February 29, 2008

Blog Maintenance / MLB.TV

Well, I'm just popping in here today to give you a quickie post today.

I took the opportunity today to do a little "behind the scenes" work on my blog, and if you look at the sidebar you will notice a couple of things.

First off. I did that poll on whether or not I should create a Picture Fiction Archive, and the result spoke a clear language indeed. 18 people voted. 15 of those wanted the archives while 3 couldn't care less. No one said they didn't want an archive. So today I added the "archives" link to the sidebar under the PFC logo picture. All future PFC stories will be collected on that post (which for now hopefully appears below this one).

Second. I updated my blogroll, since that has fallen way behind. I've started reading so many new excellent blogs lately, and I've not taken the time to honor them by adding them to my blogroll. This has now been fixed, and you should now all be included there. If I missed you, let me know and I'll fix it ASAP!

Third little thing. I've been contemplating doing more "music" posts to share my excellent taste in music with you all (yes, I do consider myself lucky enough to have a very refined taste in music). But, while making many boring posts speaking of how freakin' great a particular artist, group or song is would be boring in itself, I came up with this little idea.

I added a "playlist" to the sidebar. You will find that there is only one song available today - and that is Savatage's "Morphine Child". What I aim to do here is add a new song every now and then, mention it in that days blog post, and if you want to you can take the opportunity to listen to the new song. The playlist will grow, but as I get (say) 30 songs or so on there, I will probably start taking the oldest one's out - unless I decide to repost them. Feel free to offer your opinions on the music I've chosen for you at any time.

I chose that song today because Savatage is one of my all-time favorite bands, and that song is one (of so many) of their best songs. Taken off their latest album, and quite possibly (sadly) their last album. It's a 10 minute masterpiece which during it's second half is absolutely mindblowing.

Give it an ear, will ya?

MLB.TV! Yes, I decided to pay for a yearly subscription to the MLB.TV today. Grapefruit league started the other day, and I saw that MLB.TV would show quite a few of these games. I couldn't live any longer without some baseball, so I decided to sign up right now and get the best of pre-season training.

Today, the Braves were playing the Dodgers and I was particularly looking forward to seeing Jair Jurrjens in action. He was slated to start the game, and is a young prospect that was acquired in the Edgar Renteria trade at the start of the off-season.

Jurrjens had a couple of good innings, although a little shaky in the middle of the first when he issued a walk and allowed the Dodgers a one run lead. I still think this guy can be something special. Buddy Carlyle got the win, and was very impressive in the two innings he pitched. He sure showed more than I expect from him, which is a good thing.

The offense was looking good. Chipper Jones and Mark Teixeira are going to be a lethal 3-4 punch in the middle of the order, and quite a few opposing teams are going to have some problems facing up to these two guys. Jeff Francour will likely bat behind them, and he looks like he will continue to improve his game... so the middle of the line-up is looking really good.

Only thing I wasn't too happy about - and judging anything from just one pre-season game is futile anyway - was Brandon Jones. Now, I have been of the opinion that he and Matt Diaz should platoon in left field, just like Diaz and Willie Harris did last season. But, after Brandon missed a routine fly ball, and didn't even seem to hustle after the ball after he dropped it, made me think he might benefit from at least beginning the season in Triple A ball.

Sadly, Andruw Jones was not included in the Dodgers line-up. I was kind of looking forward to seeing him play (even if it would have been in the wrong jersey).

Anyway... I've got plenty of good baseball ahead of me. Now I can barely wait for the regular season to begin.

The Braves really are going to win it this year!


Knight said...

I love the music idea. Looking forward to hearing what you find worthy of recommendation.

Farmer*swife said...

There you are. Needed my daily fix.

WHOO-HOOOO!! I'm on'a blog roll! I look all important, and read there. THX! Tons!

Anyhoo: Music play list is great. I already attempted to listen to your first song earlier in the day but was "continually" interupted by a sick 4 1/2 yr old [doesn't she realize I'm in here hiding from her germies?]

FYI, she didn't like your song. That's why she didn't allow me to listen all the way through.

