December 8, 2007


Yesterday I told you guys about what a Heavy Metal hair I had until recently. Heavy Metal hair, for those who do not know it, is long fucking hair of equal length front and back of head. It was actually quite a bit longer than it looks in that picture. The hair that peeks out over my left shoulder comes from all the way in the back and sort of rests there... like a snake.

I sort of mentioned to Jay in a comment also, that I would look up a picture of me with that long fucking hair still attached to my skull - and after browsing my archives I decided on this one. I'm not on many of my pictures myself - reason being I'm usually behind the camera when I take pictures.

So, I couldn't find one where I had my hair down and wild (I rarely had it like that - most of the time it was in a ponytail like on the picture). Whenever I let my hair out and started headbanging at parties, all my friends knew I was miles and miles from Sobriety Road.

This picture was taken at one of my weekly poker nights I used to host every Saturday. Poker night is becoming a rarity these days, which bugs me - because I really enjoy them. See my cool shades? I don't think I'm as cool as I look - those are just some old sun-glasses I found laying around when I first started playing poker, and thought they were required paraphernalia at a poker table. These days they remain on my head (contrary to the hair) on account of being my lucky charm... charming or not ;)

Aaand... so we move on.

Back into society today. Yes! Finally I've freed myself from the confines of my bed, where I was sentenced, by unknown forces of evil, to spend a full week feeling sorry for myself. I am finally beginning to function normally, and the bad ass cold is subsiding into nothing more than a sniffle and the occasional cough.

Back into the world, where I began serving another sentence. A far more severe punishment indeed, by unknown forces of even greater evil.

Some of you, who have been around reading my ramblings for a while, will remember me speaking of how horrified and shocked I was to learn that a certain woman would be transferred to our store in replacement of my dear and beloved The One. This was one woman who's presence I could not stand.

She started working at our store on the 1st of December, but since I haven't worked this week on account of me being sick and all, I've been spared the displeasure of working in her presence until today.

Things could've been worse. I managed to stay away from her most of the time, but there were things that bugged me. The woman is handed a management position (she's not the boss, but like an understudy to the boss), and she doesn't know anything about anything. Still, she does everything as if she knew everything - resulting in a lot of shit for me to rectify because of her wrong doings. Today she sold items that we were not allowed to sell, just to name one thing. (Too long a story to explain why we can't sell these items).

My schedule is very similar to hers... Yippee! Right?

Hell, no! I'll be working with her almost every day... Really gotta get me a new job. Or, maybe, she could have a terrible accident in the storage room...

I'll be giving her a chance though. I'm not going to be very tolerant, but I'll be giving her a chance just the same. She didn't make progress to get on my good side today, but she didn't push herself closer to the edge either. My opinion of her remains the same... which is very low.

Wanna move on to more cheerful things?


I've been handed yet another award! That's two awards in two days, that gives me an average award ratio of one every single day. Keep that up and I'll have to buy my own server to store the image files in. Hehe... ;)

This one was awarded me by the entertaining (and even crazier than me) Jay Cam over at Jay's World. Thanks, man!

This is what the award symbolizes:

"It's actually for the people who you think deserve an award for their amazing friendship. However, there are no awards out there that can fully express this...
So just give them NO AWARD!"

So, that was a little bit of this, and a little bit of that to give you some reading on this cold Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be back to offer you another Funday Sunday.

Take care y'all!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The maximum I've grown my hair is upto my chin :( and I lost the interest of growing my hair again!

Kell said...

You weren't kiddin'. That's definitely head-banging hair. Dude.

Glad you're feeling better. Hope things don't get too frustrating at work, but it sounds like there's really no choice in that.

I think I'll go listen to some Metallica.

R.E.H. said...

Joel: Well, I kinda had long hair pretty much all my life... since I was like five.

Kell: I kid you not! ;) If you're headed for Metallica, let me recommend their first album "Kill'Em All"... sweet ;)

Dana said...

Nice hair! Did you save it when you cut it??

We used to attend poker nights at least once a month and ours too, have died down (actually become extinct). Not sure why, especially since everyone seemed to have so much fun!

Good to hear you are feeling better!

RockDog said...

I figured that poker nights would be back on the rise with the recent popularity spurt of poker...

or am I just not hip enough to realize that "poker night" really means "swingers night"?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award!

Boy,you sure did have some long hair!

Jay said...

Cool pic of Kid Rock playing poker dude. hahahaha ;-)

fiwa said...

You know - I think Jay put his finger on it, you sorta DO look like Kid Rock in that picture.

I feel your pain on the coworker thing, they can make your worklife miserable can't they?

Congrats on your award - that's a really nice one.


Karen said...

