March 14, 2008

Twelve Little Bullets

  • I've got nothing lately. Nothing to blog about, nothing to say. So I present twelve little bullets today with little things that come to mind. I sure hope that my blogging inspiration returns quickly.
  • The first week of freedom/unemployment has not been spent wisely. Ok, I kind of intended to do nothing this first week, but I didn't really take advantage of nothingness either. Starting next week I'll have to get busy trying to figure out what's next...
  • Coffee shop girl seems to be no more. Been there twice this week, and she wasn't there. Well, no loss really. I think one of the reasons I was a little hot for her is that she physically reminded me of The One. They had similar looks, although no one would confuse one for the other. She didn't appear too bright, which would've been a turn off after a while.
  • The One's birthday was yesterday. And I missed it! What is wrong with me? Sent her birthday wishes today, and a virtual birthday cake on Facebook... was that the right thing to do? I'm not even sure I should put myself in a situation where heartbreak is the likely outcome... I haven't kept myself updated on her where abouts or what she's up to over there (in Asia)... I'm not sure I want to know too much.
  • I need a casual relationship. Nothing serious... just some random hot chick to have some fun with and not put that Rubicon Heart of mine at risk. I am certainly not ready to deal with heartbreak at this time... I guess coffee girl would have been a decent choice, right? But, what if the girl for some reason was to really fall for me? It would have to be a mutual decision that we are not exclusive...
  • There is this girl who works (out) at the gym I frequent. She's a short one (I have a thing for short girls... not too short, though) with a body to die for. She works out really hard, and I almost want to tell her not to overdo it - her body is simply perfect, but the way she goes at it lifting weights she may be on her way to becoming a little too muscular for my tastes. Right now she is - oh My God! I think my chances are slim, to say the least...
  • I've noticed I've started to gain weight again... I've been eating too much of the good stuff, and not enough fibre. I have to watch it so I don't become fat again. I found a picture the other day that will serve as a good reminder of what I used to look like. I should make that my desktop background so I don't forget...
  • I've still not made a decision on the Ireland trip. I really want to go, but I'm not so sure I can afford it. I mean - the money is there if I want to spend it, but I can't quite decide whether I should save it so I can move back across the pond sooner. I could still relocate, but it would be postponed to a later date... although - no date has been set. I've pretty much decided it will happen though.
  • Single In The City gave me this award a few days ago. The One In A Million Friend award. That's so sweet of her, and it touches my heart. You, my dear friend, are truly one in a million yourself. I don't think this award was meant to be passed on, as it was hers to give - so I'll just keep this one for myself! Thanks, Sweetie!

  • Because of my lack of blogging inspiration of late, I have put up a poll on the site, where you can vote for a blog topic that I should do. There are a couple of things I've been meaning to write, but the time hasn't seemed to be right. So, vote on what you want to read about... I'm not even sure any of them are that interesting.
  • The Picture Fiction Challenge is due next week. Wednesday March 19th. I've still not written my own, and I hope I will find the inspiration to do it. I'll put something together either way, but it would be nice if there was some quality to it, right? I hope you all are ready to play!
  • Finally. I'm giving you some music to listen to. I've chosen White Lion's "When The Children Cry", because that song speaks to my mindset these last few days. Yes, I've been feeling a little down, a little depressed. This is one of those ballads that really washes over you and makes you almost want to cry. It certainly is one of the best ballads of all time, in my opinion.


Knight said...

Shit, I'm 5'9". We would never work out. You've just crushed my fantasy REH.

I think it's a good sign you forgot her birthday. If you aren't thinking about it every moment maybe you can move on faster.

Jay said...

Sorry, I had a really witty comment to make and then I got distracted by Knight saying she's 5'9". That means long legs to go along with her intelligence and beauty. I'm sure you understand. ;-)

Leighann said...

Smack my ass and call me a quitter but I have chucked my PFC for this month.

Every time I sat down to belt her out she eneded up sucking worse than a bucktoothed whore.

My apologies but I just cannot put those pictures together. I'm really interested in seeing how everyone else works them toghether though!

Casdok said...

Im sure your inspiration will kick in soon.
I also thought it was a good sign you forgot her birthday!

Farmer*swife said...

Okay, so it seems that single in the city and I tend to be the most needy around here. We both keep checkin' in to see what is the latest you've had to say.

Then we get kinda' whiny when you haven't fullfilled our addiction [well, I get whiny, she's just sweet.

PFC: Last month mine was so intense. This month, I like it, but I'm not sure if any one else would call it quality fiction.

