December 13, 2007

A Voluntary Google Meme...

I'm so freaking tired right now I can't think straight. Wanted to do a post today, but since my brain is currently out of order, I've decided on having some mindless fun instead.

I was over at Preposterous Ponderings entertaining space in the Blogosphere, and she'd done this meme by choice, and I thought it would be reasonably fun to do one of my own.

The idea behind the meme was to answer a number of questions by typing them into Google image search, and post a picture from the first page of your search results... well, I didn't get the funny pictures I was hoping, so that I could make this post a mind blowing, awesome read... but let's begin, shall we...

Oh... and by the way. The pic to the side here was one that came up on the first page of images when I typed in the search term "Google Images", which was what I decided to use for the... let's call it... "left-hand post ID-pic".

Ok... on to the questions.

1. Age next birthday?

Search term: "38"

While I'll be turning 38 (yes, that's thirty-eight for those of you who do not know how to read digits), I still hope to find me a hot, sexy woman like this to marry next year... I really like her wedding gown! Would be worth it - just for that!

2. Place I'd like to travel?

Search term: "Japan"

I've always had a thing about Japan... and Japanese women. The woman above, who I am now married to wouldn't mind me having an affair with a hot Japanese girl, would she? Naaah... she wore that wedding gown... how many do you think she's banging behind my back anyway?

3. Favorite object?

Search term: "I don't think I have a favorite object"

Initially, when starting this meme I wanted to go for the pictures with the hottest women... as you can see that failed on question number two, as there were only various maps and a couple of Japanese flags to choose from. I'd still like to have another affair with Katie Holmes though... but that would be pre-Tom Cruise defiling her...

4. Favorite food?

Search term: "Sirloin Steak"

This search gave me a mouth-watering piece of meat to choose from, however. How could you not fancy a juicy steak on any given day. Serve this baby up with some baked potatoes and a side of fresh vegetables, and I will be drooling like a rabid puppy dog. Don't forget the garlic bread!

5. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Search term: "Root Beer"

Well, I love beer... with or without the alcohol. Ahem... that's a lie. Did you guys ever try non-alcoholic beer? I'd rather not have that... I think I may even dehydrate to the point of having a near death experience before that foul liquid runs down my throat again. Root Beer, however, is the number one thirst quencher on a hot summer day... serve it up with plenty of ice to go with the above picture's steak!

6. Favorite alcoholic drink?

Search term: "Heineken"

Ok... after enough of these green bottled beers I will take my sexy wedding gown wife, my Japanese mistress, Katie Holmes and we'll go out for steaks and root beers. After that we'll be going home to my place for a nice little... foursome. I have a wicked imagination after enough of those Heineken's... still, I didn't drink a single one today...

7. Favorite animal?

Search term: "Chimpansee"
Yeah, I mis-spelled it!

This animal is almost human. I've heard that the chimp's genome is 99% human... boy does that 1% make a difference! If I were to hook up with a female chimpanzee, I'd be with 99% homosapien and 1% ape. That's not too bad, is it?

8. Favorite color?

Search term: "Black"

I think I entered a dark place with that above statement... I do like the color black. I think it's got something to do with my all-time love of horror and other dark forms of entertainment. Black is also a color that works well with every other color there is, so there's always use for some black in the picture!

9. First job?

Search term: "McDonald's"

I had to get out of school! I was young, and wanted to make a living of my own... and I ended up flipping burgers at a McDonald's restaurant. I actually spent about 4 years of my life in various Micky Dee joints... became quite the professional burger dude! I think one of the main reasons I stuck to the job was the fact that I always worked with a lot of hot young chicks. Some of those girls I will always remember quite fondly... maybe you will hear some stories about that in future blogs...

The below picture, however, does very well represent how I feel about the prospect of ever working there again! Whatever that text says ;)

10. College major?

Search term: "Film Television Production"

Well, I never really went to an actual college, but I did get a degree in Film & Television Production. It was my calling in life... and still is. You can see how important my work selling furniture to crazy Christmas shoppers is to me, right?

What I need to do is grab a camera (anyone got a bucket full of cash to buy me one?), and get out there shooting some good short films and hope for the best. Been a long time since... the old Beta-Cam is what I used when shooting a professionally made documentary... it's all about DV these days.

11. Bad habit?

Search term: "Staying Up Late"

I simply cannot get my ass in bed at night. Never could... not even as a kid. My mom would tell me time and time again... "Get to bed... NOW!". Would I listen? No. I remember having sleep-overs at my cousin's place, and I'd be talking to him as we had shut the lights off and it was time to sleep. After a while during my continuous rambling, I would hear him snoring and I'd be all upset with him for falling asleep while I had all those amazing stories to tell.

I think one of the reasons I'm not sleeping these days are because of above mentioned fantasies... Heineken induced or not!

12. Favorite holiday?

Search term: "New Year's Eve"

I've always had a think for celebrating the oncoming of a new year. I still believe that "next year is going to be the best year of my life! Next year is when I will meet the true love of my life, and she will love me as much as I love her... and Kate Hudson is her name!"

