January 2, 2008

WWC / End Of The 6

Welcome, my friends... to the year of 2008, and to the very first edition of the Weekly Words Challenge of the year. I'm sure we'll be seeing and posting many wondrous pictures as the year goes on.

If it wasn't for the church-romancing homebloy, Tink of Pickled Beef this would not have been as much fun as it is. She is the one to provide the words for us to play with, and the words she chose for this week were PATTERN and BROWN.

For a couple of weeks, I've not been complaining about the quality of my images, but this week I will revisit this particular bad habit... What? With all the holidays and consuming of alcoholic beverages, I've just not been quite the man I usually am. So, I'm sorry to say I didn't get the wonderful pictures you guys expect from me. I'll be sure to provide better quality pictures next time around.

So... the wonderful 6 days I had off from work ends as of today. Tomorrow I will have to drag my sorry butt back to work, and I can already feel the anxiety attack swoon me. It is like the idea of going to work has wrapped itself around my throat and is slowly applying the pressure, choking me like boa constrictor with an attitude. It won't be long now, before that feeling escalates and it will just wring my neck like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Two days into the New Year... and I still haven't found another job... 364 days left to find one, or I'll be prepped for the stuffing.

I hereby present to you... my abysmal contribution to this weeks WWC:

The PATTERN on the edges of my hallway carpet.


A BROWN bear on a stick


Me on the first day of the New Year in a BROWN sweater.


Clothes I bought that are mostly BROWN


Well, there you have it. That's what I got for you this week. The words for next week will be STRANGE and BLACK - I can see potential for good pics come next week!

Tomorrow you will find a new "feature" here on Ramblings Of A Madman. It is a monthly feature that I have decided upon, that I hope you people will enjoy. So, do return tomorrow for that one!


Jay said...

That poor bear has a stick up his butt. Isn't that uncomfortable?

Hope things aren't so bad going back to work tomorrow.

RockDog said...

What, no poo? That could be brown AND have patterns...

Happy New Year!

Kell said...

That bear does look a little uncomfortable. But you interpreted the pictures very well.

I'll be tuning in tomorrow!

Leighann said...

Dare I ask why you have a bear on a stick?

I do.... WHY do you have a bear on a stick??

Samantha_K said...

Well, last week I suggested a photo of an argyle sweater in shades of brown.

I see my advice was not taken.

Very well.

(it's ok, I still love you.)

Karen said...

I have jump on the band wagon regarding the bear with the stick in his butt. Is there a story behind that? There must be.

Enjoy your last day off. Don't stress about tomorrow.

Sparkling Red said...

What other toys on sticks do you have? Do we get photos of those too? That could be interesting...

It's definitely time for you to go job-hunting. It's terrible to have a job that you dread that much. I wish you luck. :-)

R.E.H. said...

Jay: That is a question for the bear, not me ;)

RockDog: I thought about doing poo... but I had diarrhea and it was just too horrible a sight.

Kidding, guys... seriously I'm KIDDING!

Kell: I think the bear is a cute one... he loves me very much ;)

Leighann: I thought that bear would raise a few questions ;)

I've got it because it was given to me. I'll elaborate in my response to Karen (she's the one who wanted the story behind it).

Samantha K: Well, I got you a picture of me in A brown sweater... you women are so hard to please... ;)

Karen: The story behind the bear...

...when my father passed away, I was absent from work for a month. This is because I had to make certain travel arrangements and I wanted to stick around to help out with everything.

Upon my return to work (yes, that same job I hate so much), my co-workers had bought me this beautiful potted plant, and the bear (hence, the stick) was planted in the dirt so it seemed he was sitting in the green jungle.

The plant have since died, but I just haven't had the heart to throw out the bear...

That's not the kind of story you guys expected, right?

R.E.H. said...

Sparkling Red: What other toys on sticks do you have?

ahem... what do you mean by that? ;)

Yep, I need to go job hunting... like yesterday!

fiwa said...

