta!!! as long as spanking is invovled! (okay back to being innocent!!!)

The one you described when you gave me the award!!! It is just so much fun with you!!!! (purrrrrrrrr)


Naughty Lakota said...

scare me?

~cocking an eyebrow~

Think about what you just said.

Smooches baby. You are so funny.

R.E.H. said...

Single In The City: If you're a bad girl... there will be spanking ;)

Lakota Princess: Hmmm... You do have a point there ;)