So, if everyone is having a hard time then maybe mine will just kinda' "fit in" there. It wasn't hard for me, it's just not what I expected? Anyhoo. [Quite Honestly? I tend to use that "anyhoo" a lot and I don't know where I got it from...]

Well, bein' Lent and all, I'm gonna' go make some [fattening] Salmon Patties for lunch. Then, I'm off the the school Easter party.

Hope I can enjoy my Salmon Patties, r.e.h. is making me feel all guilty...

Newt said...

My PFC is mostly ready. I just have to edit a few things.

I had fun doing this one and I knew what the story was going to be the second I saw the pictures.

Farmer*swife said...

Oh, the vote. Definately, the Quirks! Quirks are great. They are what make us different, weird, and yet cool cuz' we are all different -- but, at the same time, kinda' the same.

[Ramble, ramble, ramble] So, I voted for quirks.

FYI, maybe just my problem but the music wouldn't play. Too bad, I could have flashed back to my Junior year in High School.

Anonymous said...

My prison shiv is nice and sharp...

Here come my twelve jabs!

Grab a seat and a beverage. This will be a long stabbing session.

-You've got nothing to blog about because you're not doing anything interesting. Go out there and do something.

- Your first week of freedom has been spent badly. Don't try and figure out "what's next" starting next week. Start now. It's amazing how one wasted week can quickly turn into two.

- Coffee shop girl. Just because you didn't see her does not mean she quit. Call the shop and find out when she's on the schedule. You can still ask her out. Do you need a written invitation?

- The one's birthday. Do yourself a favor. Re-forget her as soon as possible. Don't dwell on a situation you can't change. She's not even in the country.

- You don't need a "casual" relationship. You need ANY relationship. Why are you worrying about a random girl not being perfect for you? Just go date. Worry about complications a few weeks into the relationship - when you have a relationship.

- Another cute girl at the gym. You might think your chances are slim - but your chances are zero if you don't talk to her. Go to the gym and talk to her. Don't make excuses. Just go. Find out when she works out. Ask the staff. They'll tell you. Just TALK TO HER.

- Gaining weight. If you want to lose weight start going out with people. Depression, boredom, and isolation lead to snacking - which leads to weight gain - which leads to low self esteem - which leads to more isolation - which leads to snacking - you get it right?

- Ireland. Don't go! You're going to be tempted to go because you have nothing better to do right now. Ireland gives you yet another excuse to put off doing all the things you need to do to get your life together. You've got the time. You problems are in your face. Time to face them and fix them.

- Award. Congratulations!

Come on man this is frustrating. Just go out and talk to people. Talk to anyone. The more you do it the better it gets. Talk to everyone you see. Talk to hot girls. Talk to cute girls. Talk to old people. Set some goals for meeting people. Do it like a job. Get on it. You can do it!

If you feel you need some direction start looking for a new job now or start packing. Just starting the process will get you thinking about where you want your life to go next. If you tape your stuff up in a box and it feels good - then you've learned something.

I've never been lucky enough to get laid off and get paid to sit around for a month. This is a great opportunity. Don't waste it. I wish other bloggers would also tell you to just go out and meet people. It's so easy. The earth is overpopulated. You have to try very hard not to meet people.

If you don't watch it your time off will pass and you'll end up still single and depressed in yet another crap job that you don't like. I hope the thought of that scares you enough to get you out of the house or packing your bags.

You're very good at NOT making decisions. Losing your job was a huge event that changed your life for the better. That was a decision made by some random person in an office cubicle. The one puts everything on hold and runs away and forgets about you. Her decision.

If you sit on your ass for the next few weeks and do nothing yet another series life decisions will be made for you by the outside world. Grab the wheel dude. If you don't you can't complain about where you end up.

If you think I'm being hard on you go back and read your 2008 New Year's Resolutions Post. I'm just reminding you to do the things you already said you would do. Now go out there and be somebody!

Anonymous said...

R, Don't feel down for I am here! I will make you laugh, and I need your blog fix all the time! Yes Farmerswife I am a whining R Stalker! LOL!!

Knight said...

Unsigned seems to be your mom. I will recommend that you go out and do things because hey, it's fun. At the same time I'm not assuming that you don't. Does unsigned know you? I'm very suspicious. Are you?

fiwa said...

Hmm... unsigned apparently believes in tough love. I actually think I agree in this case. Quit assuming all these girls are out of your league - don't put everything on a "looks" only basis. You are smart, funny and talented - get off your bum and use your talent. I can feel a lecture coming on, and since unsigned already said it, I'll pipe down. Only sayin' it cuz I like you and want to see you happy.


