October 26, 2007

Pecs like these...

Ok... I am not about to come out of the closet or anything here - I am not gay. I'm just trying to make a statement.

Finally did bring my ass to the gym today, and maybe today wasn't the best day to do it. Not if a guy wants to have any kind of self esteem left in him when he leaves the place.

Today... every single guy there looked like the one on the left here. And, I hate to admit it, but I sure do not possess a body like this guy does. Not even close!

Do you know how much fun it is to go to the gym with a non-buff body only to be surrounded by these guys? Having to take off half the weight on the machines before you start using them... only to have one of these guys wait for you to finish, so he can put all that heavy weight back on. It sure has a way of making you feel very, very insignificant.

They always show up in groups as well. Laughing and joking around between the huffin' and puffin'. And, there I am all alone - trying to one day look just like them... as if that is ever going to happen.

Then... there is this one hot chick in there as well. She too is there all alone, and she has a perfect body as well... not muscular at all, but perfectly feminine and perfectly trimmed. Of course, these guys are flirting with her, and she smiles back at them constantly. Talks to them, and giggles at their stupid jokes (believe me... their jokes are stupid).

Now, if a guy like me walks up to a girl like that, saying the sweetest thing or telling the funniest joke there ever was... her reaction would be very different indeed.

"Yeah, sure... not gonna happen, ok!", and she would go on about her business ignoring my presence completely.

This is nothing new to any one of us. We all know this is how our society works, and it's the way it has always been. But, maybe I'm a better man than any one of those steroid pumped imbeciles? I mean... how does one go about making a woman look beyond the exterior self, and look at what I have to offer as a human being?

Do I really need abs like these?

Pecs like these?

And biceps like these?

To land me a babe like these?

From top to bottom; Kate Hudson, Hayden Pannettiere, Shakira

Guess I'll keep going to the gym, and see what happens.


Jay said...

I stopped going to one gym because it was overrun with people like what you described. They really didn't even work out. They were just there to flex in front of the women, who were there just to bend over in front of the guys. Not that I minded the women in their short shorts bending over. LOL

But, they basically just hung out around all the different weightlifting stations just taking up space. It got very annoying. Eventually I would just get on the exercise bike and watch the women do yoga. hahaha

I love Kate Hudson and Shakira. I don't know about Hayden.

Guilty Secret said...

Mmmm-mmm those are some hot babes!

Only the type of girl who picks guys up in the gym is only interested in physique. Keep the gym in its rightful place - you go there to get fit so you look and feel good the rest of the time... the gym is the means, not the end in itself. Does that make sense?

You seem like a great catch to me, man ;)

Beautifully Profound said...

If people base their opinions of you on how you look then they aren't worth it anyways. You want a chick who is going to dig the inner you. Look at Mik and me, I am hardly super model material and I got a handsome bugger like him.

Newt said...

When you want it to be real and true it has nothing to do with the looks. And would you really want someone that hot if it was all shallow and mirror gazing and high maintenance? The right girl will love you for who you are, the entire package and she should love you for more than just the abs. At some point we age, the body starts to go and hopefully there is something left that attracted us to the person in the first place aside from looks. She's out there somewhere and odds are she isn't in the gym.

BottleBlonde said...

Shakira is smokin'!

Oh, and I see you enjoy the blondes. Me likey you. ;-)

I frequent the gym (everybody says that, but I really do), and although there's quite a bit of eye candy there, I'm not into men who are obsessed with their bodies.

It's one thing for a man to work out to want to look good, but it's another thing for a man to be a meat head. Meat heads aren't attractive. (in my brilliant opinion)

R.E.H. said...

Jay: Oh, I certainly don't mind the girls strutting their stuff in there either :) In fact, I may be equally shallow... because... well... that is one of the reasons I go there.

Guilty Secret: Oh, thank you. That's sweet of you. I would hope that I am a great catch to someone special.

Beautifully Profound: Yes, you are right. But first impressions are usually based on looks (at least for me, in all honesty). It takes a while longer before people will see the inner beauty in anyone. Even though The One is the most beautiful girl on the planet in my eyes, it took me a year before I felt that way.

(She was hot from day one... but it takes time before they turn beautiful if you get what I mean.

Newt: I must admit I want someone that hot if it is shallow... but I would not want to marry someone like that, or spend the rest of my life with one. Having some fun with them on the other hand... :)

But, seriously. I know... and I will keep looking.

Bottle Blonde: Oh, do I have a thing for blondes... yes indeed.

And I do work out to look good... I am not a meathead (although sneakin' a peak at the bend-over babes is allowed... isn't it?)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you whole heartedly, but Isnt it kind of wrong for you too expect someone to not be so superficial when what you are saying you want is a superficial female beauty?