November 27, 2007

WWC / Warranty Slip

Weekly Words Challenge time again!

The charming and excellent photographer, Tink of Pickled Beef is the one responsible for the fun and excitement that the WWC brings every Tuesday of every week. She chooses the words and we all interpret these words and come up with some amazing photos to share with the community. It's fun! Try it if you haven't already!

The words for this week are ASSORTMENT and PURPLE.

The Madman's contribution to the WWC below:

An ASSORTMENT of yummy candies


An ASSORTMENT of pens and knives I use at work


An ASSORTMENT of birthday flowers, with a shade of PURPLE


My PURPLE Mega-Ball Florida lottery T-Shirt


I had one of those... funny (read imbecile)... customers today. I'd sold her a pair of spring mattresses, and as I rang it up in the register I handed over the receipt and the warranty slip.

"Ok, ma'am. There's a 10 year warranty on those mattresses, so you'll want to hold on to this receipt and the warranty there. Keep them in a safe place, if ever you should need them"

"Oh, good", she says. "So the warranty will cover it if my kids were to spill lemonade on them, right?"

Now, I am not even going to bother giving you a sample of the thoughts that went spinning through my head, but there were plenty of them. Let's just say they all summed up to one thing... basically; Yeah, lady. That's what a warranty is for. Spilling stuff on your mattresses... pour some coffee on it too, while you're at it. Incontinence, I hear, is covered by warranty as well... Oh, and drink yourself senseless, puke all over them and we'll replace them... sure! Idiot!

"No it doesn't ma'am. It says on the warranty slip there what is covered and what's not"

Some people... it never ceases to amaze me how stupid they can be.

We'll be back for some more WWC excitement next week and then we'll be having pictures inspired by the words LANDSCAPE and ORANGE to show off!


Tink said...

Wow. She was pretty specific. "...with LEMONADE."

I love the assorted candies pick. Mmmm. I'm lacking shoe-gar!

Karen said...

So you write and stab people at work? You are so lucky.

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

I could go for some of those candies!

Is there a warranty for candy colored slobber on a mattress?

Jay said...

You should have told her "only if it's Country Time Lemonade, no other brand." LOL ;-)

Does the warranty cover is she .. you know ... "wears" the bed out? *wink, wink* haha

Great pics dude!

g-man said...

Excellent showing again. Funny story, yet another reason that I don't like working with people.

Jay- or Ficus trees.

fiwa said...

Great pictures! I can't stop looking at the little fried egg candies - I've never seen those before. What do they taste like??

Tequila Mockingbird said...

hmmm that warranty sounds like a challenge to me... would you REALLY honor it if someone came in with their matress covered in blood and gore, looking like someone had an abortion on it?

Jen said...

am. . . . craving . . . . sugar. . . . .

Yum! I love the sugar coated sour things/candies.

Great pictures. I have a couple of TCU t-shirts that were purple that I also considered.

Great jobbie-job! I'm back to - guess what - go PAINT. ***pffffft***

R.E.H. said...

Tink: I guess her kids drink a lot of lemonade in bed or something... it was weird ;)

Karen: Yeah, I'm a contract killer. Pens for signing the contract - knives for the deed ;)

Preposterous Ponderings: I'd have to check with the manufacturer ;)

Jay: I have actually had customers coming in with that exact complaint - and, No!, the warranty will not cover that ;)

G-Man: Oh, but that is one of the reasons that I sometimes enjoy it. You wouldn't believe the things I hear sometimes!

Fiwa: Hard to explain what the egg-candies taste like. They're like wine gums, with a slightly sour taste. Taste nothing like eggs.

Tequila Mockingbird: If someone came in with a mattress like you described, I'm pretty sure I'd call the cops ;)

R.E.H. said...

Jen: BTW. The candies I shot at work today. We got a basket full of them for our hard work.

Are you not tired of painting yet?

Beautifully Profound said...

The assorted candies remind me of Swedish Fish. I bought some last night YUM.

Newt said...

LOVE THEM! And uh, as for the warranty, is cat hairball vomit covered as well? Cause, I'm just sort of curious, you know, in that, I'm not as stupid as she is sorta way.

Jay Cam said...

you use knives at work?!
what job do you have? hitman?

Anonymous said...

Lemonade *snickers* yeah right. Someone has a bedwetter!

You don't wear that shirt in public do you?

I kid.

Great WWC shots! Especially the candy. Yum!

Samantha_K said...

Shoulda used some of those pens and knives on the customer.
Wait, does the warranty cover blood stains??

R.E.H. said...

Beautifully Profound: Swedish Fish are yummy :)

Newt: No, no warranty for hairballs.

Warranty will only cover broken springs, seams and (if there are any) the wooden frame box. No stains of any sort (unless found when first unwrapping the plastic) are covered by any type of warranty!


Jay Cam: See my above reply to Karen. ;)

Actually, knives are used to open boxes... believe what you will ;)

Butterfly Girl: Bedwetter, lol. The thought actually never crossed my mind.

The shirt is one of those I wear when being casual at home - I wouldn't go to a party wearing that thing if that's what you thought ;)

Samantha K: I settled for stabbing her with my charm and wit, instead.

Blood Stains? No stains of any sort are... aaah... see above reply to Newt ;)

Guilty Secret said...

He he Karen's comment above! Some stupid questions are (almost) enough to drive one to to whip out one of those blades...

R.E.H. said...

Guilty Secret: Yeah, I know. It's a dangerous thing to be carrying those around at work...

Anonymous said...

Not many men wear purple. At least around here. I hope you don't take offense, I do like to kid around. Alot.

R.E.H. said...

Butterfly Girl: Oh, I wouldn't wear purple in public - believe me. That's strictly a home alone kind of t-shirt.

No offense taken ;)