October 21, 2007

Funday Sunday: "One Of These"

This is my favorite comic strip of all time... ha ha! I'm so sorry, people... but this one tickles my funny-bone every single time I see it. The simplicity of the drawings, that somehow still manages to show facial expressions that convey a lot of emotion. And... of course, the truthfulness of the story itself (I hate to admit it, ladies - but, there's a lot of truth to what she says... you girls have the upper hand).

I have absolutely no idea where I got this one from, but I found it one day when cleaning out some old papers a few years ago - mostly school books and stuff, so I guess I got it at school for some reason. I don't know who drew it, so I cannot credit the rightful owner of this entertaining little comic strip. I have a strange feeling it's got something to do with grammar... but we couldn't possibly have used this in class, could we?

When I came across it and read it (having no recollection at all of when I first may have obtained this piece of paper), I laughed so hard I damn near puked. That day I decided I needed to frame it and put it on the wall - that's right! I'm weird like that, and to this day still that thing remains framed and hangs on my bedroom wall.

The version you see here has been scanned into the computer, and I've touched it up a little, since the original is barely holding together, having been stashed away and folded for who knows how long.


Funday Sunday:

Been thinking it's about time I start structuring my blogging a little bit, and this will be the first thing that I'll do. Every Sunday will be Funday - meaning; I'll put something up that I consider a good laugh. That doesn't mean you guys will laugh every Sunday, because I have a sick sense of humor.

Reason I decided on having a comic relief is because over the past week my blogs have been kind of depressing - so it's time we started enjoying ourselves a little bit more.

I will come up with a few more "regular features" that I will do - but I do not want to have a full week schedule of what I will post on a daily basis. Some structure is good... too much and it's no longer interesting.

For those of you who have started leaving me comments - Thank You. It really makes it all a lot more worth while (the blogging).


Beautifully Profound said...

Don't worry about the depressing stuff. The beginning of my blog (actually for almost a year) it was pretty rough going. People still come to mine. Albeit regulars but it's more than I had before. Besides, it's your blog, if you want to pour your heart out and be depressing go for it! Have a good rest of your Sunday.

R.E.H. said...

Beautifully Profound: Thanks. The fun stuff I'm deciding on is for my own well being as well :) Don't want to dwell on depression all the time, as this is also an attempt to lift my spirits.

Beautifully Profound said...

Sure, not nice to be depressed all the time. You do well. Especially with some recent heartbreak. A lot better than I would have done for sure. Anyways, thanks for making comments on my blog too. Much appreciated.

Jay said...

That comic strip is a classic! LOL

Tink said...

I think they should teach that in school, "She who has the pussy, has the power." Because it took me a looong time to convince Hoop. ;)

R.E.H. said...

Tink: No, please don't teach it in school. At least this way there are some women not aware of this. Us guys need the advantage at times too, you know.

BTW. One minute of your time, and I'll be convinced ;)