Your hair is/was much longer than I was expecting! I am slightly shocked.

Please don't kill your co-woker in the stock room. They don't allow blogging in jail.

Beautifully Profound said...

You rock times two REH. No awards for my sorry ass though. I like to remain in the shadows of the blogging world. With few random readers. Too many readers and I go into REH paranoia mode. Anyways, glad you are feeling better. I finally get a FUCKING DAY OFF! I will not be doing a whole hell of a lot tomorrow. Oh and just a reminder in case you aren't keeping count, a little over two weeks til Christmas is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVERRRRRR. Yipppppee.

Casdok said...

No award yay!! Excellent!!

Guilty Secret said...

Congratulations! Awards are like buses, no?

I work with a VERY annoying, absolutely useless, incompetent, stupid woman. It's a nightmare. But, one thing I have noticed is that when I make an effort to be tolerant she is actually slightly less annoying. So I think you're doing the right thing (for your own sanity as well as being nice to her) by giving her a chance.

You looked so different with long hair! I like it better short. Plus, I'm thinking you've lost some weight since, then, right?

R.E.H. said...

Dana: No, I didn't save it. I remember the girl who had the honors of chopping it off though. I'm sure she asked me about 10 tims if I was sure about that, before she finally took the scissors to it...

RockDog: Unless by Swingers Night you refer to a bunch of guys swinging beercans to their facial orifices (mainly the lower one, just above the jaw), you are hip enough. Poker is what was going on ;)

Preposterous Ponderings: Thank You. And I sure did... miss it sometimes :(

Jay: If only I had had the same effect on women that he does ;)

Fiwa: Kid Rock again? Never thought of it that way myself ;)

The co-worker thing is really going to be a pain in the ass. It's not just me either - nobody likes this woman...

R.E.H. said...

Karen: I hope you will recover from your shock ;)

No blogging in jail? Ok... but I did hint at accident... no one goes to jail over an accident, do they? ;)

Beautifully Profound: Congrats on you day off!

Christmas is going to be nice. What I don't like about it is that it has to start in like October nowadays. Actual Christmas with the family is always a good (if not stressful) time ;)

Casdok: I know! I've never been given No Award before...

Guilty Secret: Yeah, I will try to be tolerant. Main problem with that is that she is a loud mouthed obnoxious bitch, which makes it very hard to ignore her.

Yeah, I did lose some weight since that picture... a good 75 pounds ;)

Jen said...

I like not working. Though I would say in my last escapades of working I had 2 great co-workers that made my day. I ignored everyone else.

I had a co-worker, once, threaten to hit me. He was a short little man. I didn't like him one bit. . . . He went out of his way to make my life hell. He'd turn off my lights and computer when I was at lunch. Call me names. Swear at me and try to conspire against me with other subordinates/coworkers. He made my work life miserable (the thanks I get for helping him get hired). I'd call my father from work, crying. Nothing was done b/c management (of which I was part of) was afraid he'd scream "racism". So, they let him do the things he did.

I still hate him.

Anyway, as I commented to Jay in his comment section a bit back. I love Adam Sandler movies as he always plays his soundtracks on the 1980's. I love that time in music - always will. Even if the husband thinks I'm a wack job (I'm older than him).

R.E.H. said...

Jen: That guy sounds like a mischievous little prick to me, and should have been fired... nothing racist about that.

I think that's the key at any work place, you know - the people you work with. It's why I've been staying for more than 3 and a half years at my current job. I've enjoyed the people I've been working with.

But, with the lay-offs some of those have been let go - other's... well our schedules just don't meet up. Now I work mostly with those I never cared all that much for, and the new bitch who is going to drive me nuts sooner rather than later.

80's music is all good!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, well done!

Samantha_K said...

My first thought was "Kid Rock". Very sad that many others beat me to that comment. It would have been a good one, mentioning Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, et al.

Well, I guess I got them in there anyhow, didn't I?

Jay Cam said...

just want to let you know that i tagged you over at my blog!

check it out if you want to particpate!

R.E.H. said...

Guilty Secret: Thank You!

Samantha K: Well, I guess it's official then... I look (looked) like Kid Rock!

Question is... is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;)

I'm thinking Tommy Lee would be better... he gets more hot chicks, doesn't he?

Jay Cam: I'll check it out... can't promise anything right now as I've been tagged twice last week, and there are some posts I've been hoping to write.

If it is original and interesting I might still do it.

Thanks for thinking about me, though ;)

Newt said...

That is some serious head banging hair. I am starting to think I want to go back to long hair but my patience never lasts as long as needed.

R.E.H. said...

Newt: I've been seriously considering growing it back too... but, I seem to be more successful with the ladies with the short hair... priorities... ;)