The name changes every year. I think this New Year's Eve I will be imagining kissing The One as the clock strikes midnight. Yes! The year of 2008 is when The One will fall head over heels in love with me... right?

Didn't think so...

*Leaving you all as I hide under the covers crying about that for the rest of the night*


Jay said...

I love the McDonalds pic. That's hilarious.

I would like to go to Japan too. Japanese women are awesomely hot! And Japanese TV is a riot.

RockDog said...

I like this meme! Very creative!

fiwa said...

That was a fun read. The Mc'ds picture is hilarious, and Katie Holmes sure was pretty, prezombie, wasn't she?

Hang on, the christmas rush will be over soon, and hopefully everyone will go back to their regular asshole level. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool meme!
Did you see the email about the Christmas tree made out of green beer bottles? I thought it was kinda neat! You could handle that right? Drink all the beer first and then when you have it up you could film it.

Yeah, I know, longshot huh?

Kell said...

Mmmmm A&W Root Beer.

Cool meme. I may have to try that one out some day.

R.E.H. said...

Jay: I had a good chuckle at that McDonald's pic myself.

There's some good Japanese music out there as well... check out Aikawa Nanase if you get the chance. She's pretty good, and pretty damn hot!

RockDog: Yeah, this one was quite fun to do actually. Right now, I wish I'd been more creative with my answers, but it went ok.

Fiwa: Katie Holmes used to be on my "women I will some day marry"-list. I hate to confess, but I would actually quite often watch Dawson's Creek, just to lay my eyes on that sweet girl...

Butterfly Girl: No, I didn't get that e-mail... but, a Christmas tree made out of beer bottles would be cool. Providing they were Heineken ones of course.

Kell: A&W makes the best root beer. Mug's isn't bad either.

Sparkling Red said...

What a weird assortment of images! From the ridiculous to the sublime. Made for fascinating reading.

I do have one question: who the heck makes a "wedding gown" like the one our blushing bride is wearing here? I haven't seen any like that on the racks in my travels.

Jay Cam said...

lol that first search term was the best by far!

btw you just won an award at my blog!!

Karen said...

Really good job. I love that skany wedding "dress". I think it is really hot pants.

I also really love New Years. New beginnings are great.

Tink said...

Your favorite holiday is New Years Eve? Ugh. That's my LEAST favorite. All that pressure to find someone to kiss. Well, I guess that stressor is finally off my plate. But I think the years of New Years past ruined it for me all the same.

Dana said...

I really don't like memes, but this one was an exception! In fact, I might just have to bow down to the meme Gods later today.

Fun read, and great pics!

Loving Annie said...

This was excellent, R.E.H. - really well done !

Leighann said...

wow.... a MEME that didn't consist of listing odd/random facts about ones self!

very creative! I recently went on meme strike, but I might have to break my own picket line for this one!

Samantha_K said...

Love the McD's pic and I used to love Katie Holmes. I was a big Dawson's Creek fan.
Nerd? Yes, that's me thanks.

R.E.H. said...

Sparkling Red: Don't know who makes them, but they really should go mainstream... would eliminate the risk of women being left at the altar. What man is going to say "no" to that?

Jay Cam: Thanks! I'll be right over to check it out.

Karen: Hot Pants or not... I want to marry her - Right Now! ;)

Tink: You really got to love New Year's. New beginnings! You can't go wrong with that!

Dana: I don't usually pray to the meme Gods myself, but sometimes a guy has just got to see the light...

R.E.H. said...

Loving Annie: Thanks... I enjoyed writing it too.

Leighann: Yeah, that's kind of what made me wanna do it. That and the fact that curiousness was overwhelmes as to what pictures I would get doing the searches... I have a weird fascination for anything random ;)

Samantha K: We should go all out nerdy and buy some Dawson's Creek DVD's and have a weekend blast!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great meme!

Can I come to the wedding?

Tequila Mockingbird said...

i would so have an affair with your wife and the japanese girl.

Anonymous said...

I hope all of your blog buddies get invited to your wedding.I can only imagine what you'd be wearing.

Please do not serve Mc D's at the reception. That scared me!

Thanks for doing the meme.You did a great job on it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

What a creative meme.

I stay up too late, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! don't forget to post the pics of the wedding(just kidding!) :D

R.E.H. said...

Real Live Lesbian: Of course you can come. Wear something... revealing ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: Hey! What about me? ;)

Preposterous Ponderings: I'll be wearing nothing but a tie around my willie.

Lightning Bug's Butt: Good to know I'm not the only one. I look out my windows at night and see no other lights on... I feel like I'm the only awake person in the world ;)

Joel: Don't worry. I'll have plenty of pics of the wedding ceremony for you guys.

Pics from the wedding night however, I'll keep for myself ;)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

youre invited. it is YOUR wife and japanese whore!

R.E.H. said...

Tequila Mockingbird: Thanks... it'll be tons of fun ;)