Um, baseball: I suck. I like football, but not ALL football. Just the Cowboys, the Texans...yea, you get it. Ooh! But I like the uniforms, especially in high school ;)

PFC archive: So, you just made a page element and were able to place the links to our blogs? How do you link to a "particular" blog post (I could google, I guess). [Don't make fun'a me y'all -- I've only been around a couple of months. Still learning]

Jen said...

I like your option of being able to turn the song on instead of it automatically playing when I click on your site. I hate that. I will listen to your song when the husband returns my speakers he borrowed for bike training. This could take months. . . oh no! Maybe I'll just go take them back. ***evil laughing***

I hate baseball.

That's all I have to say about that.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Yay! You put me on your blog roll! I'm touched. "You like me, you really like me" (sniff)

Now I guess I need to update MINE....

Have a great weekend,

R.E.H. said...

Knight: Thanks. I thought it would be a better way to introduce some music this way, than dedicating an entire post and playing YouTube videos. I might still do that every now and then, but this is better.

Did you like the song, btw?

Farmer's Wife: You should try to subject your 4 1/2 year old to more of this kind of music - she'll come around eventually ;)

Assuming you know how to create a link in your posts here - all you have to do is right-click the blog post title, and choose "copy shortcut" (if you use Explorer). Then you have the http address that you can paste into the link box in the editor.

Jen: Yeah, I hate it when I'm forced to listen to the music as soon as I enter the blog. If I don't like it - it forces me to find the source and click the stop button.

You will only be subjected to my music by your own choice!

Now, get those speakers back! ;)

PS. It hurts... but I will forgive you for not liking baseball.

HoosierGirl5: Yeah, you need to get on that right away! ;)

Of course I like ya - what's not to like?

Anonymous said...

I like your new ideas! I embrace them! I too am glad you decided to grace us with a blog! I look here until one is posted and this time I got a Prize!!! LOL!!

R.E.H. You are great, but I have to say that Baseball Sux ! I like Nascar, Volleyball, Tennis and Golf! Oh and watch Lifetime is a sport to me! Have a nice Evening!!!


Anonymous said...

OHHHHHHH and the Music Post Pure Excellence I LOVE MUSIC!

Farmer*swife said...

Ahahhhh, so that's the trick...it's all in the right click.

Thank ya' kindly, Sir! :o)

Jay said...

I like the music player idea too. And the fact that it doesn't automatically play. The player is far superior to posting YouTube videos of the songs you are talking about cause YouTube can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

My St. Louis Cardinals should be eliminated from contention in early May this year. I can tell you how disappointed I am in the things they've done since winning the World Series a couple of years ago. Hiking ticket prices and refusing to go after any player that will improve them. They actually invited Juan Gonzales to camp this year. Yes, THAT Juan Gonzales. He must be 50 years old now. *shakes head in disappointment*

Anonymous said...

I have to say, baseball is not something I've ever been able to get into. :( It just bores me. Could be because my "home team" (city where I grew up) sucks and always has.

I did want to make this comment, though, since you did respond to my question about language. I am impressed that you write so eloquently in English when most of the time you are speaking (or possibly writing I suppose) Swedish. I wish I could write that well in a language I wasn't speaking all the time - like French, for instance. I love French.


Jay Cam said...

the PFC archive was a good idea. now you just need to fill that bad boy up with some posts!

and you only have ONE song!
does that mean you are a simple person?
: D

Farmer*swife said...

My eyes are crossing. I'm obvliviosly exhausted. I know, I've been sytematically available all day. It was my escape from the germ warfare.

My daughter caughed "directly" in my right eye. The one, unexposed eye. And, at 24 hrs of germ fightin...I am tired. Just afraid, the're gonna' get me in my sleep.

Please pray for me...I am fearful I am weak, under my sleepful exaustion. But, I still have to make the midnight (over here) and 3:am temperature checks.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Itunes while I surf and I hate it when people have music that plays automatically when you load their page. I like that you have to click to hear the song.

Instead of writing the typical music review stuff you could write something about what you were doing when you first heard the song, what person the song reminds you of, what mood you are in when you choose to play it, or what activity you like to do while you're listening to it. Keep it clean...

