November 7, 2007

200 orgasms per day...

Ok... I just cannot help myself (was there a pun in that?). I simply have to share this news item with you guys.

Now, it isn't April Fool's Day or anything, so I am forced to believe that this story is in fact all true. Read the full story from News Of The World of the UK, before you continue to read my reflections of this rather... interesting... story.


Ok... guess you're up to speed on the story now. Did you ever hear anything like it before? I sure haven't!

So, she had a boyfriend who couldn't deal with her sexual desire? That is to begin with quite understandable... I very much doubt I could keep up with 200 a day. But, then again. Imagine how you can impress the guys with a girlfriend like her. I see myself sitting at the bar with a few beers shot into my bloodstream.

"So, guys. Who do you think is the better lover?"

"Me. No competition."

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"I make my girl cum 200 times per day"

Then again... who's going to believe me, huh?

But, there are things that would worry me about having a girlfriend like her. Can you picture the wedding ceremony.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Oh... Yes... YES!... YYYYEEEESSS!", followed by exhausted panting.

Or how about when preparing for that trip to the country one day. Waiting out by the car for her to pack the last of her mascara and what not...

"You coming, honey?"

"Ain't I always?"


Jay said...

That chick is pretty attractive too. I'm sure it would be fun to try to keep up with her for a while. Heck, I guess her boyfriend probably actually answers those viagra spam emails. ;-)

Beautifully Profound said...

Yikes. Her boyfriends penis probably would have been ready to fall off.

That's just not natural.

R.E.H. said...

Jay: Yeah, she's not bad looking at all.

LOL! at the viagra comment... that's too funny :)

Beautifully Profound: I would be worried about the same thing... at least... worried it might shrivel up and stay like that.

Beautifully Profound said...

It's the jeans probably, maybe if she wore them baggier it would help. Or maybe she needs testosterone injections. Who bloody knows.

R.E.H. said...

Beautifully Profound: Testosterone injections... lol :)

Newt said...

Hmm, I might have to make that my goal for one day this weekend.

Guilty Secret said...

HA HA! (Loved the bits about the wedding and the trip!)

R.E.H. said...

Newt: Well, let me know how that goes, ok? :)

Guilty Secret: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

She must have some great Kegels!

Aunt Jackie said...

I had to dig back into the archives for this one... I'm totally jealous. Not that I couldn't have 200 if I gave it the effort, but It would have to be (mostly) a self-help project--LOL!!!

R.E.H. said...

Preposterous Ponderings: LOL!

Aunt Jackie: There's no self-help project in this world, I believe that would give me 200 orgasms in one single day. I'd be dead by 100 ;)