October 30, 2007

Renteria Traded / WWC Debut

Well, things are already beginning to happen with the Braves preparing for next season. I'm not too sure about what they did today though...

Edgar Renteria was traded to Detroit for a couple of virtually unknown players (at least unknown to me). I mean, I expected Renteria to leave the club during the off-season. Partly because of the success and maturity shown by exciting prospect Yunel Escobar, who was handling the short-stop position very well in the absence of Edgar. Escobar hit the ball well, fielded the ball with great success and apparently had improved his off-field behaviour quite a lot. Escobar will be ready to man short-stop next season, I am confident of that.

But... I really expected the Braves to trade him for some other great player... either a starting pitcher or a new center fielder to make up for the departure of Andruw Jones.

Well... the two young prospects acquired look like good investment for the future, so if the Braves decide to utilize the cut-down on wages to bring back Tom Glavine in our starting rotation and someone of Torii Hunter's stature on the free agent market to play center-field, then I'm all for the deal. Though... any interest in Torii has been denied by the Braves. Does look very much now that Glavine will return though, and that will be exciting enough.

Well... that'll be it for today. Some baseball thoughts.

Oh, wait!

That's right... I present to you my first ever participation in the WWC (Weekly Words Challenge). Couldn't get the pictures I wanted today, so I had to put these to together hastily and without much thought... I'll improve my contributions in the future...

These are the tools I use to CREATE my next movie script.
This trophy INSPIREd my team's road to victory in our first baseball tournament


Jay said...

I really wish Renteria would come back home to the Cardinals. But, I guess no free agents want to come play for that asshole Tony LaRussa.

Great job on the WWC!

Kell said...

(OK, I'm going to try this comment again. If you get it twice, sorry)

You did great on the WWC. It's not as easy as it looks, is it? But it's addictive. Welcome to the cult, I mean, club.

Sorry I can't comment about baseball. All I know is I have to be a Cardinals fan or Jay, the Cynical Bastard, will yell at me.

Freakazojd said...

Umm...*mumblemumblebaseballmumble*...I'm afraid that's about as informed as I get on THAT conversation. But I really came over to look at your WWC, and wanted to say nicely done! Those were great ways to interpret the words! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Oooh cool use of both words. Definitely a different slant on it! It's so interesting to see everyone's different views.

Tink said...

Are the beer bottles guarding the trophy? Hehe.

All I can say about the Braves is, they've lost ever since I started watching them two years ago. Maybe I need to stop watching, huh?

R.E.H. said...

Jay: LaRussa does have skills I think... but People Skills may not be his best attribute.

Kell: Yes, I think it can be addictive... I'm certainly doing it next week as well.

Oh... and I might bitch a little if you don't dig the Braves... :)

Freakazojd: Thanks. I was worried I would be getting flamed over my pictures...

Aunt Jackie: Again. Thanks. I had originally thought of a picture of a full moon for inspire... with the caption "A full moon will INSPIRE change in a werewolf".... lame, huh :)

Tink: I very much doubt you could have a negative influence on anything. It's not your fault the Braves are losing... it's a lack of good pitching. That'll be restored next season I hope.

And, yes... those are my Guardian Beers :)

Newt said...

Yippee WWC - nice job!

R.E.H. said...

Newt: Thanks.