Sounds like you are going to enjoy your baseball. Perhaps you can invite a cute baseball fan over to watch the game? I'm sure there must be some baseball fans in you area. Perhaps you can track down an American girl to hang out with?

Wow... You read a lot of blogs!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Unsigned about the music. I would not want to read a review or anything, but I would love to hear about what memories a featured song conjures up. That would be cool.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Of course I like ya - what's not to like?

This kind of comment will earn you cookies in the mail. Thanks for making me smile.

I like baseball, too.


PS. Send me your address and I WILL send you cookies in the mail. All the way to Sweden.

fooped said...

This is in response to the dragon question in your profile... First, I loved your answer. Second, I saw a bumper sticker just yesterday which seems apprpriate here: "Don't mess with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

Thus sayeth the bumper sticker. Amen.

Dianne said...

You had quite the housekeeping day. I need to update my blogroll as well, I tend to do things in a haphazard fashion.

I love the music idea - and I too would enjoy reading what the song means to you as well as a review - I'm a have it all kinda girl :)

I love baseball!! the "you can't afford to miss a moment" slogan is a wee bit dramatic though LOL

The sound the ball makes when struck by the bat is one of the most delicious sounds on earth. I used to take my son to every Yankees home game. We'd get there very early and watch batting practice and talk to the players. Some of the best days.

Sparkling Red said...

I really like the song you posted! I have to admit my surprise. Music is such a personal thing. Tracks that evoke memories or emotions for me often leave other people flat, and vice versa. The one exception in my life is my little sister. I made mix tapes for her of all my favourite songs throughout her childhood, and she dutifully listened to them all until they were stretched and worn. Now all my favourite songs are reliably her favourites too. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to brainwash her. ;-) It's always a treat to be able to share my music with someone who loves it as much as I do.

R.E.H. said...

Single In The City: Glad you like my ideas, and that you want to embrace me... Oh... I see, sorry - embrace them ;)

You gotta love baseball, girl. ;)

Farmer's Wife: Right clicking does wonders in the PC world ;)

Jay: Yeah, I hate it when it autostarts, so don't worry about me pulling something like that on you ;)

Juan Gonzales? Does he still play even?

Now, the Braves brought in a few veterans (Glavine, Javy Lopez and Kotsay), but I feel those are all good additions. Javy in particular looked impressive in last nights game... he looks in better shape than he's ever been - and now he's looking to be the back-up catcher to Brian McCann.

Emmeline: Thanks. Yeah, I've maintained my english mostly through writing it often... I think in english as well, and dream in english... I just don't speak it because hardly anyone would understand what I'm going on about if I did ;)

Jay Cam: Yup, and you're gonna play the PFC this time, right? ;)

Just one song for now. I will add every now and then, and announce the new song in a blog post.

R.E.H. said...

Farmer's Wife: Germs should not stand a chance against your gung ho warfare.

I'll send out my mental vibe troops to help you out!

Unsigned: Yes, that is probably how I will announce the songs, mostly. With a bit of what they mean to me and how I came across them. I like that kind of presentation.

Baseball is totally unknown over here. There is a kids "game/sport" around which in translation would be called "Burn Ball" (To burn someone would be pretty much the same as recording an out), and everyone seems to think Baseball is the same thing... I have tried, and I have tried some more to get one or two people to understand the workings of the wonderful sport of baseball - to no avail.

So... to find a girl interested in the sport... yeah - I would sure have to locate an American girl for that to happen.

I like American girls better than the Swedes anyway, so it does sound like a good idea.

Emmeline: Yes, that is how I am likely to present them.

HoosierGirl5: Cookies! I loove cookies!!!

But, I'm trying to cut down on the sweets... starting to gain weight again, and I am done with being overweight!

Thanks for the offer, though.

Fooped: Welcome!

So long since I looked at my own profile, I had to take a look at it to remember my answer ;)

That's a cute bumper sticker.

R.E.H. said...

Dianne: Yeah, the blogroll is the damndest thing to keep updated - I always forget ;)

Finally - someone who understands the joys of baseball! Yes, the sound the bat makes when it connects for that sweet sound of a homerun is fantastic. As soon as you hear that "POP", you know that ball is outta here!

