January 8, 2008

WWC / Missed Photo Op

So it's time to play the WWC again. As you all know by know the soon-to-be-wed Tink of Pickled Beef is the missus who chooses a couple of words each week for us to interpret and take pictures of for this fun-filled event.

She chose a couple of interesting words for us this week, and they were STRANGE and BLACK.
I was just out walking with The One, and I saw the most amazing opportunity to shoot a picture that would have represented BLACK, but I didn't have the camera with me...

Out by the river, the ice and snow had started to melt away, and cracked open. It created a fantastic view of white ice and snow, very reminiscent of pictures and film I have seen from the Antarctic. In STRANGE patterns (I just now realized it could have represented that word too) BLACK water ran through it. When will I learn to ALWAYS take my camera with me. One never knows when the perfect photo op comes along.

Yes, I was out walking with The One again. It's the new thing apparently - to go out walking together. We'd been to the gym first, and she suggested we walk on Thursday. I couldn't then, I told her, and she suggested we go for a walk after gym. I can't help it... but I love this girl so much.

After posting the first installment of "Rubicon Heart" yesterday, I felt a rush of anxiety and fear overwhelm me. My insides were screaming at me "you revealed too much! People are going to think you are totally nuts now? They don't want to read that load of self absorbed pity".

Your comments since have told me otherwise. Thank You all for those kind words. It really makes me feel a lot more comfortable and confident of continuing the story for you. I will reflect more on this in a post tomorrow, once I let the whole experience settle in my mind...

On to the pictures you're all waiting for:

Trolls are pretty STRANGE don't you think?


David Lynch makes wonderfully STRANGE movies


A rather STRANGE BLACK warrior


I drink my coffee BLACK


Well... that does it for this week. We'll be back again playing next week. The words for next week will be SOFT and SQUARE.

PS. I'll be checking out all your pictures tomorrow... I'm all out of time today.


Jay said...

Excellent pictures. That's definitely a strange little troll there. And David Lynch is VERY strange.

fiwa said...

lol... those are funny. It's always interesting to see the different pictures people come up with for the same words. Which I guess is why it makes such a fun game. ;)

Yep - ALWAYS take the camera!

Sparkling Red said...

Where the heck did you get the troll and the warrior??

Tequila Mockingbird said...

i work with a troll. seriously. like, she's all mean and ugly and charges the toll of my happiness to pass by her when she's filing.

tt said...

I love trolls...
they're quirky and are always having a bad hair day..
And...as if we'd all think that...silly guy...now get busy and give us another installment...;)

Jacqueline said...

Totally!! Black Coffee all the way yeah baby!!

Trolls are creepy, David Lynch rules!! Great pics this week!

Jacqueline said...

This is me by the way, Aunt Jackie (sigh) It keeps screwing up my login!

Jo said...

At least the troll is wearing pants :)

Lakota Princess said...

what - no black bondage gear?
after the santa suit, the brown sweater, I really had my hopes up that I'd see you wrapped up in black tape.

Alli said...

I'm glad you are opening up your Rubicon Heart to us. Don't worry what we think, just write from your heart. But WE think your writing is great!

Cute photos. That troll & warrior are kinda creepy. And coffee...mmmm. I love coffee, but can't drink it black. Love my fat free Hazelnut coffee mate!

Samantha_K said...

Good man, drinkin' that coffee black. That's the only way to go.

I think you may be inspiring me to start up this WWC thing. After the ex-inlaws move, I'll have internet at home, b/c they want to set up a webcam to see my kids...so if I can do WWC from home, I'd actually participate...

Sorry, my mind was wandering and it came out in type. That happens with me a lot.

Tink said...

Are both the troll and the warrior decorations of yours? Please tell me they don't face your bed.

Anonymous said...

They are pretty strange!

Anonymous said...

I never do WWC because I know I'm not committed enough. Plus, with the blog being anonymous, I don't want to photograph inadvertently something that could give away anything about my personal life. But, I always see the posts and they are indeed interesting. It's just fun to see what different people use to depict the words. I usually never comment on WWC posts either because I feel a little bit like I'm on the outside of a club looking in since I don't participate. BUT I still like reading them.


