November 10, 2007

Do you like my poker face?

Today I will play some poker with my buddies. It's been a while since we were all available to get together one evening for some beer and cards.

Used to be we played every Saturday, but many of us have had other things to do lately. I for one (as you know) have been partying pretty darn hard lately.

Well... I'm in quite a hurry, so I'm just stepping in to quickly write today's post, to keep up with the NaBloPoMo thing.

And, to continue from yesterday's post... I will leave you hanging for a bit longer before I tell you what is actually going on. Things happened today as well, so there is likely to be a couple more posts about The One in the near future, and what you will hear may shock you or disappoint you.

I will keep my poker face about what is actually happening right now, but I will give you just a small added teaser... we met today, briefly, as she came in to work - she didn't leave with a smile on her face. And, I spent the rest of my work-day trying to figure out what my next step really was... and I came up with a solution...

Tomorrow is Funday Sunday (and I might tease you some more then).


Jay said...

Every time people talk about playing poker it reminds me of the good old college days. Everybody gathering in one dorm room, drinking beer and other alcoholic concoctions and playing poker all night long on a weekend. We played for big money too. Pennies, nickels and dimes. What a bunch of high rollers huh? LOL

R.E.H. said...

We play $10 No-Limit Texas Hold'Em tournaments. 2 usually per sitting, so one can never lose more than $20. Cheaper mostly than a night out on the town.

Poker is a great social activity in which plenty of beer is easily consumed :)

Beautifully Profound said...

I can play go-fish. That's about all you'll get out of me for card games.

Why must you torture us about news concerning your social/ and or your love life. C'mon guy, throw us a bigger bone!

All I gotta say about that is, it better involve you moving on dearie. In my opinion I think it would be a lot healthier for you.

But who the hell am I to say.

Take care! Don't drink too too much.


BottleBlonde said...

How was poker? Did you get naked? It's not really poker if you didn't get naked and poke a chick. ;-)

Guilty Secret said...

Oh man, the suspense is killing me! What happened?!

Hope you had fun at poker ;)

R.E.H. said...

Beautifully Profound: There is a great possibility it will involve me moving on... or forward in some way... yes... forward is probably a better word :)

Go Fish? ;)

Bottle Blonde: No, I didn't get naked. Saving that for when you come play with me, BB.

Guilty Secret: I had fun... won a good $3 to put into my savings account :)

It will be a couple more days before the full story is revealed, I think. It actually may end up as sort of a "series", where I start from the beginning, telling each segment in it's own blog.

Samantha_K said...

You damn tease! What the hell happened already??

I play poker for stuff, not money. I'm a decent player, a good bluffer....But the last time I played I lost to a full house. I ended up buying a 6 pack of beer and a carton of cigarettes for a friend from high school I hadn't seen in several years...Got off pretty easily there.

R.E.H. said...

Samantha K: Suitable stuff to bet in a poker game... beer and smokes go hand in hand with cards (though NO SMOKING in my house).