Mike said...

I LOVE short little muscular chicks.

Then again, being five foot nine myself (but six foot across the shoulder) shorter women work well for me.

I think the muscular part comes from me not accidentally throwing them across the room during klingoneque love making :P

Jay said...

Unsigned sure has taken a real interest in your life. How lucky can you get?

Anonymous said...

Knight, I so wanted to say something about that, but I kept my mouth shut!
Unsigned, seems to be a Shrink so to say! Due to the aggression he/she uses.

So I guess Inquiring minds want to know if you know them?

I got ya a back boo!


Guilty Secret said...

Oh man, REH, you sound down in this post. I hope you feel a bit perkier soon!

I liked how you let us choose more than one thing we wanted to read about, by the way :)

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

r.e.h. you do sound down... you know what always cheers me up? Wal Mart Bingo! do you guys have wal mart there? If so, grab you a wal mart bingo card and head on out to find as many rednecks in house shoes, toothless women wearing night gowns, shoeless children, and flannel-cladden gender ambiguous people as you can spot! That'll brighten your day!

Sparkling Red said...

I definitely want to hear about your supernatural experiences. I am fascinated by all that stuff: ghosts, telepathy, precognition, the works. I've experienced some pretty crazy stuff myself, though nothing big lately.

R.E.H. said...

Knight: Oh, I didn't say I don't like taller women, did I? I just have a thing for the short ones. As long as you're not taller than me, everything will be fine.

Taller than me would not work... it would make me feel like less of a man somehow... but I'm 6'1" - so your not too tall ;)

Jay: LOL! Yeah, I totally understand!

Leighann: Quitter! Now bring that ass over here - let me smack it!

Seriously... that's ok. You'll get a new chance next month.

Casdok: Yeah, I've made progress not to "obsess" about her. I could easily access her own account of what's going on, and I was reading it a couple of days after she left. I felt that I didn't want to read it after that... I figured what happens over there is her own business, and if she wants to tell me about it when she comes back, I'll listen.

Farmer's Wife: Well, it's nice to see you and Single out here stalking me ;)

The PFC this month is probably going to go on a much lighter note from me too... but, I've thought about really stretching my interpetation of the pics to make it into something... really ...hmmm... odd ;)

Dianne said...

I'm with those who said it was good you forgot "the one's" birthday. I also think you should do and have whatever you want right now. Even if the job sucked it's still a jolt to our systems when our routines change and we should coddle ourselves a bit.

As for writing - whatever comes to you is fine with me. You could try the wordzzle thingie - even if you're late, Raven wouldn't mind. I find it relaxing.

I'd love to give ya a hug.

R.E.H. said...

Newt: At first I saw a story there right away too... but the more I've thought about it, I feel that particular story is very boring. If nothing else comes to mind... I'll have to write the boring one ;)

Farmer's Wife: Want to hear about the quirks, huh? You might be surprised ;)

Music wouldn't play? Plays just fine here... it sort of fades in, so you don't hear it for the first few seconds, but I'm guessing you waited longer than that, right?

Unsigned: Oh, dear... here we go again!

1. You're right I'm not doing anything interesting. Thing is - other people DO work, so that leaves me kind of lonely during the day... evenings I've spent at the gym - I can't blog about my working out every day... not running a fitness blog here.

2. Weekend upon us - not much I can do on the weekends in terms of my future. I'll start Monday.

3. The Coffee Shop girl thing has been blown way out of proportions. Really, she's just one attractive girl - there are tons of them out there... why this obsession with the Coffee Shop girl?

4. Regardless of my feelings for The One she is a wonderful friend, and has been for a few years now. It's not fair to me, and not fair to her that I forget about her. What I need to focus on is to try to accept that maybe she doesn't share those feelings with me.

5. ANY relationship is just that... a CASUAL relationship. I wasn't necessarily talking about a (excuse my frankness) fuck-buddy.

6. I DID talk to the cute girl at the gym. How she responded is what I've based my slim chances upon... I don't tell everything here on my blog...

7. I started gaining weight again long before I knew about losing my job. I've always had a sweet tooth, and lately I've succumbed to the sugar cravings. It has nothing to do with depression in this case... it's only a matter of discipline. I didn't buy any sweets today - I got fruit instead.

8. First you tell me to go out there and DO something. Now, you're telling me DON'T GO to Ireland... I sense a bit of contraticion there. I want to go because I've always wanted to go to Ireland. I believe it would be a wonderful experience, and as I said - if I knew my finances would hold up, I'd be booked already.