PS I saw your response to my comment on your rubicon heart intro post, and I just wanted to say thanks. That was really sweet, and I am honored to have been partial inspiration for you. It's a bit scary, but getting it all out feels good, doesn't it? And of course, positive feedback helps. So keep going! :)

g-man said...

Interesting photos. I like the description of the ice too, I take my camera most places. The troll reminds me of something my parents had on a shelf when I was a kid.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Fascinating project. Maybe I'll start lugging my camera with me everywhere I go.

So you and The One are gym rats?


Kell said...

Those are great interpretations. I can't think of David Lynch without thinking of Dennis Hopper and an oxygen mask. That was Lynch, wasn't it? Blue Velvet, I think.

R.E.H. said...

Jay: I absolutely LOVE David Lynch's movies. There's just something about them that I can't get enough of...

Fiwa: Yeah - that really is the fun of it... and sometimes you check on someone elses pictures, and go "Damn! Why didn't I think of that?".

Sparkling Red: The troll - I don't remember. The african warrior I took from my grandmother's home after she passed away. I always liked it for some reason as a kid - so when no one else in the family wanted it, I went ahead and took it home with me ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: Working with a troll sounds kind of interesting though ;)

TT: they're quirky and are always having a bad hair day

Crap! I didn't know I was a troll!

R.E.H. said...

Jacqueline (aka Aunt Jackie:) David Lynch rules is a correct statement! And coffee must be drunk black... else it not be coffee ;)

Jo: A troll without his pants might be a very disturbing sight ;)

Lakota Princess: Yeah, the black and strange clothes I have a habit of wearing will not make it to the public eye ;)

Alli: Thank You. I hope you will enjoy the rest of "Rubicon Heart" as well.

Gotta drink your coffee black, girl! ;

Samantha K: Here's to hoping you get that computer set up. I'd sure be interested in seeing what you'd come up with for the WWC.

R.E.H. said...

Tink: Those are decorations of mine indeed ;) Not in my bedroom though... I don't want either a troll or a black male warrior in my bedroom ;)

Joel: They are, aren't they? ;)

Emmeline: You don't have to feel like your left on the outside - commenting is also participating... it's like if we're athletes - without an audience, victory would not be so sweet ;)

And, Thank YOU for your honesty and sharing of YOUR heart.

G-Man: Yeah, I really wish I'd have gotten that picture of the black water... it would've ROCKED!

Lightning Bug's Butt: Gym rats? Ha! That's funny... well, we do go to the gym... so I guess you're kinda right.

Kell: You got your David Lynch trivia down, Kell. You are absolutely right!

Karen said...

I have recently learned to always have my camera on me. But I am in government buildings and courthouses a few times a week and cameras are not allowed there - I I can usually say may camera is always in my car.

Great pictures.

Jay Cam said...

if that troll was on my shelf i would have nightmares!!

R.E.H. said...

Karen: Yeah, I'm trying to make a habit out of bringing my camera along, but I keep forgetting.

Jay Cam: What? I think the troll looks nice and friendly... I mean - check out that smile!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Good job on the strange and black. That warrior's got a pretty mouth. :)

Have fun with that girl...walking. Mmm hmmm. Is that what we're calling it now?

Tequila Mockingbird said...

not THAT much fun. id rather work with a hot ex stripper with low self esteem who enjoys happy hours.

Anonymous said...

Strange and BLACK huh???

Well, immediately for strange, I thought of trolls. I see someone else agrees with me.

Black...Black Jelly Beans. ICK!!!!

Newt said...

Very nice job on WWC - and I had the same question as Tink. Those would not be good in the bedroom.

R.E.H. said...

Real Live Lesbian: I think you missed the word "weird" between pretty and mouth ;)

I only wish walking meant anything more exciting than... well... actual walking - as in one foot in front of the other.

Tequila Mockingbird: Hmmm... lemme think. Troll? Hot ex stripper?

Tough one... but, I'll go for the stripper, if it's a she.

Pookie Sixx: Yeah, trolls are strange... black jellybeans are icky, so I didn't have any to shoot ;)

Newt: Nah, they're close to the front door, actually. Helps scare off unwanted visitors. ;)