April 1, 2008

WWC / Restricted Internet Access

Tuesday, again... and as always on Tuesday's it is time to play the ever popular game of Weekly Words Challenge. The game is hosted by the pensive and hard-working Tink of Pickled Beef. Words chosen for us this week to play with are SHINY and ERA.

Before I go on to present my pictures this week, I have a some rather upsetting news...

A new law has been passed in Sweden. For quite some time now the government have been fighting against illegal downloading on the internet, fighting against excessive porn surfing and wanting kids to get away from the computers to go outside and play with their friends instead. And, now they have come up with what they believe to be a reasonable solution.

Restricted Internet Access!

Needless to say - I am outraged! Starting already on Monday the 14th of April, internet service providers are asked to shut down internet access after 15 minutes of use. The new law states that we are entitled to fifteen minutes of internet browsing per day - no more. It is believed this will prevent people from downloading software, music and movies illegally off the internet. It is also considered a good solution to get people to spend time away from their computers.

Well, that's just wonderful. Like I am going to have time to read all your wonderful blogs, or even keep up posting on my own under these circumstances! And, what about my MLB.TV subscription which I paid good money for... I am yet to see a baseball game played out in less than 15 minutes!

I will certainly pen an angry letter to the government regarding this Big Brother type bullcrap!

So, while it is still possible for me - let's have a look at this weeks WWC:

There you have it!

I'll get back to you with the words for next week... until then - signing out, frustrated, furious and flabbergasted!


Tink said...

Aw man, that last shot would have blown the "curve" catagory out of the water! Well done! My favorites this week were the CD and vinyl pictures. Although the ERA real estate was very clever.

Newt said...

Those were awesome. And yes, you would have taken the crown with that curve shot. Wow. I liked the cd picture as well. Very shiney.

Knight said...

I don't believe you. How would people work? Why are you trying to make all your admirers cry?
That last picture was fantastic. Interesting in the shiny teeth photo the lips are super shiny!

Jay said...

Great job on the pics. Especially with "era". That was hard and I was interested to see how everyone was going to deal with that one.

That must be an April Fools joke on the internet restriction dude. ;-)

Casdok said...

Jay -thats just what i thought!!

Anonymous said...

Well I think those pictures are just horrid! You could have done way better!

Dana said...

LOL @ butterfly girl!

Quite frankly, I liked the clock on the rooftop best, but I'm somewhat of a clock whore.

Mike said...

Umm.... doesn't that break the economists rule of supply and demand?

Also: Should your internet costs be only a fraction of what they were?

Dianne said...

I heard about the Internet Restrictions! there is a loophole - according to the Times you can get unlimited access if you have a Drs note explaining your sex addiction and the medical need for access to porn. So don't worry.

Love the vinyl photo and the clock tower was indeed a bonus.

Anonymous said...

Do they play April fool's day on a wide scale in Sweden? That internet thing is way beyond April fool joke!

Reb said...

HaHa, very good - 15 minutes! Love the bonus shots, but wouldn't the clock tower also qualify as from another era?

R.E.H. said...

Tink: Glad you liked the CURVE shot... I didn't even think curve when I took it, but as soon as I saw it - I remembered we played that word.

Newt: Ah! The CD is shiny... I didn't even think of that ;) That curve shot is my personal fave... along with the vinyl one.

Knight: I guess businesses will have special permission to access the internet ;)

Too much lip gloss? Hehe...

Jay: At first I couldn't think of anything for Era... then all of a sudden all those ideas popped up in my head.

Really? Today is April Fool's Day? ;)

Casdok: Was it really that obvious? Hehe...

R.E.H. said...

Butterfly Girl: I agree. I should take them down, shouldn't I? I am ashamed of myself... ;)

Dana: Don't drop the "l" on that last statement, Dana ;)

The clock shot is a nice one, I think.

Mike: I believe they were going to raise the costs instead... in an attempt to discourage people from keeping an internet connection at all...

Dianne: I shall make a doctor's appointment right away. If I stuff my pockets full of Hustler's and Playboys, and drool a lot when I walk in... do you think that will be enough?

Joel: Yes, it is quite popular around here... all the newspapers will have some bogus stories. Why do you ask? ;)

Reb: Clock tower from another ERA... why didn't I think of that??? Yes, it certainly would qualify.

