October 12, 2007


The old car I was telling you about. The internet ad I put up to sell it. It paid off quickly. I sold that car today, and although I had to knock off a few more bucks on the price, that was a huge load off my chest.
It had gotten to the point where this old car was becoming too much of a burden, as you may know from reading the "Car Trouble" post. The tickets I got that day are still unresolved, unpaid and not yet tore to shreds - though my fingers are itching to do just that. Been trying for days now, unable to get to talk to the right person to file a complaint (read "outright refuse to pay the stupid tickets").

It was almost sad to see the car drive off into the sunset with a new owner. It had served me well over the three years I've owned it. I went to pick up the Chrysler and return it to my parking space, and felt really good again - now that's a nice car!

Also, I went shopping today. Like I've mentioned before, I've lost a few pounds. With all the positives that come out of that, there is one thing that isn't too good about it. I do not have a single item of clothing that fits. See... I'm not a rich guy (especially since I bought the aforementioned Chrysler), so it's not like I can just go out a buy a new closet full of clothing articles.

I hate shopping for clothes. Again, maybe it's the low self confidence issues, but I rarely find something that makes me look good. Other people look good in the same clothes - heck! Even the mannequins look better than I do. I almost feel ashamed at times buying the nice clothes. It's like people look at me thinking; "Well, good luck there buddy. As if that nice shirt is gonna help you out any - you'll still be butt ugly".

And, the changing booth's are not built for a guy like me either. Since I don't know my size anymore, I can't just grab a pair of pants, pay for them and leave. Now I have to enter that booth, strip naked and try everything on.

The booth I entered today to try on a pair of jeans and a nice looking sweater was not built with tall people in mind. As I stood inside, looking for that much needed privacy, I found myself overlooking the people in the store. My head was bobbing high above the walls, and if I wanted to look in the mirror, I had to bend down. I'm not even that tall - 6ft. 1. I imagined how I looked through other people's eyes, and it made me smile a little. That head of mine bobbing around as I squirmed in the small confines of the miniature changing booth. Arms and elbows banging against the walls - my ass almost pushing the swinging door open as I bent down to untie my shoes (no lock on the door either).

Once home, I was satisfied with what I bought, though. Two pairs of new jeans, and that sweater. The jeans in particular I needed, because the ones I have if used without a belt buckle would just fall down to my knees. Practical though, when taking a piss, as I didn't have to unbutton or unzip - just unbuckle, pull the pants down and haul out the fountain pen.

I also got a haircut today. One's got to take advantage of those days off from work. The girl who cut it was really cute, and I enjoyed looking at her in the mirror as she worked on my hair. She had long dark hair, a perfectly pristine face and she was really, really short. She'd have no trouble trying out clothes - and again, my point is proven - those are the people these changing booth's are built for. The gorgeous people.

Maybe I should have asked her out?


Anonymous said...

'haul out the fountain pen' huh? man . . . what are you packing in there?! :)


R.E.H. said...

emmeline Well... I kind of stole that sentence from Stephen King. He made me laugh with that one in Desperation.