That is NOT the story I expected about the bear, but doncha think maybe you could release him from the stick? :)

You tease, showing us SOME of your face.

R.E.H. said...

Fiwa: I've been meaning to return him to his natural habitat in the midst of a potted plant... just haven't gotten around to that yet.

Newt said...

*snort* brown bear on a stick. You are too funny.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Wow...I'm really looking forward to next week now!

AND I'm looking forward to the new feature!

Happy New Year Mr. Brown!

Alli said...

Man, everyone stole my question.

Bear on a stick??? Reminds me of Jeff Dunham


R.E.H. said...

Newt: Liked that one, did you ;)

Real Live Lesbian: Mr. Brown? Why do I get to be Mr. Brown? Can't I be... I don't know, Mr. Pink? Yeah, that's right. I'll be Mr. Pink!

Alli: Oh, I loved that clip. I'll have to check out more of him - he was really good!

Tequila Mockingbird said...

you look way more alert than i was on new years day. it took me until like 3 pm to be able to start drinking again.

i hope your new feature includes porn.

Jay Cam said...

strange and black? please don't put what i'm thinking you are going to put...

i eat bear on a stick every day!
i didn't know we had anything in common! lol

Jill said...

Weren't you proud that this week theme was brown??

Backpacker momma said...

I too, have been away from work and hoped that when I returned I could just quit and move on to the next fabulous thing. Oh well. We'll suffer together. :)

Great pics!

tt said...

You didn't look too hung over....
as usual you gave me my chuckle for the day.
You're such a good read :)

Lakota Princess said...

YIKES! too much brown! I can't take it! Brown is sooooo the Poo color. Hey, was that the symbolism of the bear?

Next week is more up my alley, which is painted black by the way.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I have never read a more eloquent interlude on one's disposition as one's vocational duties approach.

You nailed it!

And please know that I know exactly how you feel!

Good luck finding a new job in 08!

R.E.H. said...

Tequila Mockingbird: Well, I did obscure the face. I have an expression reminiscent to that of Chikatilo (russian serial killer).

No porn in the monthly feature... some making out is all.

Jay Cam: Beer on a Stick is deeeee-licios!

Jill: I was looking forward to the brown... but things didn't come together like I thought they would ;)

Backpackar Momma: Welcome!

Nice to know I'm not the only one to suffer... here's to new jobs soon! *cheers*

TT: I've had worse Jan. 1st in my days - but it wasn't great, I tell you.

R.E.H. said...

Lakota Princess: Don't like my new brown clothes? I bought them just for you :(

Lightning Bug's Butt: Well, thank you very much. Again - good to know I'm not alone in this endless pit of darkness ;)

Lakota Princess said...

Hmmmm - let me see you without them and then I'll decide. I'll just sit right here and watch while you drop the brown.

Tequila Mockingbird said...

how dare you insinuate i might not get your obscure russian serial killer reference. i am dissapointed.

g-man said...

Happy New Year dude. Bear on a stick, too funny. Nice that you kept it however.

Anonymous said...

I want a stick up my ass too.The bear looks so happy with his.

Damn you for blocking out your face!!!!!!!

R.E.H. said...

Lakota Princess: If I drop the brown it's gonna be a helluva lot of blinding white ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: Oh, I'm so sorry... I mistook you for some innocent sweet girl ;)

G-Man: Happy New Year! That bear has become quite famous (think he'll bring me the babes now?)

Preposterous Ponderings: I may have a solution for that... ;)

Freakazojd said...

How did I miss yours?!
Poor bear...
And being hungover on New Year's Day just means New Year's Eve was hella fun. ;)

R.E.H. said...

Freakazojd: You are right about that... the hang-over is the price of a good time ;)

Tink said...

How did I miss this post?! The bear on the stick is screwing with my head man. What is up with that?

R.E.H. said...

Tink: What? You never seen a bear with a stick up his bum before? ;)