March 29, 2008

Wordzzle / Dining Table

I almost didn't play the Wordzzle today - because I felt a severe lack of creativity. And, besides - I thought the words were really hard this week.

Well, I pulled myself together, and came up with a little something to post anyway.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the Wordzzle challenge - it is hosted by Raven over at Views from Raven's Nest. She chooses 10 words that we are supposed to write a story from, while incorporating each of those 10 words. There's also a mini challenge, which only consists of 5 words.

So, the words for the "normal" challenge were: arbitration, music, salamanders, frankinsence, trojan horse, balderdash, bottomless pit, fantastic, pugnacious, Trivial Pursuit

And, this is the story I came up with:

When the San Fransisco Salamanders General Manager Tim Weicks realized his star player, Derek Minton, was up for salary arbitration, he knew the team would not be able to keep him. Derek was a fantastic player, and they would need him around to keep from falling into the bottomless pit of yet another losing season.

Mr. Weicks decided to call Minton to his office to try and work out a deal. As the pugnacious star player entered the office the air reeked of frankinsence, and soft music played in the background. The GM suggested they settle their differences with a game of Trivial Pursuit. If Minton wins, they will meet his salary demands, else - he will continue to play on his current salary.

"Deal!", Minton says - and the game begins. After a hard fought battle, Minton lands on the center square. One final question, and if he answers correct, he'll get his desired dollars. Mr. Weicks draws the question from the deck and reads it out to him... his heart pounding nervously in his chest.

"What is the Trojan Horse?"

Minton's smile widens. Victory is near!

"Horse condoms!", he exclaims victoriously.

"HA! No! You lose!", Weick shouts back at him. Minton is furious and starts a balderdash reasoning as to why his answer was the correct one. "Don't even try it, Minton. Your ass is mine, and you're going to help us have a winning season this year... and you'll come cheap for us as well!".

Mr. Weicks lets out an evil laugh, and shows Minton out the door.

For the mini challenge this week, I did the (cheating?) thing of making a single sentence out of them. Not a story, but I enjoy trying to get those five words together in a one liner...

The words were: maniac, video store, telephone pole, flute player, windy day

And my sentence goes like this:

On a windy day, the only surviving witness to the maniac's killing spree at the local video store was a flute player standing by a telephone pole.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks contribution.


I also thought I would join in on another little thing that I've seen around lately. At first I saw Jay do it, and while visiting Freakazojd's blog today, I saw it again - and had the sudden urge to join in.

Apparently it started at the Apathy Lounge, and it asks you to take a picture of your dining table - as is of the moment. I was lucky enough to have my kitchen looking nice and clean as I took out my camera, but I can assure you it doesn't always look as tidy as in that shot. I often leave grocery bags on top, groceries that do not require placement in the fridge or freezer, and ever so often - my left over dinner plate... until I can find the inspiration to do the dishes.

So, what do we see on this picture?
In the window we see four little plants in coffee cups... yeah, I've had them in there to allow them to grow roots, so I can plant them again. The plant had died on me, and I'm trying to resurrect them. They've been ready for re-planting for about a month now... gotta get that done!

There is also my phone...

On the table - my salt and sugar dispensers... always gotta have those ready. I use a lot of pepper, but I don't keep it on the table for some reason... probably because I use a lot of different kinds depending on what I'm eating. Half the table would be full of pepper.

Next to that you see little packets of latte. I bought those because... well, I thought it would be nice to have a cup of latte every now and then... what was I thinking? I like my coffee black. I guess I'll offer it to guests when they come over...

Not much else going on...

Nice and tidy kitchen, huh? ;)


Dana said...

Too funny! Guess what I just posted? Yep, the dining room table challenge.

I have to tell you R.E.H., this is exactly how I would have pictured your table - how odd is that? And get those plants in some dirt! Then you can take a HNT pic with them *giggle*

Raven said...

Very impressive kitchen.

Liked your wordzzles. Actually the second one isn't a cheat - it's really the goal - to use the words as concisely as possible. I just can't resist my compulsive need to have it be a story. Glad you played. You didn't add yourself to Mr. Link. (I figured out how to put a Mr. Linky. I'm so proud. It's the free, no frills kind, but it's still better than typing adding the links myself.)

Anyway, glad you stirred yourself and played. Well done as always.

Casdok said...

Well done for pulling yourself together!!
Dining room table challenge! Interesting!

Jay said...

Look how domesticated you are! Such a clean and neat table. And all those plants that are alive! No wonder the chicks all love you so much! ;-)

Loved your Wordzzles dude. "A condom for horses" LOL .. that was brilliant! Well done!

BTW, we do all think that the "character" in the next PFC is a dude, right? Right? haha

R.E.H. said...

Dana: Yeah, that's too funny. I was just over your place and saw that...

You actually thought I would be neat like that? I'm surprised ;)

Raven: I'm relieved to know I'm not cheating. I hate cheaters ;)

About the Mr. Linky... I'll have to check that out.

Casdok: Yeah, what would one get done if one didn't pull oneself together?

Jay: Not enough women ever make it in here to see just how domesticated I am though ;)

Glad you liked the horse condoms.

And, sure - that could be a guy... with tits! ;)

Knight said...

Whoa, rugs, chair pads, AND placemats? You are a regular Martha Stewart! It's so bright and cheery.

tt said...

