November 2, 2007

Music Issues & Un-Organized

So much I was supposed to do today... of which barely half actually got done. I hate it when it goes down like that... but very often with me that is exactly the way it all turns out. I have all those plans, and then I let one of these things take way too long, and all of a sudden I have no chance catching up.

I started the day with the usual pot of coffee (as I told you about yesterday). Then I meant to go out and buy me some new tires for the car. I needed wheels to go with them as well, so I had to dip into my savings account if I were to afford it.

I log onto my bank and transfer the money onto my credit card, and then I'm finally on my way.

I ended up going to three different places before I could find one that would sell me the tires at a price I thought was affordable. So, that ended up taking me longer than I thought. On top of that they didn't have them in stock, so now I have to wait until next week before I actually get them on to my car. Would've liked to have the winter tires on for this weekend's trip as the weather is likely to be cold.

After that I needed to stop by work and have a look at what hotel I was supposed to stay in this weekend...

...oh, yeah...

...let's begin by explaining that.

Every year, the company I work for arrange this huge party for all the different stores to gather together and eat and drink (ourselves senseless). It is a great thing actually, as all expenses are paid for - the hotel room, the food, the beverages (with a limit, though quite enough to get plastered), and even travel expenses.

We'll be going by car. About a 3 hour ride from where we live, so it's not too bad. I'm one of the designated drivers this year, so I'll have to go a little slow (yeah, right) in the drinking department so I can drive back home come Sunday morning.

...ok... let's resume where I was.

So, I check the hotel, and write the address down. Then, there was cake on the break-room table - another of our co-workers have been let go, and apparently he had been there earlier and dropped off a cake as a goodbye present. Well, I poured me some coffee and sat down for a taste of it, and of course... time flies.

After that, I go buy some Heineken to take with me on Saturday.... we covered the Heineken deal yesterday...

Ever seen the movie Blue Velvet, by the way? Lovely movie... I love the scene between Dennis Hopper and Kyle McLachlan as they discuss beer.

Hopper: "What kind of beer do you like?"

Kyle: "Heineken."

Hopper: "Heineken! Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!"

It is equally wonderful when Kyle, having broken in to Dorothy's apartment, gets the pressing need to use the bathroom. As we hear the familiar pouring sound into the toilet bowl, there's a long sigh of relief coming from Mr. McLachlan.

Kyle: "Aaaah.... Heineken."

Well... time as I said flew, and I was supposed to have bought some clothes for tomorrow (there's a Vegas theme this year), but I never had the time to find anything useful. Screw it. I'll just put whatever I got on... my presence should be enough to please anyone... right?

I had to go home and make a couple of CD's for the drive up there tomorrow. I realized I don't listen to any music that "normal" people listen to... certainly not those aged between 19 and 24 as are the ones who will travel in my car. I settled for some Avril Lavigne, and a mixed CD which holds mostly 80's hits... doubt that one will go down very well with them, but it'll have to do.

Well... the party will be interesting, as will the trip down there. The One will be riding with me in my car, as she goes there as an employee of our store despite having been transferred to another one. I haven't mentioned her much the past few days, it is because I haven't seen her. She's gotten into a new habit though;

She calls me every day (except for yesterday) only to ask a lot of work-related questions. I have twice texted her something that has not been work-related, and never received a response to either one of those messages. Called once after work-hours, because I had missed her calling earlier, and she wouldn't answer.

I don't know what the hell she's doing, but it is beginning to wear me out - I'm getting tired of it all.

This morning she texts me having heard she's supposedly riding with me to the party. I hadn't told her about it (because she wouldn't answer anything that wasn't work-related), so she must've heard it from someone else. Spoke to her briefly a couple of hours ago, and she seemed pretty normal.

Well... one thing's for sure. I will not let her spoil the party for me. I will be hunting down out-of-town hunnies, lest she comes running after me :)

I'll tell you about the weekend events on Monday, probably. Sunday is Funday, and until then - have a good one!


Jay said...

Call up the chick that you had the random make-out session with at the last party and ask her and her friends to text you and call you on your cell phone several times during the drive up and drive back. Just to see if the ONE asks.

I know, it's so junior high, but so what? LOL

Oh and Vegas theme? Hawaiian shirts dude. Then tell everybody your name is Raoul Duke.

R.E.H. said...

Jay: I was actually thinking Hawaiian shirts earlier. I have one stashed away somewhere, from when I was like 15... wonder if it will still fit me?

Good idea about the phone. I so wanna go back to - if not high-school - at least my college days. So much fun!

Freakazojd said...

Ditto on the phone stuff. Have a good time drankin' & such, and be sure to post those updates after the weekend! :)

Freakazojd said...

Oh, and I love Dennis Hopper. F*ckin' hilarious, man.

R.E.H. said...

Freakazojd: Dennis Hopper is definitely one of my favorite actors. As Frank Booth in Blue Velvet he really shines.

Damn, that phone thing really sounds good... if only I had the number for Ms. Random Carefree Make-Out. I'd certainly give it a shot. :) Maybe my cousin will give me her number...

Jen said...

I am the same age as you. We. Are. Not. Old. (yep, been reading through your posts - new and old). In 2008 I will officially be celebrating the-8th-anniversary-of-my-29th-birthday. This way, I'm never older than 29.

I'm sorry about The One. That's so tough. I've been on both sides of that, both are hard.

Enjoy your weekend & the Heiney's! You'll find something good whilst in the midst of The One.

Thanks for visiting my side of the blogosphere! I hope you'll be back.

R.E.H. said...

Jen: I know I'm not old... but, tell that to the 20-year olds :)

It's just that most of the people I work with and hang out with these days are so much younger than I that I am generally the senior citizen among us.

My 13th Anniversary of my 24th birthday is very close... 18th of this month.

Guilty Secret said...

Hope you have a great time.

I loved the Heineken thing - hilarious :)

R.E.H. said...

Guilty Secret: Thanks... I can tell you now that I did have a good time.