9. Award. Yes, isn't Single the sweetest?

10. No here's were you are WAY off the mark in today's comment. I have absolutely no problems talking to, or meeting new people.

From what do you assume this is the case?

In terms of not making any decisions, well let me tell you that there are more options than the Yes or No. And, the decisions that I have to make are very complex... If you think the "should I go or should I stay" question is as simple as to say Yes or No, you surely don't know much. There are a million factors involved, and they are all pulling me in different directions. When I make a decision - I want to be damned sure I'm making the right one.

I'm done making decisions that I later regret, and sometimes can't take back. There is a lot at stake sometimes.

Single In The City: You always make me feel good ;)

Knight: One thing's for sure - Unsigned is NOT my mom ;)

But, it's increasingly starting to look as if she's tryin' to be my mom... or a mentor of sorts.

Am I curious? Yes, I'm starting to be. At first I didn't really care who this person was... but it is weird how I seem to be of such importance to Unsigned, that she spends that much time writing long winded comments, analyzing every little thing that I write.

The way I see it - it boils down to two logical options.

1. Unsigned does know me personally. Not really likely because some things are so off the mark, and people who know me wouldn't assume these things.

2. I am some sort of social experiment to her. A psychology grad student testing her analytical skills on me... or something like that.

It would be nice if she fessed up to exactly why she's taken such an interest in my well being.

Now, I've been good about it... but it is starting to get slightly annoying. Not because of what she says - but because I don't know where she's coming from making these assumptions - making it very hard for me to respond properly.

R.E.H. said...

Fiwa: I may be smart, funny and talented - but quite a few of these girls are out of my league.

I'm not just giving up on them - and if the opportunity arises I will talk to them, and I will ask them out. I've done it a lot, and I've been rejected a lot. That's where the problem lies... I don't take rejection very well. It would take me much too long to explain the reasons behind that.

Mike: Short and TRIM little chicks... not too muscular. Ever imagined one of those body building babes... no thanks ;)

Jay: Yeah, Unsigned sure has taken an interest in my life. I wish I knew why...

Single In The City: Unsigned is starting to become as integral to this blog as I am ;)

I share yours, Knight's and Jay's curiosity in this matter.

Guilty Secret: Thanks. I'll be alright. I go through these episodes every now and then... I think this time it is mainly caused by sleep deprivation. I'm gonna try to get some more quality sleep in the next few days, and I'll bounce right back.

R.E.H. said...

No More Empty Fortune Cookies: Wal-Mart bingo? I think that would be like pounding a stake through my heart! I hate Bingo! ;)

No Wal-Marts around here but one could play Bingo with the senior citizens if one wants to...

Sparkling Red: Yeah, I wrote that idea down in my txt file after I read Karen's blog and her haunted house (loved the mail in the toaster btw). I don't really have any major "encounters" - but there are a couple of rather strange things that I've experienced which could be fun to discuss.

Dianne: Yeah, I both agree and disagree about forgetting her birthday being a good thing. It's good because I'm not constantly thinking about her - it's bad because we are really good friends and I would assume she was expecting me to remember her big day. Last year I surprised her at work, when she least expected me to, and I still remember that look on her face then... She really did appreciate it.

Wordzzle is tomorrow isn't it? I thought it was due on Saturday, because I had planned that for my post tomorrow, possibly... Was Saturday last week, wasn't it?

Knight said...

I think unsigned is a bartender since they always want you to grab a drink. I'm just saying.
I'll leave it alone now and stop stalking your blog for the day.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey, REH!

I read you're unemployed. The last time I read you, I remember your job was terminal. I really should come around more often.

I like the sound of that little honey at the gym. Good luck with that whole affair.

How's the job hunting? Any leads?

Anonymous said...

I could do so much in the mind field that is why I was thinking about her being a psych because that is what I am majoring in and that is how my professor tries to analyze us in class!

But no worries, I know you are not like she says, tho I have tried many times to analyze you by reading this blog..but Have still not got a good read on you yet!

Still trying, lol


Lakota KickAss said...

oooooh - love the poll.
and dude, can i ever relate about the casual relationship - except i don't even want one in RL.

Playing with my guys is plenty good for me right now. No more of this love shit. For real.
Done. With. That.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new here. Hope I don't have to blog to comment. My BFF got me interested in reading yours. I vote to GO to Ireland, if you can swing it financially. Life is SHORT. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Ok, my comment was well meaning, so I hope it sounded that way. Good Luck.

jezdez said...

oops, didn't mean to be anonymous. Not familiar with how this thing works yet. I'm jezdez. Let's see if my name pops up this time.

