January 22, 2008

WWC / Going To Work

Weekly Words Challenge time again! And this week the words we interpreted were ENVY and TRIANGLE. Credit goes to the manure truck avoiding Tink of Pickled Beef (in bed) for providing the words to us.

Quick! Go check her out if you haven't before. She's the sweetest li'l gal in Blogville!

There, there... back at my place, are you? Good.

I wanted to share with you something I did today. Something which really got me upset, while the others were laughing at me. Don't we all like to bask in other peoples misery? Here's your chance to bask in mine.

I was unbelievably tired this morning when the alarm went off. My insomnia has kicked in big-time again, and I lay in bed for over half an hour before I could drag my sorry ass out of it. I came very close to calling in sick for work, because I couldn't figure out how I was going to survive the day - that's how tired I was.

Well, a guy needs his hard earned cash, right? So, I grab my lunch out of the refrigerator, which I had prepared the day before, and I go out in the freezing cold to scrape the windows of the car. Then, finally I'm on my way.

At work, I walk into the break room. This is where we always have our morning meetings.

"Mornin'", I mumble through almost motionless lips.

I'm glad to see the coffee pot ready, so I grab my cup and fill it up. Then I proceed into the office and have a look at the ToDo list we have. This list shows who's doing what, and when. I read it... and the one thing I'm pleased about is that I don't have any register duty today. My boss and another co-worker is looking curiously at me the whole time.

I look at warehouse duty, which is where I expect to see my name. No... not there either. Ok. So I probably have one of those scatter days where I am supposed to be everywhere and there as well. But, I don't see my name.

"Is this today's ToDo list?", I ask my co-worker. My boss had exited the office at this time.

"Yes", she says.

"Why am I not on it?", I ask.

"Because you don't work today", she says looking grimly evil, and pleased on top of it.

"Yes, I do. It's Tuesday. I work 9:30AM til 7:30PM". I always work those hours on Tuesdays.

"Not according to the schedule". She still smiles that pleased grin at me.

I grab the schedule, and have a look. Wouldn't you believe! The bastards have gone and changed the freakin' schedule and not said a word about it to poor old me. They were right - I did not work today... thank you very much.

Well... I stuck around for the morning meeting, finishing my coffee, enduring several funny one-liners directed at my being there and further becoming irritated about the fact they changed my schedule without my knowing.

So... enough of that - on to the WWC:

ENVY only released that one album - Ain't that a sin?


I ENVY those who never find their car like this.
(That is ice... not snow - it won't come off!)


Little flags in the shape of a TRIANGLE


This road sign has the shape of a TRIANGLE


Several TRIANGLE shapes and a circle makes a sun


Now that covers the WWC for me this week. Hope you enjoyed (boy I found this one tough, but I think I got a few reasonable shots this week). Next week we are doing the words PRIDE and CIRCLE.

I will also recommend that you read up on the first chapter of the Rubicon Heart story below, if you haven't had the chance to do so yet. Leave me comments on that one - good or bad... I appreciate your opinions on that one!

Take care!


Backpacker momma said...

Brilliant brilliant brilliant traingle flags shot. Gorgeous and brilliant.

Dana said...

I had the same thoughts on the little triangle flags - LOVE that pic.

Oh, and poo on your employer. That was really a crappy thing to do (no pun intended)

Jay said...

I've stumbled into work on a day that I wasn't scheduled too. It's pretty funny and you'll laugh about too. Here in a few days.

At least you didn't show up with your hair undone and wearing your boxers on the outside of your pants. LOL ;-)

Excellent pics dude! I like all of the triangle pics.

Is that album available on iTunes?

Samantha_K said...

The triangle shot of the flags - awesome.

Good job this week baby...

Heheh...not on the schedule...

Kell said...

Those are awesome pictures! Very cool interpretations.

And, boy, you do need to find another job.

Leighann said...

I hope when you got home you went back to bed!!

Great pictures this week!

