October 20, 2007

It's just one of those weeks...

Thought I'd stay in tonight as well, after originally thinking of going out. I decided that I would check out the Red Sox vs. Indians game 6.

See, I have an account with MLB TV, which I have believed to be really price worthy up until now. Lately I've gotten a lot of what you see to the left. Temporarily unavailable. During the times when it is apparently not unavailable, I still can't log in. Since yesterday I haven't been allowed to log on to my account, due to the application being "unable to validate my information for purposes of checking my location against their blackout system".

Now this is just great. No plans for tonight, except to watch the stupid ballgame, and it looks as if I will not be able to see it because of a software error. I've e-mailed their customer support (did it yesterday), but I am yet to receive a response.

All I wanted to do was watch the game and get my baseball fix... but, I guess it's just one of those weeks when nothing - absolutely nothing - works out the way I want it to.

Fausto Carmona vs. Curt Schilling tonight - an interesting match-up as well. Would've been a heck of a lot more interesting had it been the Braves waiting to face one of those two teams instead of the Rockies. As if you couldn't guess from that statement: I'm an Atlanta Braves supporter.

I remember that October back in 1991. I used to bowl with the Florida Space Coast League back in those days, and every night after the bowling ended all those monitors that show the score were tuned into the play-off games. There was no team in Florida then, so everyone was rooting for the Braves (my father became a Marlin after their inclusion, but my heart will forever remain with the Braves). Quite a few beers would go down on those nights, and quite a few cheers would be heard. John Smoltz became my hero right then and there... and he's still around pitching as good as he ever has. I always thought he reminded me of Richard Dreyfuss back in the day... am I the only one?

Next year... maybe Glavine will be back to pitch alongside Smoltz. The two of them would certainly bring the glory days back to Atlanta. Here's to hope!


Jay said...

I don't have the MLB TV deal because I'm pissed that they blackout games online. If you're paying for it, you should get the games you want. After Bud Selig became commish one of the first things he did was approve the realignment and the wild card. Those were brilliant moves (the only owner to vote against it was George W. Bush, by the way), but since then he hasn't done a damn thing right.

R.E.H. said...

The blackout issues aren't a problem for me as I reside in Sweden. That makes MLB TV essential for me, as no TV stations around here shows the games.

I agree about Bud Selig.