Liked the fifteen minutes, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

ummmmm R: please don't make me pay a visit to your government!!!

Nice pics.. Teeth, Lips, hair oh okay
I have got to get of this page and take a shower!!



Tequila Mockingbird said...

sounds like another good reason to move to the US. COME ONnn if this doesnt solidify your need to be back in the states, i dont know what will!

fiwa said...

I'm such a sucker, I keep falling for this shit over & over. April fools was really invented for suckers like me. :)

Very nice shots, I agree with Jay - I like how you handled "era", that was a tough one.


Chatty said...

That second picture of the sun coming through trees is especially wonderful - also love the carwash shot - loved all of them, in fact, but my favorite has to be the Alice Cooper 45 - a 45! Alice Cooper! Memories, indeed!

Sparkling Red said...

When you look up "gullible" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of my face. I was ready to believe you!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I just got it was a April Fools Thing! LOL!!! The Jokes on me!!



Farmer*swife said...

Yea, you joker and all...I can honestly say "I didn't fall for it for one second -- you would have been WAAAYYYYY more peaved and probably used more vulgarity.
[smiley wink-wink] Great pic play!!!

Naughty Lakota said...

you're good.
you're damn good.
i haven't been fooled by an april fool's joke in over a decade.
you freaking GOT ME!!!
i was already plotting how to copy and email posts to you.
I bow before a Master.

Well done.
~whew~ panic starting to subside.

R.E.H. said...

Single In The City: While you are here talking to the government... you are welcome to take a shower over at my place ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: Yeah, the government over here DO stink... that's for sure!

Fiwa: I'm so pleased I succeeded with my little joke, hehe... yeah, the Era ones were tough, but I came up with a few ideas after all.

Chatty: Yeah, I have a whole bunch of them Alice Cooper 45s... I even have one of those... whatdyacallums - plastic ones that used to come in magazines in the 70's. That one is worth a few bucks these days ;)

Sparkling Red: I'll have to look it up then... just to see what you look like ;)

R.E.H. said...

Single In The City: Isn't that a wonderful feeling? When you realize you've been fooled? LOL! ;)

Farmer's Wife: You know me too well... yeah - the language would certainly have been much more vulgar!

Naughty Lakota: Wow! I'm honored! That is some feat I pulled off then... I AM good! ;)

Fortune Cookies said...

you can't fool me! i've already fallen for for the april fool's day trickery twice today, both from my wife and both the same friggin prank!
GREAT WWC! well played. I love the car mirror shot and the shiny sun through trees!

Anonymous said...

Your bonus pictures tend to be the best ones. I like the one with the clock.

I hope the majority of your roads are better than in the "curve" photo. There's nothing nicer than a new car on a freshly paved road. I miss fresh pavement.

Do you drive like a man with his ass on fire? Or do you drive like an old lady? Are you a one hand on the wheel kind of guy? Or is it ten o'clock two o'clock time?


g-man said...

I was all "no way!" until I read in the comments that it is April 1st. That would not be the first one I fell for today. Jay had me worried too.

Excellent showing as usual REH.

Jo said...

Crap, I fell for it! I was sitting here thinking, That's just unbelievable...so of course I believed it. I was all ready to call my relatives in the Motherland & stage a coup.

I loved your vinyl pic & the rooftop clock.

Mike said...


Me feel so dumb.

this sure as hell beats me hiding my boss's coffee and taking off for the entire morning! LOL

Karen said...

April's Fools joke right??? Because that is insanity if not.

Good pictures. Especially that last one in the mirror.

Farmer*swife said...

So DH went out to run an errand for me...and he got caught up...drinkin' beer with my BF's Hubby (one of his BF's).

So, I did all the chorie and bed tucking in myself. Laundry exploded all over the couch (I shouldn't be in here). But, gotta' have my three play, and all.

Am I allowed to shout out to your fantabulous readership on your bloggie comment? So would totally save me a lot of bloggie jumping and make more sense. {patiently waiting....That's a Yes? r.e.h. YOU so totally ROCK!!!) Knew that already though!