Jo said...

I think it's great you forgot about The One's bday, then remembered & sent well're not obsessing but still care, that's a nice balance!

You seem listless but aware of it, just go get out in the some peeps, take it from there. I voted for "Quirks" :)

Anonymous said...

I want to know about your quirks also. What can I do to get____________________? Don't blame me blame Spaziod Space for my new personality that has taken affect on me. LOL!!


R.E.H. said...

Knight: Bartender is a good guess... yes, they have a tendency to "involve" themselves in other peoples personal problems too...

Lightning Bug's Butt: Yeah, I got laid off - but I'm still paid for another month and a half, so I'm good for the moment ;)

Yeah, that chick at gym. I saw her today (?), but she looked taller... now I'm confused - are there two of them who look exactly the same or what? With the same voice and the same smile? It was weird, I tell ya!

Single In The City: So you too are trying to analyze me. I'm flattered ;)

I'm a many faceted person, and not easy to analyze I think... or maybe that's just how I wish I were ;)

Lakota Kickass: Love is like a high stakes poker game when your dealt shitty cards - at least that's my experiences with it.

Every now and then you have to make a bet, although you know you're likely to lose.

Sorry 'bout the poker analogy ;)

Jezdez (aka Anonymous) (x2): Welcome. No need to blog to comment.

Yeah, I know I should go to Ireland... I want to go. It all boils down to a financial decision right now...

R.E.H. said...

Jo: Thank You. At least someone saw it the way I do about forgetting her birthday ;)

I've not been too happy about all this "forget her", because she's still a very good friend that I care about... that may not have come across in my blog very much, though.

Single In The City: What you can do to get ______ ... do you really want me to finish that sentence for you? ;)

BTW. Like the new avatar... what is it that blondes do better? ;) I can think of a few things... I like blondes!

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMMMMMM Everything???? I don't know about the one yet! check me out in about..15 yrs! unless I make it to see ya!

Lakota KickAss said...

~skipping into the room~
NIGHT KISS!!!!!!!!

ummm - sorry for shouting.
pretty please? Good night kiss for me?

tt said...

Ya know what I think?? I think you should do whatever knocks your socks off. Period. If that means sitting around in your underwear scratching your it. If you want to eat french fries for breakfast and waffles for it. If you want to take long strolls through the park at midnight with just you and a bottle of beer...go for it. Do whatever it is YOU want to do. Not what you THINK you should be doing. All that 'should be' will be there when you're through with your inner search.
You're fine just the way you are. Remember that.
I heart me some REH!! Squeezers to you!

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to fill in the blank with whatever word(s) you would like to!!!

Damn I am getting so good at this.. I may want to date myself before to long! LOL!!

Plus I put on my Pink Frost Lipstick, jump across the room and Give You a Big G'night Kiss on the........... Forehead! LOL!


tt said... more thing...what's with unsigned anyway? She seems like she COULD be very insightful if she weren't so ummm....what's the word I'm searching for??.....know-it-allish...maybe?? Just curious. :)I wonder if her life is all neat and tidy?

Farmer*swife said...

Uh-Oh, I've been totally discovered. So, my BFF found out about my "addiction" and she followed my blog

I shared...kinda'. And, I think your Rubicon has enthralled her too. [Not to nag? But, you really should start working on finishing that for your first publication].

Oh, so my BFF is so Great and and very supportive! [But, DAMN! I knew she'd tell you to go to Ireland. I'm so selfish.... No, actually, I worry about the money thingie. Living has to come first...hmmmm, do you have any savings "beyond" your paid time off?]

If you write that "script" we all know will be coming out of you...then, you can go to Ireland with cool chicks that really value you [I hope you'd choose them over the bimbos throwing themselves at your newly found money], have money to blow and always remember we were your first "groupies."

Steph said...

Perhaps you could spend the second week of freedom/unemployment just rolling out of bed and doing shots. It's not wasting time if you're working on being a drunk, right?

R.E.H. said...

Single In The City: Everything but think, right?

(Oh, I'm so sorry - but I just had to write that lame joke on you).

Lakota Kickass: G'night kisses for you, babe. *smooch*

And, G'morning as well. *smooch*

TT: Thank You. Yes, my intentions are in fact to do whatever I want to do. I guess that's what I failed at this first week. Though scratching my buns and having waffles for dinner might be a little extreme ;) The walk in the park with beer could get me arrested...

