January 11, 2008


"It's alright... You're dyin' is all"

I finally had the chance to see the latest David Lynch movie yesterday. I almost missed out on it too - it was my mother who called me up a few days ago to tell me it was shown at a small (and insignificant) theater downtown. The very last show-time of only four screenings was last night... I even took an hour off work to get there on time.

In case you haven't figured it out by now... I am a Lynch-freak. I love his movies more than any one - he strikes a chord with me, and sends wonderful shivers up my spine. He makes me laugh, smile, cry, crawl into a dark corner in fear... if there is an emotion that a human being can experience - David Lynch is the man to bring it out in me.

The movie's been out on DVD for a while, but I never even bought it. Simply because I was hoping to be able to catch it in the theater first... and boy am I glad I waited.

Now I need to get my hands on the DVD, however. Couldn't find it anywhere today, so I guess I'll have to order it online. I want to see this masterpiece again... real soon!

Ooops... I'm rambling here. I meant to post a review of the movie - so here goes.

If you're into conventional, mainstream movies - you are not going to have a good time watching INLAND EMPIRE. If you're into action movies, or American Pie-type comedies... INLAND EMPIRE is likely to leave you unsatisfied, unfulfilled and majorly frustrated.

If you have the ability to suspend rational thought, and conventional plot structure, and just let the experience take you where ever it wants to go... INLAND EMPIRE is quite possibly the most entertaining journey you will ever embark on.

Nikki Grace (Laura Dern) is an actress who tries to make it back in the movies. When she gets the role of Susan Blue, her road to stardom is paved for her. However, it turns out that the movie is in fact a remake. A remake of a film that was never finished, because it is believed to be cursed. Something in the story itself... and the two leads of the original film were murdered.

So far... so good. You seem to have a plot there.

But... in the words of Grace Zabriskie (who also played Laura Palmer's mother in Twin Peaks).

"I can't seem to remember if it's today, two days from now, or yesterday. I suppose if it was 9:45, I'd think it was after midnight!"

Laura Dern's performance in this film may very well be one of the best in cinematic history. She's simply outstanding... going from rich and elegant to a beat up white trash whore.

It's really hard to explain this movie. But... if you think you can stomach it - go see it! Preferably at the theater, but if that is not a possibility - get the freakin' DVD.

Until then... just feast your eyes on this trailer.


RockDog said...

I would see this movie based on your review as it sounds exciting, but not so much on the trailer. I found that boring and didn't give me any clue as to why I'd want to make the effort.

Rock ON!

Jen said...

You had an excellent review & like rockdog, that is what has intrigued me.

Real Live Lesbian said...

What's the name of the movie? J/K!

Sounds like a good one! I love to suspend belief!

Leighann said...

I'm going to have to go with the flow and say that the trailer left a lot to be desired!

You're review was MUCH more interesting!

Karen said...

I will give it a shot, but it might be over my head. Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks both caused me hours and hours of confusion. But I sort of think that is one of the Lynch's goals in story telling.

Jay said...

"It's really hard to explain this movie."

That's because it's a David Lynch movie. LOL ;-)

The trailer was strange because David Lynch wanted the trailer to be strange. He wants people always be scratching their head trying to figure out just what the hell he's getting at here.

I haven't seen this movie, but I'm gonna put it in my NetFlix queue.

Sparkling Red said...

I'm not sure if I could handle all that weirdness.

R.E.H. said...

RockDog: Have you seen it yet? ;)

Yeah, the trailer doesn't do justice to the movie, but I still love it. Of course, I've seen the film, so I can relate to the images shown in the trailer.

Jen: Thanks. The review was shortened... because The One called and wanted to go for a walk, so I kind of did a rush-job to post and went out walking instead...

...only for The One would I put you guys second - I promise!

Real Live Lesbian: What's the name of the movie?

I'm sure you are referring to my use of all caps writing INLAND EMPIRE... it is David Lynch himself who insists it be written in all caps. He is a very strange man.

Leighann: Well, the movie is very much like that too, though. It is very slow paced, but constantly intriguing and emotionally gripping.

Karen: Yet Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks are the most linear and conventional works he has done ;)

Jay: And scratch your head you will when you watch this one. Now that no major studio is behind him, he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted to do... and it shows.

R.E.H. said...

Sparkling Red: I know... this is not for everyone. One has to be pretty demented to enjoy his movies... fortunately for me - I am! ;)

Anonymous said...

My kind of movie!

Agreed,they need a much better trailer.

fiwa said...

Hm... I actually thought the trailer was intriguing. I know I won't make it to the movie theater to see it, but I will Netflix it. Besides, I love Laura Dern and Harry Dean Stanton, I would see it just for them, even if you hadn't given it a good review.

Did you miss The Mist at the theater?! Oh no - I hope not.

R.E.H. said...

Preposterous Ponderings: I can't wait to see it again! And, yeah - the trailer is not as intriguing as the one for Mulholland Drive was, which immediately sent shivers down my spine!

Fiwa: Another Harry Dean Stanton fan! He's one of the coolest dudes, evah!

I have not seen The Mist yet... damn!

Jay Cam said...

no offense or anything but that trailer must have been one of the lamest things i've ever seen!!

i'm more of a "Rambo"/"Pirates of the Caribbean" guy!

fiwa said...

Hey R.E.H., I took my blog private today, but I found out I have to have your email address to invite you to continue reading. Sorry for making you jump through hoops. Send me an email at fiwa6831ATyahoo.com (replace the AT with the @ symbol).

Harry Dean Stanton ROCKS.

R.E.H. said...

Jay Cam: No offense taken... it's your loss ;)

Seriously... I fully understand that this movie is not for everyone.

Fiwa: Damn... I'm really not comfortable sending my e-mail out - but for you I'll do it. I'd hate to be left out of your world.

Jill said...

Cannot see the trailer!!
So you are a leech??

CresceNet said...

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R.E.H. said...

Jill: Trailer works just fine for me...

CresceNet: Welcome to the Madman's Realm ;)

Sorry, I don't know what the CresceNet is, and I don't understand spanish (portuguese?).

Jill said...

I've saw it after, not my kind of movie, it would include me having to concentrate on the movie!!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: Concentrating on the movie is generally a good idea... even if it's not Lynch, but definitely if it's Lynch ;)

Jill said...

That is what I've been doing wrong all the time!!
But seriously, if the movie looks like something I've already saw, it won't work for me...
I've left a comment for you on my blog!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: Believe me, when I say you ain't never seen anything like this one...

Samantha_K said...

Remember that you love me.

Now, to comment...

As a former film student I have some pretty strong opinions.

I think Lynch tries too hard to be off the wall. Sometimes his attempts just come off as soooo tedious.

But what do I know? I'm into Kubrick, Tarantino, Tim Burton and Cameron Crowe.

R.E.H. said...

Samantha K: Thanks for the reminder ;)

I, too, have a degree in film and television production, but I don't think he tries too hard. He's just one of those weird guys... he does what he likes, and I just happen to be one of those who appreciate it.

I love Kubrick and Burton too. Tarantino has hit the jackpot a few times, but there's a man I feel tries a little too hard. Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are his jackpot movies. Kill Bill sucks big... eh... time. His early writings such as Natural Born Killer and True Romance are again jackpot material.

Remember... you love me too ;)