***giggle-giggle***"horse condoms"...I almost sPewed my soda all over the computer!!! that's crazy funny,

I agree...I thought that's how your table would look too. Do you have a pet by any chance???? Seeing the plants made me think you don't have any cats...possibly...but maybe a dog...or a...ummm...hampster...or pet rock maybe? Just curious..:)

Farmer*swife said...

Neat and tidy!! Cute table and chair set (at least you have all four). Plants look shiny, healthy and well cared for.

Wordzuzzle thingie: always good. The sentence was was nice and crisp!

Happy Saturday!

Farmer*swife said...

[to Jay's comment] I really checked out that picture. The face is totally Dude but the body? Legs, breastestes, etc.? Pretty female.

I considered a transvestite? I'm thinking someone cropped a guy's face and maybe arms onto a girl.

Jo said...

Oh no, Jay's messing with my head on the character again!

Such a bright & tidy table! I'm glad I'm not the only freak who doesn't have papers on the table :P Chicks should be knocking down your door! You have that whole edgy brooding writer hardrocking side, but then you have a big mushy heart & you can cook...well and then there was your very nice eyeball, and your perky buns...

Your story made me smile, I wish everything could be negotiated with Trivial Pursuit. They should have our presidential candidates play.

Jo said...

I thought Jay was kidding. But then I clicked the pic & went to the photostream--have you seen the bass player? The accessories don't go with the dress at all.

Sparkling Red said...

Holy tough Wordzzle challenge this week! I wouldn't know where to begin with that collection of words.

R.E.H. said...

Knight: Ha! I can assure you - you are the first person ever to compare me to Martha Stewart ;) LOL!

TT: Thanks, I wasn't too sure how that horse condom joke was going to go down ;)

No pets. Don't want them either... except maybe an aquarium? It's not that I don't like animals - I just don't want pets of my own...

Farmer's Wife (x2): Remember... I used to work at a furtiture store... so I've been able to furnish cheaply ;)

About that character... yes, she/he/it is starting to really confuse me!

Jo (x2): Yeah, I guess a kitchen like that kind of ruins my hard-rockin' rough surface... I should fill it up with empty bottles of Jack Daniels! ;)

And, now I'm confused! I checked out the photostream... and one thing is for sure - the bass player is a dude, no question. The one on the picture has tits - no question... but, you know, with modern surgical procedures it is possible for a dude to have quite realistic looking jugs...

Those arms seem very muscular; dude-like. Shit!

Very, very confusing...

R.E.H. said...

Sparkling Red: I had no idea when I first looked at it this morning either... that's why I nearly sat this one out. It was a tough one!

Dianne said...

I'm so glad you didn't sit this one out. I love your stories and I really love your sentence. Did you see the post by "maryt/the teach" - she's on the Mr Linky at Ravens. The two of you could write a great movie together - or a commercial for Netflix!

Your kitchen is lovely - sunny and airy.

Farmer*swife said...

So, I still seriously think the face and arms were cropped onto an alternate pic.

Look at the position and size of the jump...the legs and the shoes. It looks real but then at a closer "glance" it looks more [talentedly] tainted.

Anyhoo. My take. But, I'm going for the rock & roll girl impression I got immediately before checking out the kinda fugly confusion.

Anonymous said...

Just like I love my Kitchen, CLEAN!!! You have great taste also! A nice clean Man!!

I know I would feel at home there!!
I have been gone alday, I have a Job WOOHOOO I work now, only 4 hrs at my moms office answering service!!



R.E.H. said...

Dianne: Glad you liked it, and I'm also happy I decided to buckle up and get this one done.

I missed the story you're talking about... I'll have to pop on over and give it a read.

Farmer's Wife: The picture is all real - no photoshopping from the info that I've gathered. All info surrounding the "band" is in french, so I haven't been able to figure anything out... but, the other members seem to be (indeed) transvestites or something...

Meeh! Whatever we see is what we use... never mind the facts!

Single In The City: You're welcome over for dinner at that kitchen table any time... did I mention that I am a reasonable cook too?

Congrats on the job! I'm happy for you... studying and working.

Karen said...

Your wordzzle was great. I did one too again. And your table/kitchen is really neat for a single guy. Not really like the single guys I run in to....or even ladies.

Anonymous said...

Thank Ya Boo!!! I needed something to keep me busy and my mind busy from time to time and 8 hrs a week is awesome to me!

I am a great cook also! I come from a Jewish family tho..NO PORK!!! Sorry!!


R.E.H. said...

Karen: I'll be over to check yours out. And, yes, I get that a lot - that I keep a surprisingly clean home ;)

Single In The City: I'll replace the pork with chicken then... chicken is good, right?

Anonymous said...

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R.E.H. said...

Barb Michelen: Sweet! I remember that... oooooh, I'm gonna makes tons of money!


Anonymous said...

It's funny, the dining room table i stole from Apathy Lounge and well, it kind of blossomed. She did it so that she could look back in time later in life and see how they lived. I don't think she meant for it to be such a big hit!

Nice table!

Tequila Mockingbird said...

you have a cute kitchen. you should invite me over for dinner. i'll bring the wine in a box.

R.E.H. said...

Butterfly Girl: Sometimes, the things we least expect to become a "hit" just take off like crazy. It's a fun little thing, and a good "filler" of space ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: I'll be happy to have you over for dinner... you bring the wine, and I'll bring dessert ;)