November 6, 2007

WWC / Another Birthday

Time again for the Weekly Words Challenge. I've started to realize just how challenging it really is. I keep thinking the whole week what kind of pictures I should take, and all of a sudden it's Tuesday and I no longer have the time to take the pictures I've thought of.

Well, I'll get the hang of this thing soon enough I hope. I find it quite fun to do, so I am certainly not planning on giving up on it.

In other news: Today was my boss's 30th birthday, and we bought her a bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake (seems a lot of birthdays are happening right now... my own coming up very soon). So, I managed to get two extra breaks at work today to have some coffee and cake - once with the birthday girl and once... hehe... all by myself.

Hey! Don't judge... there was still cake left, can't let it go to waste, can we?

Back to the WWC... this weeks words are OLD and BLUE, and it is brought to you by the ever charming Tink of Pickled Beef.

Well... on to this weeks pictures;

These are some OLD shoes...*****

This is my OLD Florida apartment*****

I'm so BLUE for The One*****

For some bonus sporks: My HALLOWEEN reading

Well, nothing else for today. Need to get some of that beauty sleep as I've fallen behind again, suffering from my usual sleep deprivation. Really need to find a way to get to bed at night, because things are spiralling out of control way too often these days. Can't really do anything right when I'm always tired.

By the way.

I've heard of something called Nablopomo, or something. Apparently November is Nablopomo month, which has got something to do with blogging, and updating your blog every day throughout the month of November... I'll be giving that a shot, so stay tuned for daily updates here for the next 24 days as well.

Good night, folks!


Kell said...

Awesome photos! That's taking blue to the extreme!

Liked the Halloween shot, too. Nice book collection.

Jay said...

Excellent ideas for the words. Those shoes might be old, but they're just getting broken in.

And you are looking pretty blue there dude. LOL

Anonymous said...

I suffer from the "think about it for a week then do the WWC crunch" too. You did really well!

Jen said...

Nice job! You're coming pretty close to being an actual blue man! Awesome! BTW - if you haven't checked out a Blue Man performance, you really should if you get the chance!

Great idea on Halloween! I've got the same books (huge s. king fan in my teens. HUGE!) Like, when I used to nanny in Maine, I wanted to go door to door to find him!

I'm. Not. A. Stalker.

R.E.H. said...

Kell: Thanks, I like taking things to the extreme. That shot was the first thing I thought of when the word Blue was announced.

Jay: Yeah, I still do use those shoes on occasion. They're my work-shoes when I do some gardening or mow the lawn.

Butterfly Girl: Thank you. Yeah, always so much to do, and before I know it - time's up.

Jen: LOL! The Blue Man link cracked me up! I need to check that out if I get the chance.

And... I'm still a huge Stephen King fan. No other writer draws me into the story like he does.

Freakazojd said...

Those are awesome, blue man! I must admit that I don't read a lot of S.K.'s stuff because I'm not so good with the horror genre, but I really like his writing - he's a great storyteller! The Shawshank Redemption is a great one, and the movie that was made based on it is one of my faves.
When's your birthday? Mine's really soon too! :)

R.E.H. said...

Freakazojd: I believe his skills as a story teller are definitely what makes him stand out as a writer. Some of his books are not that great if you look at the story itself, but the way he tells them will make it a fantastic read just the same.

Birthday coming up on the 18th of this month... Not looking forward to that!

Beautifully Profound said...

Not to bad on your wwc. Even if it was last minute! Again, good job on NaBloPoMo too. I told Mik he needs to lend me a hand because I'm drowning over there.

Tink said...

LMAO @ your smurf face!! Wow. That's probably the most creative use of the words I've seen yet. Well played.

g-man said...

Good pictures! Had to laugh at the "blue".

Desperation was one of the few books I actually read. (I usually listen on tape) then I listened to The Regulators then listened to Desperation because it was read by SK himself. I'm not big on horror, but I have to agree with your assessment of his story telling ability.

Samantha_K said...

Bag of Bones is my favorite SK novel.
We share the same initials, so that really adds to the appeal, lol.

R.E.H. said...

Beautifully Profound: Yeah, the Nablopomo thing is going to be a little tough... especially when I feel I have nothing to say, really :)

Tink: LMAO at "Smurf Face"... and thanks for the positive remark - that means a lot coming from you!

G-Man: Welcome to my world.

I've never done the audio book option. Guess I just like to grab a book, crawl under the sheets and read a little before the lights go out.

Samantha K: Oh, Bag Of Bones is certainly one of my favorites as well. Along with The Shining. I also love Rage, which he wrote under the Richard Bachman pseudonym.

Newt said...

Love the smurf face. A most excellent use of WWC my friend.

Guilty Secret said...

I *loved* the blue face... brilliant expression!

R.E.H. said...

Newt: Thank you. I always dreamt of being a smurf :)

Guilty Secret: Thank you, too. Expression came naturally, I was dog tired when I took that shot :)