Farmer's Wife: Aah... I was wondering who sent Jezdez over here, and meant to ask but forgot.

Newcomers are always welcome.

I do have some savings in the bank yes. I just don't want to dig into these for "fun". They are supposed to be my safety net really.

I still have an internal struggle with myself on the Rubicon. It may still be a while before I get back on that - sorry.

I am, however, going to get busy writing scripts. I might offer an excerpt or two here on my blog.

Steph: Being a full time drunk. Never thought of that... does that require early mornings? Do I have to start drinking, like, before noon to be a good alcoholic?

I'm not good in the mornings - especially if I was drunk the night before...

...I don't think I'd make a good drunk.

R.E.H. said...

Uh? I missed two of you right there in the middle...

Single In The City: If you DO decide to date yourself, please bring a camcorder and post a vlog of the date. I would really like to know HOW one goes about dating oneself... but wouldn't it be horrible if it went bad?

Oh, and thanks. I was wondering where that pink lipshaped smudge on my.... forehead... came from!

TT: I agree. I find it interesting to read what Unsigned has got to say, but I've also come to find that she does seem to think she knows it all, and is right about everything. She's right about a bunch of things, I'll give her that - but could tone it down a little so as not to have people turning against her.

Anonymous said...

R: I cannot believe that you used a blond joke on me! I am hurt and I feel as if I am never going to be the same after that joke!!

My heart is so broken, I shall be more educational in my post from now on!!!

I will not be have time to video myself oh who the hell am I kidding I cannot hook the cam up to the computer. I will go back to my home over there in the mator field


Tequila Mockingbird said...

what the fuck. you like short girls? i can get over 6 ft in heels, how is that not hot? i was rockin' some THREE FOR ONE's last night at a gay bar with some friends, and the homos LOVED how tall i was. i think i reminded them of a tranny, only my boobs are real.

R.E.H. said...

Single In The City: Yeah, I'm sorry for that cheap shot. I'll make it up to you, babe ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: Tequila, you know I love ya, right?

But, "i think i reminded them of a tranny, only my boobs are real" doesn't really make you sound too hot ;)

The real boobs part is great... the other part kind of scares me a little ;)

Karen said...

you are a midget lover?? I am 5'11" so I am TOTALLY out. LOL.

R.E.H. said...

Karen: Y'all are some tall ladies ;) Don't worry though... as I said, as long as you're not taller than me everything should be ok.

Tink said...

LOL @ Karen. Midget lover. *Snort*

I think you should ask the gym hottie out for a skinny latte or double banana with soy smoothie. Ohhhh-yeah. ;)

Dana said...

I'm feeling like my blog-buddyness has been almost as uninspired as your blogging. Funny how these things seem to take on a life of their own, isn't it?

Freakazojd said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much 6' tall without shoes, so I guess I'm out too. You know, if I were single and in the running. Heh. God, it's late. What else was I going to say? Oh yeah, I think it's nice that you sent an e-card to The One in honour of your friendship. It doesn't set you up for anything scary unless you allow it to, so don't worry about that. It was a lovely gesture. As for Ireland, I think it sounds amazing but I think you and your buddy should go on your own if travel plans differ that much ALREADY from the travel plans of the ladies. If $ is a concern, you could always hostel it. Hostels are fun and you always meet such interesting people... Anyway, I just so love to travel and have done it a few times when $ was tight and I've never regretted it.
And yeah, what's up with windbag (unsigned) up there? Nothing like judging and analyzing someone you've never met. I mean, it's one thing to offer a friendly opinion...what she did is another thing entirely.

R.E.H. said...

Tink: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea (the asking her out thing). I'll have to work up the courage on that one ;)

Dana: Yeah, I don't know what's going on. I just can't seem to find the inspiration to blog lately... and my "buddiness" is suffering as well.

Freakazojd: The whole Ireland thing is looking as if it is off (at least as far as the two chicks involved is concerned). Me and my friend are discussing making a trip this summer on our own terms... sounds a little more fun to me ;)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

no, trust me, i was hot.

Jill said...

That gym chick, is it the same one you've talk about before?
Have you fallen again for those cheesecake?
And I'm good with my 5foot3!

Anonymous said...

I feel more comfortable with this one.. making sure I did not miss any post when I was on spring break!


R.E.H. said...

Tequila Mockingbird: I have no doubt!

Jill: 5'3" sounds good'n'petite!

Single In The City: You didn't miss this one! ;)