Farmer*swife said...

chatty is so totally intelligently wrapped up in a third person bloggie of herself. She reads you and appreciates you.

single has the cutest b&w, enticingly perfectly mascarra'd eye shot for her bloggie pic...I could do the same pic? But, now I have crows feet (single, you are too young but start the skin care now...you will revel in my genious when your face doesn't fall and everyone elses does). She reads/loves you!

lakota waaaayyyyy outa' my league. And, I'm married and I know all about...sexuality. She's a a great r.e.h. reader. And, I read one of her "spankingly" good stories. Outa' my league? But, still really good.

knight tall, beautiful, smart...um, lover of "spirits" like myself. We three ANGELS rock!! We got U'r back r.e.h.!

jay Fantabulously Cynical & funny. He totally reads you.

All Y'all/we r.e.h. readers are so fantabulous, so supportive, so share appreciative understanding and relate to the "rambling mad man's" blog.

I can't name us all personally though, cuz' r.e.h. might give me a bloggie comment wordie limit. (It is his bloggie and comment -- but I just thought I'd shout out all about us and him)

There is someone else.....hmmmmmm, I just can't remember the "sign"ature. The name is "un" coming to me. Oh well. Love ya' all!!

r.e.h. Read ya' manana~ [smiley-wink and a {{huggie}} to tuck in]

Thanks for being so "open" for us and with us. I am so glad I fell into your bloggie world.

Naughty Lakota said...

LOL!!!Farmer's Wife - I'm beginning to suspect I come over here to read you as much as to just hang with my man REH. You crack me up woman.

eeeep! Almost forgot! Morning kiss, REH?

R.E.H. said...

Fortune Cookies: Well, I couldn't get you all ;) I'm surprised I got as many as I did!

Glad you liked the pics.

Unsigned: That road is just a small barely trafficked road out in the middle of nowhere - they don't tend to spend any money unless there are holes in them.

I drive fast... but not crazy fast - just a notch above the speed limit. One hand on the wheel... gotta be comfortable!

G-Man: Jay couldn't fool me... his was just TOO unbelievable ;)

Jo: That would have been fun if you'd call some people up about that - and them falling for it too ;) Then I would read about it in the papers for real today...

Mike: Hehe... sorry about that, but I HAVE to pull an April Fool's Joke...

Yours was smarter though... you got some time off!

R.E.H. said...

Karen: Yes. That was an April Fool's Joke. Like it? ;) The mirror shot came out good.

Farmer's Wife (x2): It is a privilege to be a man... we can get away with stuff like that (drinking beer, and leaving you to the chores) ;) *kidding* (Am I?) ;)

Yes, I do have a great readership. Y'all deserve an award for putting up with my crap! ;) I like your take on them all - true words.

Naughty Lakota: Hmmm... now what can I do to have you focus entirely on me? I get jealous, you know... ;)

*mornin' kisses*

... and ...

*a slap on the buttocks*

Do I have your undivided attention now? ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Fabuloso!! You were totally awesome with "Era" (coincidentally that phrase was another era! lol).

Great play this week! Mine will be up by lunchtime hopefully. Just a bad week this week!! :P

Anonymous said...

You fooled me MUCH longer than Jay did. But still...15 minutes? Winter in Sweden? uh, yeah. Sure.
LOVED the cd pic. I saw vinyl and thought 33-1/2...was it really a 45like Chatty says?
In the meantime, we'll belatedly crown you the king of CURVE.

R.E.H. said...

Aunt Jackie: Thanks - glad you liked'em. Can hardly wait to see yours!

Kcinnova: Hehe... glad I got you too! There is winter in Sweden, though ;)

And, yes - that was a good ol "7 single, 45 RPM. I have quite a few of them. I am a VERY old man ;)

I will wear that CURVE crown with pride - thank you!

Naughty Lakota said...

~wiggling butt~ please sir, can i have another?
Smooches baby and you know i lurvs you bestest.

Anonymous said...

AWW "rachel" you are to sweet!I am happy that you find my eye interesting. Yes I love me some R and we are the Angel's and we take no prisoners!!!!

I love reading your blog and trying to read you!!!


R.E.H. said...

Naughty Lakota: You can have a good spanking anytime you wish ;)

Single In The City: And, I love that you read my blog and that you try to read me ;)

No prisoners! You go girl!

Jill said...

YOu could have wash my car at the same time!
If a law like your APril's fool one that exist, some people would go madly insane!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: I'd be one of those people they'd have to lock up in a padded cell ;)