January 15, 2008

WWC / Golden Spork Award

Welcome to another Tuesday - to another day of the Weekly Words Challenge, in which we post pictures that have been inspired by two words that were chosen for us by the Queen of Shiny Utensils, Tink of Pickled Beef.

The two words she has decided on for this weeks challenge were SOFT and SQUARE. Soon enough I will present my pictures of the week - so soon, in fact, that you will find them further down in this very post.

It has become a bit of a tradition with me on WWC day, that I go on rambling about any old thing before I bring on the pictures, and today I have a very special announcement to make.

Tink is the lady in the spotlight today. Not only did she give me the words to play with this week - she also handed me this very nice and useful award. Well, all we really had to do was comment on her blog, and we were awarded this one - but none the less, she made me feel special when she handed this here sweet award to me. She categorized the awards, and mine was for:

"Savory" Spork Award
(Best all around. I can't go a day without checking these blogs.)

Thank you so much, Tink! I appreciate this very much!

Well, lets get on with the Weekly Words Challenge! Here are my pics:

The Town SQUARE at night


SQUARE brick pavement


A SQUARE pattern window


Pouring some fabric SOFTener into the laundry machine


SOFT green light under a city bridge


The SOFT touch of my hand


So, that concludes this weekly edition of the Weekly Words Challenge. The words for next week will be ENVY and TRIANGLE.

And... for those who missed out yesterday. I'm still open for questions in the post below. Keep'em coming. I will answer them all tomorrow.

(Please, post your questions in the comments for that post - I will not be answering questions posted in response to the WWC post.)

Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!


Jen said...

Very niiiiice.

I still haven't played WWC. It's been so since before Christmas. Ino. I'm a suck.

Leighann said...

The soft touch of your hand!!!!

oooh you tease!!

Aunt Jackie said...

Dangit! I'm already envious of your photos from this week, so I got a jump on the Envy for next week! lol

Great photos... I love the town square, and the soft green light too...

Gratz on your award!!

Karen said...

The soft touch of your hand actually made me coke on my coffee. Great photos. And nice creativity.

Alli said...

Great photos, REH!!!

I love the bridge picture the most. I always love light reflections on the water.

I left my camera in my hubby's car, so have no access to my photos today. :( So my WWC is going to be late or non-existent this week. oh well.

Jay said...

Excellent interpretations of the words there man.

You're town square looks interesting. Looks like a big pedestrian area there. I love it when people post pics of the town they live in.

Jill said...

I really like those picture!!
But then, since my mind is in the gutter, I had something else in mind for soft!

Tink said...

The soft touch of your hand! Bwahahaha. Man that was creepy.

I really like the soft green glow under the bridge. Although your bricks were better than mine, seeing as mine were actually rectangles.


Jill said...

You're it!!
(I like playing tag!!)

R.E.H. said...

Jen: Yeah, you need to take a break from home improvement and bring us some WWC pics! ;)

Leighann: I like being the tease for once ;)

Aunt Jackie: How are you going to represent that envy in a picture next week?


Karen: It made you coke on your coffee? ;) hehe... The hand pic was really a last ditch panic pic I took just before posting, because I needed something that worked for SOFT ;)

Alli: That bridge looks really good in reality. The picture didn't fully capture the beauty - I need something better than your average consumer camera...

R.E.H. said...

Jay: Yes, it is a pedestrian area. In fact, cars have been sealed off the entire block around the square - only city busses allowed.

Jill: If that gutter is where I'm thinking it is... it wouldn't do for soft... ;)

Tink: Creepy? Here I am, trying to be all romantic, and I'm creepy? ;)

Hoop did have a point, though, didn't he... ahem ;)

Jill (again): Hmmm... I'm doing a barrage of questions tomorrow - there'll be lots more than seven random facts there.

I sure hope you don't mind if I take a rain check on that one?

Thanks for thinking of me, though ;)

Jay Cam said...

soft touch of your hand?!
looks like you are doing some karate chopping madness!

Tequila Mockingbird said...

ooooh you use fabric softner? that rocks! almost as HOT as the soft touch of your hand....

tt said...

Awww, you showed us your soft side.
But how come you always blur your face??? Surely you're not shy. Are you?
Congrats on the award.

Newt said...

The tink comment about creepy and your response just cracked me up. Your pictures for WWC are fantastic. Wow, every one of them. Nice job. Ok, I'm still sitting here laughing.........

Ginni Dee said...

Love your soft/square pix. That green light under the bridge is too cool.

Thanks for the shoutout on my blog. Visit anytime!


Backpacker momma said...

Super job, I LOVE the fabric softener, thats genius!

Jo said...

Fantastic photos! I especially like the town square...seems like it could be anywhere--Paris, Seattle, Santiago...very romantic.

The soft touch of your hand scared me a little b/c you look all ghosty in the background LOL

Anonymous said...

The soft green light looks awesome!

R.E.H. said...

Jay Cam: Ha! But, I practice SOFT karate! ;)

Tequila Mockingbird: Imagine that... the SOFT touch of my hand and the SOFT feel of my clothes! ;)

TT: I do have a soft side. And, no, I'm not exactly shy, but...

Newt: Thanks. It's always nice to know you can make people laugh.

Ginni Dee: Thanks, and welcome. Come by anytime here too.

Backpacker Momma: Thank you. Whoever invented fabric softener is the real genius! ;)

Jo: You know - the Town Square never struck me as romantic... but maybe that's because I live here ;)

I was probably pretty much ghastly (or was it ghostly) as I took that hand picture, as I'd just come home from an excruciating day at work... I even forgot to change out of my work clothes before I took it ;)

Joel: Thanks. Funny how so many seem to like the green light... I was this *holds up hand displaying a tiny distance between fingers* close to scrapping that pic.

Kell said...

those are fantastic! I loved all of them, you clever, clever boy.

R.E.H. said...

Kell: Hey, thanks. It's nice to be called clever once in a while, as opposed to stupid ;)

Jill said...

It would be soft first!!
And REH, I think there is more than 7 weird/random thing in this one!
And I have a rain check for what!

R.E.H. said...

Jill: I meant, I'm taking a rain check on the meme... meaning, some other time.