Alli said...

BRRR! Looks cold there!!!!

Man, I can't believe that noone told you that they changed your schedule. Dontcha love it? sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! It must have felt really weird espically after making so much effort to be there at work. Anyway; you weren't burdened!

fiwa said...

Those are great pictures! The Envy album is the best. Good lord - if you have that much ice you have my sympathy. We only have a tiny bit right now, but it still scares me to drive on it.

I think I would kick someone's ass for not telling me the schedule had been changed - that's just plain rude.

Hope you get some sleep.

Tink said...

The flags pic is beauuuutiful, REH! I can honestly say I've never found ice like that on my car. *Ducks* You should really consider moving to Florida. Real Estate right now is so CHEAP!

Btw, your boss sucks...in bed.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I looooooove the triangle flags in an almost triangle! Great shots!

I agree with Tink. He does. That's why I'm a lesbian. He sucks THAT bad!

Karen said...

So sorry about your day, but did you at least come home and get back in bed? Your pictures are great as usual. Everyone did so go with triangle! I must really be slow.

R.E.H. said...

Backpacker Momma: Thank You. I like that one too - guess I was lucky not to be working today, because I headed over to take that shot because of it. Had seen the flags at night, and today was nice and bright.

Dana: Triangle Flags pic seems popular... thanks! And, in defense of my boss - the schedule was changed two weeks ago. I just hadn't noticed.

Jay: I was so tired, I may very well have stumbled in like that ;)

Doubt you'll find Envy on iTunes. They made this one in the mid to late 80's... never made it big. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister produced it and wrote a couple of the songs with them. Thats how I found out about them - huge Twisted Sister fan!

Samantha K: Thanks. And can you believe it? They all had the nerve to laugh about it too!

Kell: Thank You. And, I am on the lookout for another job. Desperately so!

R.E.H. said...

Leighann: I meant to do just that, but I ended up doing some preparations for future posts on my blog... that's ok too I hope ;)

Alli: It is freakin' cold right now. Had been warm for a couple of weeks, now the cold is back with a vengeance!

Like a said, though. Schedule was changed a couple of weeks ago - but I never look at the thing, because I have memorized my schedule. I still feel they should let me know when changes have been made.

Joel: Yeah, that's the part that really got to me. But, I can't help but wonder what would've happened if I'd opted to call in sick ;)

Fiwa: Oooh... I thought I was like the only person alive who had ever heard the Envy album!

I hate the ice! I hate the cold! I simply hate winter!

Tink: I actually have (sort of) rights to a house in Florida. There are other reasons I can't move back to Florida just yet. But, some day - I will!

Real estate was up there for a while, but is down again I understand. Insurance, however, is killer these days - right?

R.E.H. said...

Real Live Lesbian: Well... my boss is female, though ;)

If she sucks, maybe I should take advantage of that?

Heck, No! *Jeez, what made me write that???*

Karen: Well, it was good to have the day off ;) I got some things done, so it all turned out pretty well.

Ginni Dee said...

I love your photos for WWC. Especially the sun...how cute is that!!

Your boss does suck, that's really creepy to not let you know about the change in schedule. I would have been so pissed if my boss did that to me, and after you got up and had to clean off your car...ICK. I couldn't even find mine under the snow this morning!!!

Jo said...

Love the flags, and the sun was really clever! Waking up to a car like that is the reason we moved to Cali...of course if you live here, you may wake up to no car b/c someone stole it.

I hope you went back to bed after you left work!

Jen said...

Um. Did you think to ask her why she didn't find it in her schedule to tell you of your schedule change? That's crap. She's crap.

But your pictures aren't crap. Nice job.

Go get some rest. Now!

Anonymous said...

Your car looks the way that I feel.I just can't get warm tonight.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, warm weather envy. I'm with you on that one. It has been sub-zero here the last week or so and everything is frozen over. Nice pics!

Jay Cam said...

lol i never found my car like that!
do you envy me?