Sparkling Red: Yes, music is very personal indeed. Glad you did like that song though - to me it really is amazing!

It is rare for me to find people who share my tastes in music - basically I don't like anything "main stream", or popular. I find the strangest things that no one ever heard of, and so many seem to not even want to give it a try because they never heard of it... how dumb is that?

I have managed to brainwash one or two in my days though ;) And you ALL are next! *evil laugh*

Karen said...

This really has nothing to do with the subject of your post, but yesterday at work I found that I am going to Italy for a project. My manager tells me, "It is a beautiful area, right on the Rubicon River". I started laughing and I think my boss now thinks I am insane. So I will be staying near the river of your heart. LOL.

R.E.H. said...

Karen: Wow! How cool is that? I can see how you started laughing and all - out of surprise...

I should go visit there as well... home is where the heart is and all.

Jo said...

I'm not a baseball fan, but I do enjoy going to the games occasionally--it's like an all-American picnic with a twist.

I liked that song! The guitar reminded me of the Alan Parsons Project.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

hmmm a quickie would never been good enough with you. i would demand more...

HoosierGirl5 said...

I like going to baseball games, but I don't get into it like football and basketball. And now my middle son is in wrestling, with soccer and track about to start. I'm pretty fickle, really: I only like the sports my kids play.

You should still let me send you a care package....I promise I'll send something healthy, if you don't want cookies.


R.E.H. said...

Jo: That's the great thing about baseball - it's a social event to watch it (except for me, as I have no one around here who even understands the sport).

Glad you liked the song!

Tequila Mockingbird: Only blog posts will be quickies - don't you worry ;)

R.E.H. said...

HoosierGirl5: You should get your kids into baseball then ;)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Actually, my oldest son DID play baseball for two seasons, and he liked it a lot.

But what about the care package?


Farmer*swife said...

No blog tonight? Gosh. I truly am an addict. Crap, now I have to sneak away for two more comments...to make it an even multiple of three.

I've been holding out ALL day so I wouldn't go over my limit.

Kids and DH whinin' so gotta' run!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Yay for me on the blogroll and for baseball!

Dana said...

THANK YOU for not forcing me to listen to your music choices. I like music, from many different genres, however I hate opening a blog and getting blasted.

Baseball? I've got a little player of my own (a catcher) who is a lot of fun to watch. I seldom have time for MLB!

Farmer*swife said...

GERM-a-phobe vs. MATERNAL instincts: my blog for tomorrow. You'll never guess what is sleeping in the palm of my hand at this moment.

Farmer*swife said...

#6. 3 x 2. 3 to the second power. NOW I can go get some rest. Tried to leave it hanging there...but, well, you probably kinda' get me there now. Ngt/Manana...um, happy Sunday!

R.E.H. said...

HoosierGirl5: Oh, I would appreciate it, but shipping food and stuff over here never makes it through the customs anyway. And if it does, they slap tax's on it, and I'd have to pay for it at the post office. It's all a big mess, really.

Farmer's Wife: Nah, I took the day off from blogging... sort of.

Mary P. Jones: You finally got on there! And, baseball rules!

Dana: No, I would never dream of forcing my music on to anyone... but do give it a listen ;)

You'll watch the MLB once he makes it to the majors though.

Farmer's Wife (x2): Ok... a kid is too big to sleep in the palm of your hand - are you rescuing a mouse or something?

The power of three's, yes - one needs to make the three's! ;)

tt said...

I love baseball. It's about the only sport I understand. :)
The music thing will be interesting I think. Yes?

And btw...just an observation...but how do you ever keep up w/ all those blogs??? It's crazy man!
But i think we luv ya that way :)

R.E.H. said...

TT: Yes, baseball is the best sport of all!

It's tough to keep up with all those blogs, and I will have to admit that I can't read them all every day... but I try to at least eye each post over a bit, just to keep in touch with what's going on. I cannot comment on them all every day (sorry y'all).

Jill said...

This make me think that I need to add some into my blogroll as well!
And the last part is just blabla for me...Not much of a sport fan(watcher should I say!)!

Anonymous said...

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