October 17, 2007

These are my pants...

I did mention in a previous post that I had lost a lot of weight. And today I thought I'd touch upon that subject a little.

Went to the gym after work today, and that is where I started thinking how much of me is actually no longer there. Previous few posts have been a little depressing, so I feel I have the right to brag a little today.

Lets begin by explaining the rather comical picture you see to the left. Those pants (I swear) are buttoned and all zipped up - I used to wear them on a daily basis less than a year ago. Today - I wear them at work, using that belt buckle so they will actually stay on me, and not fall down to my ankles as soon as I take a step. My boss a couple of days ago had an opinion about them;

"Go out and by yourself a new pair of pants, will you", she says.

Now, we've had discussions about my pants before, and my firm belief is that the company should offer work pants for guys like me, because I wear them out in a couple of months. I lost a previous battle for this as I refused to change out of a pair of jeans that probably showed a little more skin than they should. Once a hole appeared that would allow my sack to go peek-a-boo, even I realized I needed to change them.

"What? What's wrong with these?", I say looking utterly perplexed... jokingly. "There are no holes in these".

"No", she says. "But, you could go camping in them. It doesn't look good on you."

"Really? I thought I looked cool in these. Like a regular hip hoppin' dude. I'm in! I'm happenin', ain't I? Pants are supposed to be baggy these days, didn't you know? I should pull my shorts up a bit too."

"Yeah, that style doesn't suit you."

I think maybe I bought me some time joking the whole thing off. But, I guess I'll have to get a new pair of pants for work soon enough.

But, what really happened? I mean... to my excess pounds. Only a year ago I weighed in at a whopping 265 pounds. Today, my weight stands at 187 pounds (could you see a girl posting their weight like I do right now?). I haven't changed my eating habits all that much, though I crossed bags of chips and bars of chocolate off the menu for the most part. Used to eat at least three large bags of chips a week, and possibly one big chocolate bar a day - and that is no more (don't even want it anymore). I still enjoy pizza, hamburgers and other kinds of junk food though.

The other thing I did was start going to a gym (along with The One, so maybe she has more to do with my weight loss than anything else... further explanation soon). I no longer go to the gym to lose weight... I continue to go there to build muscles (any fat remaining, I hope to replace with muscular eye-candy for the ladies).

Providing I'm not sick with some form of cancer or other deadly disease, my strongest belief in what actually made me lose that much weight in such a short time is this... a co-worker of mine said it best one day. She stood there looking at me for a while, noticing how skinny I've become.

"Dammit, R.E.H. Are you in love?"

"Huh? Come again?"

"You must be in love. People lose weight when they're in love, you know. So, who is she?"


Didn't I start losing weight when I came to the conclusion that my feelings for The One were not merely sexual desire, not just a need to put a tag on her and call her my own, but actually wanting to be with her, caring for her, doing everything in my power to make sure that she was happy and all pampered up?

I believe that is when it started to happen, indeed.


Beautifully Profound said...

It's true about love and weight, I lost thirty pounds and now I'm going to get married. :-)

R.E.H. said...

So... there is hope, then? For me :-)

Beautifully Profound said...

Absolutely kind sir! It's funny though because my fiance gained weight and I lost a bunch. It's ok though I like his pudge.

Mik said...

Hey, it's not pudge! It's my veranda over the entertainment area :-D

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, those are some big pants! Well done, man. I think your colleague is right. I have lost weight since things have been improving for me. Trouble is all my jeans are too big too! Ah well, good excuse to shop...