Loving Annie said...

AUGHGGGH ! How could they do that to you !!!

Great pictures !

Newt said...

Very nice pictuures. I like the sun. It's a happy picture. Kick ass WWC as always!

That so sucks about going to work when you didn't have to. I would have had to go to Barnes and Noble, have a mocha and look at books - that would have made getting when I didn't need to all worth while.

tt said...

ROFLMAO!! Geez...I belly laughed when I read you weren't scheduled..craked me up. Thanks, I so needed that.
And you've got record albums??? Huge music lover I guess.
And Dude...I didn't know you were in Oklahoma for our last ice storm..you shoulda stopped by; we could have scraped cars together..;)And...I adore the sun!!
As usual, you made us laugh with you.thanks!

Guilty Secret said...

Oh no, I don't believe it! They owe you a day off!

Lakota Princess said...

you are so wonderfully creative REH!

Tookie Tail said...

Just stopping by to say Hi and that I enjoyed your blog. I'm new to the blog world so I'm just getting my feet wet a bit. I can't wait to hear more from Rubicon Heart! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh man . . . after getting over my irritation of having gone through all the trouble to get ready and GET to work, I would have been overjoyed to discover I wasn't scheduled & would have promptly returned home & snuggled back up under the covers!

But alas . . . that never happens to me, as I am always "scheduled." The perks of a desk job . . . :)


Tequila Mockingbird said...

sounds like some workplace douchebaggery. that's why i like having stable hours.

if it makes you feel better, i didnt feel like getting up this morning either, as i was hungover, and had vomit on the leg of my pants (WTF?)

g-man said...

I have gone to work when I was not scheduled before, but never had the pleasure of someone changing my schedule on me. I'd be mighty pissed too.

Excellent pictures as always.

Off to read chapter one...

R.E.H. said...

Ginni Dee: I hate it when you have to literally dig out your car from under the snow. Yup, that's another half hour I'll be late for work!

Jo: Oh, that happens here too. Three times I've had the pleasure of finding an empty parking space. Been a long time since, however (*in bed)...

*courtesy of Tink - if it works for her I better try it ;)

Jen: Yeah, she expects us to keep an eye on the schedule. It had been changed two weeks ago, but I never check because I know (knew) my schedule.

Preposterous Ponderings: Oh, baby if only you were here with me. I'd keep you warm.

Gawilli: I hate winter - period! Today, a sudden change in temperature, and there is slush and rain. My feet are soaking wet.

R.E.H. said...

Jay Cam: I envy you! Damn you! May snow bury your car tonight! ;)

Loving Annie: Yeah, I'm about ready to kick some bossy butt!


Newt: I went home and did some blog prepping instead. I've got some "fun" posts ready for you guys ;)

TT: It's nice to know one can make people laugh every now and then. Thanks.

Yeah, I've got 2.000+ vinyl records. Spent all my money on those back in the good ol' 80's. Still like'em better than CD's except for playing them... CD's make that part so easy ;)

Guilty Secret: With all that crap they put me through, they owe me a year off. Paid!

R.E.H. said...

Lakota Princess: Thank You - that's one of many things I like to hear from a woman ;)

Tookie Tail: Nice to meet you! You're welcome to come over any time. Glad you enjoy the Rubicon Heart.

Emmeline: I was pleased to have the day off, but it would have been so much better had I found out about that without going through all that hassle in the morning.

Tequila Mockingbird: Were your pants still on you when you woke up? In that case - you didn't have fun enough last night ;)

G-Man: And, what brought you to work when not scheduled then? ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Great pics!! I, myself, am "Envious" of your "Twisted Sister" album! :D

R.E.H. said...

Aunt Jackie: Like that picture album, eh? I've got a couple more. ;)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

yeah they were. although tonight i have some rebound poon schedules, so no pants allowed.

R.E.H. said...

Tequila Mockingbird: Guessing I could use a bit of rebound poon myself right now ;)